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    I smell a running joke. And it just got better.

  • knux

    Is everyone gonna refer those tickets as that? I guess great minds think alike XD

    • Proforce

      Or perverted minds at least

  • Dragonrazor

    does anyone else get the feeling Quick’s going to get raped by the mousey?

    • freehopper


    • WebcomicSurfer

      Oh, he almost does, my friend. *laughs wickedly* Raven ain’t as innocent as she looks.

  • Proforce

    Oh geez…I worry here. I mean, yeah, I’m happy this girl finally showed up, but I have this awful feeling that either going to the concert or on the way back they’re going to run into Chrissy and her “teacher”. That…will not be pretty.

  • Kenshinpy

    CAOS 😛
    who ends whit who?
    does the teacher fall in love whit raven? o whit quick? or is another one enter here? if you want to know, dont miss the next episode
    next week in this same comic, by this same comic chanel, at the same comic hour ,

    • Dragonrazor

      If you notice, most other webcomics that link to this one have a picture of Raven on the banner, so she’s more than likely a central character.

  • mike

    love quick’s reaction

  • gehenna

    Wow, cute’n sexy.. i’d totally do her.. more the type i like. she like supporting him or holding him so he does not run away?

  • traintrack6

    Well, I guess “Get Laid” isn’t the name of the band 😛

  • edwin

    haha indeed Dragonrazor.hahhaha

  • Sabourok

    I bet that makes Quick wonder what woulda happened if he did get to go with Chrissy.

  • Well the tickets may be an implication to “get laid” but we’ll see where his heart is at, cause I believe he’s got strong feelings for Chrissy tho

  • Kid_K

    I need to find those tickets. 😛

  • How will the kitty will think?

  • drk nite

    those are some thick ass glasses

    • Kid_K

      She’s wearing glasses?! (j/k)

  • Dragonrazor

    I just noticed that her glasses make her eyes look tiny. or maybe that’s her expression….still, as cute as she is, I’m partial to lagomorphs and felinids, so……

    • Kid_K

      Why Not all 3? :p

      • Dragonrazor

        meh. depends on the mouse, I suppose. I guess it boils down to my three favorite Anthros being Rachel and Sarah from Las Lindas, and Bernal’s Sasha. Bernal’s Dawn, a canid, isn’t bad either….in fact, she’s got one of the tightest bodies I’ve ever seen in ANY species.

  • mike

    i love this comic

  • niege

    the thumb is the best part ;D

  • freehopper

    Well one thing’s for sure. Raven’s glasses are actually gonna work, as opposed to Quick’s. Maybe she could take him glasses shopping after the show?

  • Raven

    Heh heh, sorry about springing it on ya.. *thinks*

  • Anonymous Bastard

    *thumbs up* rofl

    The thing I’m anticipating is the eventual cat vs. mouse joke that’s going to come around.

  • WebcomicSurfer

    Quick is a squirrel.

    • Smartkittykhan

      Don’t think so. His ears are too big.

  • HAHAHAHaaaa Poor Quick

  • Smartkittykhan

    Ah, the spittake. A timeless classic.

  • ShadowKitsune

    He said it, then she said it, and Quick spits. Classic.

  • Glenn Sellers

    Whoa! I see that Raven tends to speak her mind, doesn’t she?