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  • The Snowman

    True fact ghosts bitchslap you if you get high thats the number one reason I quit smoking pot.

  • Astro

    Haha, I have never heard a better simile for this type of situation.

  • traintrack6

    AAAAAAGGHHH!!! He was so close! And how old is that teacher? Dang, poor Quick. I hope that the teacher just wants a partner for a new project or study, or some similar thing, otherwise he might end up suicidal or something.

    • Maybe he’s a relatively young professor… or maybe a TA.

  • Hmm… That’s what you get for helping people, Quick.

  • Byte

    he tuk yur gurrl!!!

  • oooo things just got interesting

  • That ain’t right ( 0_o )

  • Wondrebread

    Suddenly a song by Stephen Lynch comes to mind…

  • Kid_K

    What?!? He better be a teachers Assistant or she’s the most naive.
    The Quick young squirrel Tutored the happy Civet.
    Now the bunny? Jock will fill him with regret.
    Where will this plot lead us next?
    And his “Anything” has yet not reached full context.
    So we must wait for the next, on needles and pins.
    Why must all relationships, be so hard to begin?

  • Ai’

    i like the gothy bat!

  • Dusty

    lol, karma, that’s what ya get for barging in on her shower X3

    • knux

      Then again, that was intended for someone else, so should it still count if it was an accident?

  • knux

    I think we found this story’s antagonist. Maybe I should just say bad guy because you’ll never know if he’s actually evil or not until the story progresses. Just like the old Dracula movie(granted I lost interest half an hour into the movie)

  • Derek

    Aww, poor Quick. 🙁

  • LucifersAngelFeather

    well thats how it goes. ;( tried it SO not cool

  • mjm202036

    I think I’m going to have to start writing down all these great one-liners because I can’t memorize them all. I’m loving this comic. Keep it up, please.

  • Anonymous Bastard

    Quick works so hard and the pretty boy professor reaps the benefits.

  • Those ghosts gettin you too? 1 time they bitchslapped out the window, landed in a pool. Then my gf went out with this dude that lives in Canada, just went down here to visit family.

  • justin

    that last line is what my friends always ask me

  • ShadowKitsune

    Too damn smooth for a teacher. ARGH!!! And Quick was so close.

  • Arqed

    Why is dark nek0gami sitting next to Quick?

  • Arqed

    Why is dark nek0gami sitting next to Quick?

  • DeltaGammaOmega

    Holy fuck… I am so rooting for Quick right now.

  • DeltaGammaOmega

    Holy fuck… I am so rooting for Quick right now.

  • BlizzardsFury

    thats the kind o f thing that happens when someone somewhere in the world beats your hiscore

  • goodtigerclaw

    my friend always asks me if im high too XD

  • goodtigerclaw

    god…im so much like Quick

  • Shadowkey392

    Looks like Quick’s got competition.

  • Lucius Appaloosius

    Next time, on “Mutant Is The New Normal”……. 7@=Q

  • James Lewis

    I already know I don’t like this guy. Something about a little fishy.