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  • Kenshinpy

    =O this will end bad…

    i hope xD

  • knux

    Ah, a student teacher. a student with all the privileges of a teacher and student combined. Quick is in for it now if he doesn’t act fast.

  • Dusty

    poor guy, his life is like a furry torrent of misery and broken dreams, now i really hope something good happens for him T_T

  • I hope “Get Laid” is the name of the band.

    • LucifersAngelFeather

      why? *shock* dont you want them to get together!? you, you, you MONSTER!!! (comes from the Lucifer angel 😛 )

    • Kenshinpy

      i dont think so xD i think he refers that the tickets are realy expensives

    • knux

      If it is I’d have some deep concerns about that XD

  • Kid_K

    Student Teacher! Called it! 😀

  • Aww man that’s sad, after complimenting her on how nice she looked and helping her out with her school work, that sucks big time,
    hope she feels guilty about it or has a blah time with the guy or tries to get fresh with her on their date u_u

  • traintrack6

    Well, Chrissy does seem to have a thing for Quick, and she regretted the date when Reiko told her about it. Maybe drastic measures don’t need to be taken… although that information will probably come too late.

  • JustAfan

    Am I the only one worried how Skye’s ‘friend’?

  • lilum

    i think that this “friend” will have something important about quick andc hrissy. 😀

  • Anonymous Bastard

    Yeah, friend *cough,* just a friend.

  • goodtigerclaw

    Quick : “who ya callin?”
    other dude : “GHOSTBUSTERS!”