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  • jj

    this comic rocks

    • shia-ayanokoji

      cure 😉

  • I think i see a PS3 next to the Xbox.

    This place has everything!!

    • Mr. Al

      Why does ppl hate so much on da wii? 🙁 – yes i have a wii but wish i had a 360/ps3 >_<. Then again, I never really use it, only my pc. goldan master race ^3^

  • stickdude32

    xbawx! mine was fried in bout 5 months…twice…with the one year warrenty though.

  • Last panel says, what? Xbawks?

  • I think I also see a PS3 in the 2nd-last if I’m not mistaken…

  • lilum

    i love the comic keep up the excelent work 😀

  • lilum

    ps i hate the 1who invented stairs too

    • Hoj_poj

      Ugh. Stairs. *shudders*

    • Mr. Al

      Coach: "Who the he**… puts a college dorm… up thirty floors of go****ed stairs?"
      Nick: "Comon Coach… Maybe the x-bawx… maybe it's made of chocolate, aha, hahaha…"

      Free internetz cookie to the one who gets the reference! ^.^

  • Anonymous Bastard

    That school rocks? I concur. Xbox for all! (not a big ps3 fan).

    • Snarky Smartass

      It’s not X-BOX, it’s X-BAWKS.

  • James Lewis

    I have to agree with Chrissy whoever invented stare should be shot. Lol.