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Rascals Pg 149: Without Me!

Rascals Pg 149: Without Me! published on 48 Comments on Rascals Pg 149: Without Me!
Mastergodai: Ahh Im stuffed  I Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving  Out there !  Enjoy this Update ^_^ * Heads to the Can*  Crimson: Hope you guys enjoyed Turkey Day… and look forward to Black-Eye Friday. However, NEXT Friday is the one to look for here at Rascals! See you next week! 😀
  • Ravin

    Its very simple. Divine powers played into it Reiko… Divine Powers.

    -Puts on his sunglasses.-

    • OtakuMan

      Too bad you’re about to get a “Divine” beat down from a VERY pissed off bunny ninja and ninja little sister.

      You must have a thing for full-body casts

      • Ravin

        Or a thing for pain. -Shifty eyes-

        • O.o; masochistic adventurer are you?

          • You.. have no idea. <..> <.<

  • knux

    Boobs more amazing than Reiko’s? So they DO exist! Where is this city again and how can I get there? XD

  • nikolai60

    You’re kidding right? THAT’S what she’s upset about? Oh right, forgot who I’m talking about…

  • It’s not exacly Boobs better than Rei’s it’s just the way that they present themselves
    Quick is astounded also but well obviously Skye is in Hot Water and Jaz is disappointed at the fact Rei isn’t even “miffed” atb. The fact he’s there but at him being there. Without her XD more to come folks

  • Wow such gorgeous looking Hair and figure she has, I wonder how she’d look like next to Reiko side by side comparisson X3

    • Vixen

      There is on his art side

  • Arhuman

    The second panel made me laugh so hard…. 😀

  • Motherplayer

    Awesomeness. I went though your backlog for a bit and I quite like this comic. Consider me a new watcher.

    • crimson

      Thank you! It’s always good to see a new fan. Welcome to Rascals!

  • JustAfan

    Gotta love the butt shots in the third panel. 😛
    I thought Jazmin’s facefault was hilarious. 😀
    I look forward to next week.

  • So other than the fact that there all going to be bleeding internally because of rei, Who else wishes they had a friend like Ravin.

    Rei walks in and Quick and Sky they just look at each other and say “Totally Worth It”

    • Blaze I don’t think that they will do that but Skye may have a look of terror in his face while Quick might just have his sweat drop face saying (heya Rei what brings you here) and readies to bolt out X3

    • Ravin

      Blaze is learning! Its always Worth it! Always. Worth. It. Thats my personal motto.

      • Hm…valid point there Ravin.

      • It is, it is worth it! And quite fun. <.<

    • kiyumiai

      waaa dont join the darkside is not too late! Dx

  • Biker530

    *wears sunglasses* Hey, who turned on the light?!

  • Ice-Fire

    um, check out chrissy in the last panel, and really check her out…. something looks wrong with her chest area

    • crimson

      Thank you for the concern, Ice-Fire, but that’s only Chrissy’s not-tight shirt billowing in the air, if that’s what you’re referring to. Good to see such a thoughtful fan! And yes, staring at Chrissy’s chest is never a bad thing, heh.

  • Insert Eminem Joke Here

  • edzero


    she made me facepalm…

  • I noticed now Chrissy feels loosened up and let her hair loose from back there and a quick change of clothes too, but where did Zoey get to?

    • crimson

      Her hair is indeed loose and down, BlackWind, but that’s the same top than before from the costume. And SOMEONE had to stay on-location!

      • Ravin

        Zoey doesn’t seem bothered by Ravin’s antics if she is willing to stay on location or behind.

        Just saying. Or she has the ‘He has to come home sometime.’ Mindset.

      • Stay on location? But they were at PvN she doesn’t work there does she? It’s what came to mind so why stay behind unless she went home then like you said Ravin

        • Ravin

          Haha if she went home she better get the paddles out!

  • Steve

    With that much light I can solve the World’s Eco problem!! >:D Also I think that there is a word missing in the first sentence. “May I introduce the both of you to Tani!”

  • I also have a mild complaint that Liona is “Tattling” on her cousin Skye and friend Quick

  • HA!!! Epic fail on Jazmin’s part.

    But you know, a thought occurred to me. Is it just me or is Chrissy not as upset/peeved as Rei is? Granted not on the same matter as Rei, but I should all hope you know what I mean. Also, I wonder as Zoey is going to take this. Based on the last few pages, it seems she understands Ravin’s wondering eye; however, I believe that this is a little too much, at least from my perspective.

    • Ravin

      Mmm. I have to agree. There is a certain point. It makes me wonder if Zoey and Ravin have an open relationship or if hes really a tool doing this behind her back. However, Ravin seems too respectful in the regards to all females to openly lie to someone he cares about enough to live with. That being Zoey. So. I would think with the information we have I would say Zoey is aware of what Ravin does and its possible they have an open relationship? That would be my guess.

      • Overmind 666

        your in deep shit Ravin

    • That’s because well she is still shaken up and may actually be relieved to find Quick to let him know of what recently happend (but then again not all my guesses are correct)

  • gundamrx79

    them bunnies booty’s (put on sun glasses)

  • astersa

    woooooooooooow my god 😮 I also like to see those Tiggs.

  • Unfortunately since Tiggs is from las Lindas can’t exactly expect for her to show up as a cameo in a strip club to indulge our eager audience (as far as I know of)

  • Ratz

    Two Girls, one Island.

  • Professor Fate

    This is, without a doubt, the most clever web comic on the net. The storylines are delightfully quirky, the art is minimalist and yet intricate in its simplicity, the characters are well delineated and the dialogue is hilarious. I have been following this strip since it was on SmackJeeves and I’m glad to see it here in the Katbox. Continued success to you, Cervelet.

  • zophah

    And now we wait…

    • Vartra Antonelli


  • Lucius Appaloosius

    “And as our island rises into the sunset, we hear the haunting strains of that famous native song…” 7@=e


    Hope to see you back soon!

  • The pages of don’t seem to load! There’s a character set mismatch with the names, I think.

  • James Richmond

    wow this is taking an unusually long time for a update writers block?

    • DarkMyste

      He is on vacation

      • James Richmond

        Oh XD