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  • Parry


  • Cute happy new year MasterGodai

  • Boobles

    Who’s that??

  • onebadmouse

    Thats Moon, in charge of this site. She shows up in MGs livestream sometimes.

  • Cocytus

    O.o wow who is she?!

  • That Evil Wolf

    Cute, Happy New Year all o3o

  • Happy New Years may the new year bring great fortune friendship and health to everyone and be of great Cheer
    as for this dragon vixen hybrid awesome work on her

  • haha best moon doodle ever~

  • clovermandefleur


  • Overmind 666

    who is that?

    • crimson

      That is our Mistress Moon, one of the admin of Petite Symphony.

  • Sly

    Bat wings, horns, tousands of tails and an ass big as a small truck. Yay.

  • Lucius Appaloosius


    I thought Celia was in Mad Science University, not Mad Science High School… 7@=Q