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Rascals Pg 148 : Connection Problems

Rascals Pg 148 : Connection Problems published on 39 Comments on Rascals Pg 148 : Connection Problems
Mastergodai: Update Time! I actually Redrew some of the Panels from my previous go at this page if you follow me on Tumblr you can see the original Sketch but i really like the redraw Enjoy Folks ! Crimson: “Can you hear me now? Good.” Sadly, that meme’s not happening right now. And look who just happened to not only see the boys go into Tail’s Up, but also’s spilling the beans to the girls…? We definitely have connection problems going on, furs. But we’re coming to the end of the arc swiftly, so look forward to more from us next week. Especially on December 2nd! 😀 Something EXTRA-special down the pipeline then, furs… have fun!
  • You’ve got to be kidding me!

  • An extra special something eh? (Another X-Mas filler pin up like last year’s)
    In anycase onto the scene at hand Chrissy n Zoey appear to be back at her place while Rei n Jaz appear to be out and about so now that Liona spotted them going into a strip club and told Chrissy about it we’ll see how it all turns out,
    Also that Bunny in that Apron looks kinda familliar for some reason like someone out of a commission maybe?

    • Ravin

      Thats one of Vixen’s characters. Tani I believe is her name.

    • crimson

      Actually, BlackWind, umm… about the scene, wrong on all counts. All four of the girls are STILL at the job; they’re just outside after the altercation with Cody. Carry on, citizens, carry on…


      • But the background between panels looks different like they were in 2 different looking places can’t really blame me for thinking they were on the same place with such a look
        and if that girl in the club is a Vixen she sure has some long ears and a concealed tail cause that cotton ball behind her hair there looked like a bunny tail to me

        • That’s what I originally thought too, Blackwind. I then determined that Chrissy is outside of the restaurant.

  • eloundra

    i wanna be in a place like that, where girls warm cold laps *lap ish cold* X3

  • jericho0the0reaper

    (Shift gears from Shaky!Chrissy to Smiting!Chrissy… or Broken!Chrissy, just to cover all bases.)

    Either way, cue someone unexpected (perhaps this new… aw, geez, how did I forget his name this fast? Tony?) saving the day, as opposed to Quick. After all, the way this is pointing, he’s in the doghouse now. Soon to be joining him: Skye. Because he himself said so.


  • From the frying pan into the fire. I’m getting the sick feeling that this night of fun/terror won’t end well.

  • SoniaStrummFan217

    God help Quick once they get their hands on him XD. I see one of two things happening here. 1: By some astonishingly small chance, Chrissy won’t be angry with quick. or 2: Quick is in for it big time XD.

  • RascalFan

    ok first i don’t see why quick should be in any trouble. Remember Chrissy broke up with him so if he wants a night on the town, that’s what he should get. Now skye on the other hand…

    • Thank you very much *shakes hands* my sentiments exactly the man has done NOTHING he hasn’t laid a finger on no other female to be accused of any sort of unfaithful act, as a matter of fact he actually wanted to go look for chrissy when Ravin Said (forget that and look at this quality space my head cradled into) kinda like that
      So the only one truly in trouble and admitting it is Skye for being led astray
      Me thinks if the blame gets shifted to Ravin the mummy outfit he wore from the crowd beating will be worn for a longer period of time

    • Rationally, you are correct there; however, this is Chrissy we’re talking about…the same person that did the background check. Plus, I imagine she’ll be upset with the fact that he actually agreed to this. Then again, Skye and Ravin will have problems with there respective GFs.

      • Ravin

        I donno. Maybe Zoey knows about Ravin’s antics? If you remember, Zoey said it was exciting the first time they met as it was, how did she put it? ‘Two ships meeting in the dark?” I am also pretty sure she has an idea of what Ravin is like.

  • Biker530

    I sure hope Quick knows what he’s doing.

    • Biker all I can say is read my above comment about that

  • JustAfan

    I agree with RascalFan. Chrissy has no right to be upset with Quick. SHE broke up with HIM. But you know both he and Skye are in for a heap of trouble. Thanks to ‘Ravinism.’

  • That is a most definite perception but I believe Skye may be in Hot water rather than Quick cause he himself hasn’t done a thing unless (Guilty by association)

  • OtakuMan

    Ravin: “Okay, so MAYBE it was my fault that Reiko and Skye nearly broke up, and MAYBE it was my fault that Chrissy and Quick almost didn’t get back together, but everything worked out in the end, right?”

    Zoe: “It sure did, Shug, but I’m still not happy with you.”

    Ravin: “Oh come on! How was I supposed to know that touring strip clubs would be a bad thing?”

    Zoe: “You’re right. There was no way you could have known.”

    Ravin: “Exactly! So that’s why I say we have some “Glad everything’s settled” sex now so we can…”



    Zoe: “Well I DO know all of your sweet spots, shugah, and this’ll remind you not to go around to strip clubs without me from now on!”


    Zoe: “Don’t worry. I can make it better… in about a month or two. You should learn your lesson by then.”

    Ravin: “It’s going to hurt every time that I pee!”

    Zoe: “Boy, howdy!”

    • BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Such a spectacular scenario you put there man XD

  • Solitaire

    The one thing I have to argue, simply because the need to play Devil’s Advocate in a rather direct debate, is against your point Blackwind.

    This is CHRISSY we are talking about. You know, the one who did a full background check on quick about 6-10 pages ago? Whos to say shes not going to have more fury than hell hath now that she finds out her ex hopped into the gentlemans club so soon after she hath been scorned?

    QUICK! OUT THE BACK DOOR! (All pun intended :D)

    • Scorned by whom? Quick didn’t do a Damned thing!!! He has put up with her “nonsense” and jealous fits all in the name of LOVE he has been accused of being unfaithful and keeping secrets when plainly MISCOMMUNICATION has been at the Core of the entire relationship
      Quick has been more than a Gentleman and quite a forgiving Soul and Chrissy has put him thru the hardest of times indirectly speaking and he is still WILLING to look for her and patch things up. (I’ve spoken to people IRL about this whole situation without telling them it’s from a comic and they have all told me he should have given her the heave ho for doing the background check without permission in the 1st place which many people think it’s a VERY disrespectful thing)

      • Ravin

        You really don’t know how girls act, do you? Yes all of us guys would like to think Quick hasn’t done anything. But the fact remains hes there right after a breakup. As much as that might seem alright to us, anyone who has been in a relationship for a couple of years knows how much that stings regardless of who did the breakup. not to mention both of them still have feelings for one another. This piles onto it. Yes, Quick didn’t do anything wrong.

        Also, sometimes its more difficult to talk or understand someone when they were someones fucktoy like Chrissy seems to be pinned to be. So I highly doubt you have had friends or relationships were the girl was so emotionally unstable she was barely able to stand the thought of someone being ‘like’ them again. That takes therapy and if you really loved them, you’d understand this fact they might have a condition or a phobia. Instead of just ‘heaving’ them. You’d be a heartless bastard in that case.

        Just my two cents. Too much ‘thinking about yourself.’ and not ‘enough about the whole picture.’

        • Hey you don’t tell me if I’ve had friends or relationships with people cause you don’t know zip about me!
          This is the comic we are talking about, (I’ll with hold answering like I want to because of your status here >:(

          • Blackwind think about the relationship like this. Crissy is sweet like really sweet and from what we gathered she had a total a***ole of a boyfriend who seems quite abusive leaving her with trust issues and having to run away. She then meets a guy fun, sweet, loyal a totally opposite to Cody and falls in love but being cautious because of what Cody was like she does a background check on him and finds out he has a huge secret hes rich (maybe something else). Quick was probably going to tell her but the timing wasn’t right or he didnt know how to and he didnt tell her before because he want to make sure she loved him not the money. So Crissy ran away before quick could explain (Not to say she exaggerated the matter because i probably would have reacted the same way). As for quick hes not the bad guy either hes just secretive with whom he shares his secrets because he probably had friends who liked him cause has was rich or famous.
            As for the Ravinism incident Ravens Screwed, Skyes Mega Screwed and Liona and Crissy are going to over react when they see a Vixen on Quick’s lap so Quick’s screwed with a small chance of hope. A very small chance because Crissy should know that out of the 3 of them it wouldn’t be his idea to go there, even if she having doubts about who he really is.

            This is just how Ive interpreted the chaos.

          • Ravin

            I encourage free speech here. Don’t feel like you need to hold back on something. Its a debate. All you really know about me is a non-cannon aspect of me on a comic I happen to be close friends with the writer and co-writer.

            That being said, yes. I don’t know about your RL, but you just told me ‘I asked people IRL.’ If you are using their testimonies as facts to back up your opinion. I am going to challenge it. Its normal. No need to get me offended.

        • YES!!! Someone finally makes the point I was trying to make here for awhile now. Based on the most recent events, it does seem that Chrissy has been through quite a bit of an emotional downstrom in the past, which in turn is affecting her relationship with Quick.

          • Ravin

            Right. I may agree what she did was irrational. But we all do stupid things in the moment when we don’t know what to do. We get scared, make mistakes, and have emotions. Should Chrissy be blamed for it? Not at all.

  • Irate_Shaman

    Wow talk about cosmic; my ringtone is also the Final Fantasy victory music. Clearly that was money well spent 🙂

  • Steve

    Nice FF reference with the ring tone. 😉 Also that this is getting WAY worse by the second each time somethings fishy with Quick and the gang and worrying bout the girls as well… Welp time to see what happens next. >.>

  • Squackie

    Looks like things are getting harder for everyone, including raven’s….. Yeah, let’s not even go there….

  • Chocothunda

    When in doubt, strip club.

    Classy sir, classy 8)

  • Plauschi

    haha look @ the last picture in listen Champagne shower by lmfao^^

  • With all due Respect Ravin the comment that you had directed to me felt offensive therefore I. went and responded the way I did (and since the reply to comment link on both your last post and Blaze’s post is not there) I had to make this separate post here

    Blaze I completely agree with your comment and theory which mirrors my thoughts to some point and I don’t have a problem with it my main problem was with the comment Ravin did but that’s the end of it

    • Ravin

      Didn’t mean to sound offensive. You talked about how you asked some IRL people and they would heave Chrissy and said how much she has put Quick through an emotional time when this just isn’t the case. Its been, a day? I think? Barely twnetyfour hours at least since the breakup. (Its like Dragonball Z. Two years willl pass in an instant but a few hours last weeks! Haha.)

      Let me use an example you all might agree with, with a slight change. What if Chrissy did a background check on Quick and found out he had been a child molster, or abused someone. Or sent to jail for something? Then what? I think everyone would jump on Quick’s tail and say, ‘He should have told her.’ Not one person would go, ‘Well… Shes in the wrong for checking out his past.’ I agree now, like I said above, what she did when she found out the information, whatever it is, she may have acted irrationally. But we are all human. Given the context on this Cody fellow, I say we will have more pieces to why she acted the way she did coming up.

  • Parry

    my brother has the same ringtone!

    • Ravin

      But WHICH Victory theme?

  • DonnE

    this is what’s going through Quick’s mind “i’m gonna get caught, i’m so F****d… i’m gonna get caught, i’m so F****d… and so on and so forth. just in my opinion.

  • Overmind 666

    Will you guys quit changing their friggen appearence, Jaz is now not as hot as she was when she first showed up!!!