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Rascals Pg 155: With Gusto!

Rascals Pg 155: With Gusto! published on 44 Comments on Rascals Pg 155: With Gusto!
Mastergodai: Hey guys, first of all, let me say that what you’re seeing isn’t a mistake. Let me explain: I have not been happy with the way the characters have been changing for awhile, and last week I made the decision to rollback this most recent story arc. While the arc had some interesting moments, it was just not what I had envisioned Rascals to be.I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope you all enjoy what I had originally planned. Thank you ^_^ Love you all
  • My god, their faces! Looks like they’re going to rape her or something!.. O//_//o’!

  • MrAMP

    Well, I’m sorry to hear about the whole rollback and whatnot, but this looks promising. Ha! Reiko joining in was totally expected and hilarious.

  • nikolai60

    She has no idea what she’s unleashed…..

  • ShintoShiranui

    Story redo’s sweet, I do the same thing, currently working on a Comic book company have rewritten my stories I think so many times its not funny lol. Still staying with you guys cannot wait to see what is in store.

  • Kale

    Okay, so, how far back did we go? I’m not really sure…

  • JonathanR

    *deletes all the fighting battle-arc pages from memory* …..okaaay done. Now to sit back and see what happens next!

  • so this is kinda like before the match with Fumi or the training session so I believe?

  • jerich0the0reap

    Well… it’s nice to see that even through rollbacks, Skye and Reiko have their standards… just wish the left room for meself =/ Dunno whether or not to be happy about that, but, is enjoyable anyway!

  • Arcs

    So what happened to all those roll back pages…you can make them non-cannon or put them as some sort of bonus…but to just disappear is a waste of good fun comic space

  • royoki

    lol pen on boobs assault 😀

  • Oh Reiko theres no one like you is there!

    And now a word from Ace who cameo’d on page 164

    Ace: God damn it, i finally get a cameo and you go and break the fourth wall. I mean come on, ok ok im calming down and well it was bound to happen at some point and it does give the characters a chance to do things different like that cody guy if he comes back please let me be in the room to kick his ass please and I suppose i could always commish another cameo sometime.

    • dont worry i plan to redo all cameos that unfortunatley got cut

      • Uniprae

        So Terri will get to appear again, that is sweet, I can not wait to see what she does this time…

    • Blaze blaze Relax the Master has his plans worked out like clockwork 1 gear at a time
      Your Ace Cameo and my Millerna cameo during the training story will eventually be replaced as the man said (have faith on Godai he knows what’s best)

      • Its all good im cool with it, i was just speaking from Ace’s point of view (i do that sometimes) Besides now we will see our favourite rascals travel down a different path, the destination may be the same, but the joy is in the journey and in all the friends you meet along the way.

  • spyro97

    HA , poor girl , out numbered / I can see a image that what will happen next and after when Skye sighs her ((do u see what I see??))

  • Sabourok

    good thing for the artists comments. was wondering what the heck happened to the earlier pages. lol

  • wrytergirl

    Ahaha, that last panel made me laugh alot harder than I should have. xD Let’s see what happens in this arc. xp

  • I know you can recycle some of the pages from the deleted arc. Like Ravin punching Cody.

    • Ravin

      Go back a few pages, that wasn’t rolled back.

  • Steve

    Did someone got a Time Machine without ME knowing about it?! D:< You know how much that thing cost me!? But the deed is done and soon we can have the deja vu all over again. 😛

  • The_Rippy_One

    Ah. This is the Rascals I am paying no money to read! Thank you Master!

    Seriously, where you were going, it was interesting, but it lacked…something. And menage a trios rape face. but mostly something.

    This non-useful critique brought to you by well crafted bewbs shorting out my mind. Again. Why do I come here again? Oh look! Bewbs! and humor! I must remember to come back here again…

  • clovermandefleur

    wow you know to say the truth I saw this coming when you decided to redo the donation comics

  • Robe’rt

    Well I will admit, this did get better than the first way! With GUSTO!

  • random

    Wow thought I had seen the future or somethin- lol

  • Dragaen

    I feel like this has happened before with those three. or am I the only one who feels that

  • Hoj-poj

    So that’s why there is a massive gap in updates. Glad I’m not missing anything. Also, just read the comic so far, and I love it.

  • Resulli

    You know, I always felt that the story was taking some turns that weren’t gonna end well as a story. I know you said Reiko wasn’t gonna break up with Skye but it just didn’t seem all that fun with them constantly fighting and then with a third wheel crushing on Skye suddenly entering the picture…I mean it could work but it would take all the fun out of Skye and Reiko being together! I’m pretty satisfied with this development, especially with the addition of the super fan anyway but without the potential break-up.

    Btw, if it sounds like I’m backseat writing then sorry, that’s now how this was supposed to come out (rereading my post it sorta sounds like that, sorry lol) it was supposed to be me being appreciative of the rollback. xD

  • 3dark7

    “We’re going back in time!!!” Sweet this series got time travel!!!(bad joke)
    Seriously do your thing, I love your art man! Let see what this road take us!

  • Nickelnick24

    LOL, I missed the last panel, so when I looked this morning, I DIED

  • Chocothunda


    *leans back with popcorn* Proooceeeeed.

  • Flyboy1945

    …and carrying around an autograph book has now become impractical?

    • Dragaen

      of course, who needs an autograph book when u got a chest. it’s better for some of those memoribal moments

  • Resulli

    I should like to quote with emphasis the line that made me crack up on this comic:

    WITH GUSTO!!!!

  • Basokun

    hey isent the song she sanging from the little rascals movie o.o?

    • Basokun

      i know i cant spell well sorry xD

      • Dragaen

        no, but I know they sing it in practical magic where all the witches are cooking something up

  • silverfangedwolf

    i feel like i’m having the butterfly affect cause i could have swore i saw this com atleast 2 monthes ago

  • AuroraBorealis

    Argh, Too much fluffy! I need a stiff drink. (Not like the Fluffyness is a bad thing)

  • UmbrotheUmbreon

    That last panel is hilarious 😀

  • Glenn Sellers

    OMG! I haven’t heard that song in more years than I care to remember. I’m surprised you know it, Godai.