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  • S train

    Things usually start out that way.

    But looks can be deceiving.

  • nikolai60

    Uh-oh, I think I know where this is going….

  • SoniaStrummFan217

    So that’s what she meant by the past is doomed to repeat itself. That explains a lot. No wonder that guy was able to find her so easily:(

  • MrAMP

    Hm…this actually explains quite a bit of Chrissy’s recent actions and how Cody was able to find her so easily. Basically, the hard working man that became corrupt with money.

  • Tarkad

    Classic money corrupts. This always makes me wonder if that is what would happen for real but I do not know anyone that ever had a windfall of money. Seen it used to many times, I feel like it is true regardless.

    • Ravin

      Sometimes, worse.

      One guy who won the lottery went insane and killed himself.

  • Ok i like this direction better we finally get to see what happen with Cody and Crissy, It explains alot that kinda money would change most people and it sounds like it got to the point where he just thought he could have what ever he wanted and do what he wanted and thats where Crissy came in. Power can be a real bitch like that, Ya’know

  • well Chrissy may have some great fears about if Quick were to change his personality because of having money just like Cody did,
    but in my personal opinion I believe that Quick is not a similar coin that Cody once was

  • Mr D

    The lottery can do that!

  • spyro97

    looks like we r going to see a back story ((right??))

  • ok, now I’m really confused. there is too much going on at once in this cahpter. FIND A PLOTLINE AND STICK WITH IT!

    • this is an important Plot so he is not sidetracking at all (the story with Reiko Sahara n Skye will come back in cue) for now This is a major informative story flashback

    • did you read the post i made on page 155 ?

      • Ravin

        Silly Godai, People don’t read.

        • spyro97

          that is true Ravin but its that people r too lazy to read

  • Steve

    Ah the power of Greed in money, I think I know what happens next…. Cody’s Father gave his son some money to let him buy a engagement ring and a wedding ring and to plan a wedding and moving to a new home after college(maybe), but Chrissy was thinking it was too early or not ready for it yet, and Cody was in FULL RAGE mode and probably after that he is a complete jerk after that situation…

  • Ravin

    My question is, We still have Ravin punching Cody, with this rollback he is in theory still in jail! Buwhahaha.

    And poor Chrissy. Least shes opening up now.

  • Biker530

    I always knew greed can be a bitch.

  • Sigma_Prime

    Well Quick’s difference from Cody is that he is ALREADY RICH unlike Cody who got rich when his father won the lottery. Plus I can wager Quick’s parents raised him with manners and such.

  • Kitteh

    Do not approve *huffs* I mean, ok yes this should have been the next arc…but you should’ve left the bunnies~! I wanted to see Reiko and Skye fight damnit!

  • soul

    i envoke the SMACK OF RIGHTEOUS FUUUUUUUUURY dude got money and became a grade A royal emissary of douche baggery great thing quick is a great guy great job quick

  • Flyboy1945

    Ah, I see now, Money Corruption. 2nd only to Power Corruption.

  • Shadowkey392

    Ah, let me guess…money corrupted Cody’s soul and turned him into a jerk.

  • Shadowkey392

    Aw, now I sorta feel bad for Cody. Man, money really is the root of all evil.