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  • Overmind666

    Hey man I wanna see Ravin beat that Cody guy’s ass down! ((And it’s Thursday you know that right?))

    • crimson

      Yes, we know. We just decided to post a little early, because of the recent news regarding the bonus comics. Thanks!


    • Yes, another go around of Ravin and Cody would be nice.

  • Ok there in the hospital poor quick but still i don’t think he’ll regret eating that knowing how hard Crissy worked on it after all it the thought that counts. Also im sure he can afford the best doctors money can buy.

    • kdog11

      True enough, since we all know that Quick’s plenty wealthy from what was revealed in the comic recently.

  • Giving Quick an Elephant sedative. Ho boy.

    Did the doctor say she was giving Chrissy one too?

  • Ravin

    Lol. Not sure why that Doctor is complaining. He can afford it. x3

    • lodomy

      he was a frequent Visitor

  • nhstjean

    I’m glad that Chrissy and Quick make there diffirents and now there back together.

    Oh JOY!

  • gehenna

    Hehehe… One Vactor Truck coming right up!! Geez, quick, duuude.. no amount of love will a nice meal make, if the gal in question does not know how to cook. Be more careful next time, or do like many rich people do, hire someone to taste your food before you eat Heheheh.

    • kdog11

      Indeed. XD Given the many symptoms the doctor pointed out, that meal might as well have been poisoned. >_< Still, there's something to said about how much effort Chrissy put into the dish for him. So, even with hired help, it was only right that would eat it anyways…even regardless of the deadly health hazards from ingesting it.

  • kiyumiai

    poor Quick gotta love that happy face before the apocalypses xD

  • Ah…They finally made up (for now anyway). I don’t know if I’m reading too much into this, but it seems that there is always some kind of drama in their relationship, which isn’t essentially a bad thing since it adds some spice to the relationship.

    Speaking of spice…Good God!!! What did she do the food? How’s it eve possible to cause that much damage? But no worries, Quick will get better…in the next decade or so. XD

    • Amp the only way in existence to do that type of gastrointestinal “damage” would be with a rare but powerful spice found in south america that is similar to chili pepper but about 50 times more acidic and hot (would be a great entree for Cody in 1 large portion forced down his gullet) >:D

      • crimson

        BlackWind, dear fan… sometimes the simplest answers are the best. There is another way, you know… check out the symptoms, and the original contents of the spring rolls back when Chrissy made them at PvN, to figure out what really happened inside Quick’s belly. Can anyone figure it out?


        • you mean the one’s she dropped when cody walked in??? OMFG no wonder salmonella was found in them x_x

    • nhstjean

      There going to stay together forever then ever.

  • I can also say that perhaps unintentionally that may have been Chrissy’s way to punish Quick for making her worry and scoot off to a strip bar after everything said n done,
    But truly we all wanted to see the 2nd Round between Cody n Ravin and who was the last man standing in that Brawl

  • Her cooking KILLS! Watch what you eat people!

  • Daewen98

    Hate to say this, Crimson-love, but Chrissy and I have two things in common. One good and one bad.
    1. We both love a man who is absolutely amazing.
    2. Our cooking is seen as a weapon of mass destruction!

  • silkywolfess

    Um, why is Chrissy’s tail coming out of her left hip in the first panel?

  • JustAfan

    ‘All fair in love and war.’
    Appearently, Chrissy cooking is both. Poor Quick. Even when they make up, he can’t catch a break…*SHEESH!*

    • hey better than nothing at least they put their differences behind them and is a new start for both of them wouldn’t you say?

  • (correct me if I’m wrong), but I like Dr. Vulpa’s reference to Quick’s last visit to the ER at the end of the beach arc: A subtle way for the comic to remain interconnected!

    I don’t know whick would be worse, being blasted by Jaz or eating Chrissy’s food. lol

    • If I’m not mistaken Lloyed, wasn’t that a couple of moths ago?

      • crimson

        Beginning of one month, end of another month. Her comment fits and stands. Thank you, citizens, that is all.


  • Motherplayer

    Ahhh. I’ve had one of those days before. Sans the emergency room of course. Just had to go to the nurse’s office :P.

  • Chocothunda

    Memo to self: Never eat what Chrissy’s offering D:

  • Biker530

    They’re together again! YAAAAAY!!!

    BTW; Is it me, or am I noticing a little “WTF” on Quicks X-ray?

    • You’re not mistaken it does say that as in what the fudge happend there X3

  • kdog11

    Glad to see that they’re together again, Quick and Chrissy. That said, I only hope it’ll last a little longer this time and that they’ll take some more time to do just that, learning more about each other in their relationship. That will be useful for when drama/trouble/misunderstandings come up between the two again.

    But seriously though…Poor Quick. I have a feeling that this may not be the last time he ends up in the ER either. XD Good thing he has his wealth and health insurance to cover the medical costs, to say the least.

  • Steve

    That’s not Baked Goods, those are Baked Bads!! D: I mean ssrly I’m no PhD Doctor, but seeing Salmonella and Gastroenteritritis those two is a simple KO at the Hospital. And having Esophogeal Irritation that’s a bitch to have when dealing spicy food. That should be called the Devil’s Spring Rolls and I’m not kidding when that thing it’s store shelves!!! D: That has WMD written ALL over that!!! At least Quick is loaded and have insurance to cover that kind of damage. Welp looks like he’ll have to have Milkshakes for a while till he can eat solid food again.

  • Ravin

    Knowing how emotionally unstable Chrissy is. Now she will leave Quick because of her cooking might kill him. The next story arch will be, ‘How to Teach Chrissy to cook’ and will involve them falling into the realm of ‘Candy Land’ to help Chrissy get over her bad cooking to win the golden twinkey to present to Quick for their marriage.


    • Marriage you say Ravin? I believe that is still a long ways coming when their relationship is fully resolved and steady, in the mean time we have some un even Roads
      Ahead along with some untied ends so there can finally be smooth sailing

      • Maybe one day…maybe one day.

        • Ravin

          One day indded. :O

      • Ravin

        If you could not notice the sarcasm in this post, I feel really bad for you.

  • That Evil Wolf

    I’m sure I’m not the only one seeing this but I just noticed the little “WTF” on the stomach scan 😛

    • DonnE

      LOL I did. X3

  • squackie

    Oh my gods, Chrissy killed Quick with bad cooking!!! XD

  • Sigma_Primus

    That’s one of the most powerful bio-weapon I have seen.

    And what’s the “WTF” doing there?!?! What’s in Crissy’s food?!

  • Ghost

    Yeah… Let’s see some more WWE Furry smack down!!!

  • supersolider

    Miss Mccloud? whats goin on man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Twokinder

    Haha, I love the “WTF?” on the x-ray XD

  • Anonymous

    I think a whole bunch of pages have disappeared from your webcomic.

  • Lucius Appaloosius

    Python reference ftw!

    If all else fails, try head butting. 7@=Q