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  • Dusty


  • sammywhammybar

    Wonder what I would get if I wrote my thesis. ;D

  • Gurei

    Mmm… Tastes like… Giggady.

  • edwin

    indeed Dusty, indeed ^^.

  • She seems to be enjoying it…

    • Supervizor

      Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

      • Anonymous Bastard

        Insecure folk

      • Jaey442


    • wery12345

      that picture XD

  • LucifersAngelFeather

    typical i get ace i get ”dude sit down and play some god of war” when she gets ace its ”congrats! *licky time*”… why oh why cant reality be like a comic 🙁

    • Kanniuk

      If it was dude, then we’d ALL be getting some.

  • Awesomeness

  • Ai’

    tastes like chicken~

  • Kid_K

    Chibi head Goodness, Victory Licks, and Blushies. A Visual Cuteness Triumvirate!

  • Exnato

    I really love this comics since the first page, i knew it would be awesome. Damn they look good, im sad about Quick, hope he doesnt screw up

  • Anonymous Bastard

    I need to ace all my future exams.

  • phoenix

    goddamn that rabbit gat sum freak in her

  • Am I the olny one that noticed that she’s playing capcom vs marvel 2?

    • jericho0the0reaper

      yes. yes you are.

  • WebcomicSurfer

    Rei remind anyone else of a certain skunk-tiger hybrid?

    • SabreW

      I’m reading this again, and I’m beginning to think that myself. XD

  • Think She Can Kiss Me Like That !?

  • Must study harder now!!!!!!!

  • ShadowKitsune

    I wish that would happen to me. ︶︿︶ Oh well… (Still wishing )

  • Deathbeam9000

    i wish that was me right now

    • spike

      which one?

      • tau 786

        does it matter?

  • James Lewis

    😳 Damn. Me too, me too.