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  • Eos

    A human! =D

  • Able

    bitchnuggets thats a new one

    • knux

      Not really. She said it in the first page.

  • Keeru

    huh thats interesting. usually you dont see a human amongst furries =3

  • Dusty

    the one human seems a little anti-fur XD…. aside from that

    YOU GOT A 150% thats all, he wants to know why you have next weeks paper + that one submitted XD

  • who here agrees with me that purple hair is hot?


    • mike

      yep you are so right

    • niege

      ME MEEEE

  • traintrack6

    hehe… bitchnuggets. The seemingly random human is an odd touch. Like the triforce on her book though. What course are they taking?

    • the only 2 main courses…

      strength and wisdom lol (because of the 2 triforces)


      • knux

        But what about Courage? It very well can’t be a TRIforce with just 2, right?

        • aww crap you got me ; )


          • knux

            and you call yourself VidGameDude XDDD

  • Cokuruscana

    Pfft, bitchnuggets! xD That never gets old for me.

    It’d be pretty awkward being the only human. >.>; She seems fine with it, though. x3

  • Byte

    hah bitchnuggets xD i lol’d

  • One Bad Mouse

    Wait, that last panel…. Where is she staring??

  • dementia3

    oh my god O.o
    second time reading this and i didnt notice there was a human till i read the comments

  • Anonymous Bastard

    Butter his corn… that’s a new one.

    And the bitchnuggets are back xD

  • Kanniuk

    I didn’t notice till now, but it looks like Chrissy is crying in the 2nd strip.

  • Shadowghast

    The Human looks like Saya from Emergency Exit

  • Parry

    is that a triforce on that book i see?

    • Smartkittykhan

      For Hyrule!

  • justin

    oh crap the girl in the middle is human

  • Smartkittykhan

    Ah, a human. Now it will be some much easier to fantasize about me and Rei…

    Uh, i mean: Hey, a human!

  • ShadowKitsune

    A human? Don't see those every day here.

  • Megaman volnutt

    The triforce dude is vio (purple link) in college XD

    • Megaman volnutt

      Also, vio is gay.

  • Megaman volnutt

    The triforce dude is vio (purple link) in college XD

    • Megaman volnutt

      Also, vio is gay.

  • redjohnsw

    Damn good lookin why u keepin Nekonny to yourself. Also ” Tine used Mega Punch”

    • Andrew

      She takes Falcon Punch and makes it her own.

      • Eltharrion

        Show me your bo- your moves!

        • Tammy


        • Mihari

          Okay, even I gotta admit that made me giggle. Well played. X3

  • Toshiro Tushima

    OOOOOOOOOO YEAH! Now, they means business!

    (Almost similar with the same quote from Grimm in Advance Wars; Dual Strike when he said “OOOOOOO, YEAH! Now, I mean business!)

  • Jorge A. Molina Torres

    Aw, crap. They put the two newbies alone.

    • Snowskeeper

      Pretty sure there are 6 newbies there.

      • Jorge A. Molina Torres

        Check my comments in comic #296.

        I’m talking about HUMAN rookies.

        • Toshiro Tushima

          Uh……there’s no human.

          • GrimTsukasa

            i think he meant neko-person rookies, but i can only think of three…. the twins and Kimi, because nekony used to be human and the other girls were always neko-thingy.

    • BigJ

      Looks that way, guess that pair will go down first.

      • BlackWind

        yo don’t look down on Mika n Muna as if they are using the swords they will most likely “fillet” a couple of those bunny looking gals as cutlets, so stop with the newbie/rookie stuff as they all got their own fighting instinct!!!!

    • BlackWind

      i’ll dare you to step up to them with those twin swords they got at hand and call them that, you’ll be a sorry pin cushion when they get through with you

      • Jorge A. Molina Torres

        No thanks. There’s nothing more dangerous than a weapon in untrained hands,
        especially if those untrained hands have been human for 5-30 minutes.
        If they actually slay a bunny it will either be because they got a lucky shot with a weapon or these bunnies are really weak against those magic weapons.

        Either way, we’ll see.

  • Floflo

    Tina is Sagat from Street Fighter?

    • XEspadaX

      Where do you think he learned this move?

  • Cory Tenorio

    Kimi is about to bring the thunder!!!

    • Radar

      whos got the lightning then????

  • Floflo

    By the way, the particle effects and the background in the last frame look awesome in this strip! What software did you use for that?

    • Nekonny

      Photoshop and Mihari Magic XD

  • Mavraszun

    “If ive told you once I’ve told you a thousand times warn me when your going to do THE PUNCH.” side effects may include dizziness, brusess, broken bones and the frequent cellear disitergration, THE PUNCH is not for everyone consult your doctor before use.

  • Pillbug

    Spam B! Spam B!

  • MrAMP

    Oh man! That Particle Brush looks amazing!!!

    And Tina just taught us a valuable life lesson…that all of your problems can be solved by punching them…in the face XD

    • Liam

      So long as you have magical gauntlets…. so i’m set!

  • Hartree

    That punch:

    It came from Mississippi in slow-motion.
    It gained momentum in Georgia.
    Swept up through Louisiana.
    Landed in Chicago.
    (With apologies to Richard Pryor 🙂

  • Facade Kitsune

    far more effective than that stone hammer that Kimmy nicked from the fountain

  • WarGiver

    So Tina is left handed?

    • And if she isn’t, then pity help whatever creature takes her right to the jaw.

  • BlackWind

    so basically Kimi gave everyone weapons they can identify with for most effective use and partnering up who works well with one another (tho Mika n Muna still complain as to why Nekonny has to be partnered up with her XD)

  • BigJ

    Now things are getting serious, I can’t wait to see how the battle unfolds.

  • ThornGhoul

    Wonder how they are going to take care of Jormugand, I mean since not even the flak-88 Alice brought did any real damage it’s probably gonna take quite a lot to send that huge of a beast flying. Or maybe they’re gonna go for a sealing spell of some sort…

    • anony

      Or just take it’s head off. That usually works with dragons.

      • ThornGhoul

        Well that would have worked if Jormugand was actually a normal dragon in the first place, but as we have seen in page 286 it has a “liquid” body. And regenerative properties that are powerful enough to regenerate the wound from a flak-88 high explosive round in a matter of seconds. Plus that firebreath will probably cause some trouble with getting close.

    • Snowskeeper

      We know that Mjolnir is capable of sealing Jormungandr somehow. Besides, from what we just saw it’s possible a strike from the ‘hammer’ could do more damage than a Flak-88 could.

      • ThornGhoul

        You do have a point, however the hammer will probably need to be at full power wich would leave the others unprotected. But well, they’ll figure something out. Carry on 🙂

  • jboy44

    I wounder how many pages over 300 it’ll take to get to the end?

    • Shadow

      Over 9000! ^-^ Sorry, but I had to do that.

  • Yoshi Perkoff


  • CinnamonSalve

    Sagat, why must you have an APPRENTICE?!

    • Mihari

      How do you know Sagat isn’t really the more flashy apprentice? X3

  • Cajawa

    Is it just me or was that a reference to cyborg’s uppercut from Injustice?

    • Mihari

      Just you.

      • Shadow


  • badger mann

    well then, havent been here in a while… hey whatever happened to the prequel comics that used to be here? the ones about nekonny before and when he was changed into a cat in the first place?

    • Nekonny

      Wow, it has been a while XD
      Well, they were taken down due to me focusing more on CB, but I plan on going back to them as this comic draws to a close.

      • Borderwolf

        That would be great, since I never read them because I fould this comic a few month ago, and didn’t know about the prequel.