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Rascals Pg 145: She Swallowed It!

Rascals Pg 145: She Swallowed It! published on 27 Comments on Rascals Pg 145: She Swallowed It!
Mastergodai: Remember Folks when tasting bad food if your gonna swallow it  remember to hold your breath while doing so to not hurt your friends feelings if his/her cooking stinks  Crimson: Yeah, Chrissy needs some help, it seems. Those of you that know me, are well aware of my own skills in the culinary arts… and I can even make beef & broccoli! Sounds like Zoey and Jazmin have their hands full at the moment, though. If at first you don’t succeed… make sure you don’t have to taste-test your own cooking!
  • eloundra

    <3 rei is only wearing that apron besides underwear gloves and thigh high socks :3

    • crimson

      No, Eloundra… she’s still got on her full cosplay; it’s just covered by the larger and longer apron.

  • victorymon

    nice reaction about the food
    reminds me about this old Ranma-anime

  • Tarkad

    This comic was uber cute. ^^

  • ren9999

    holy cow new site layout….

  • I think the fact that when I first saw the title of the comic was “That’s what he said” means I need to go to bed.

  • Oh come now, it can’t be that bad *takes a bit*

    *In heaven* Well…that didn’t go as expected.

    All kidding aside, it’s pretty clear that she’s not the best cook. Love the chibi in the 2nd panel.

    One quick question, did Rei take her cloths off and put on an apron instead?

    • eloundra

      agreed. chibi chrissy is just as good as sexy rei ^w^

  • OMG it’s Akane’s Syndrome on Chrissy and her cooking also woo woo Reiko in only an apron and gloves/stockings only who’s she showing off to?

  • Is there anything cuter than chibi Crissy if so i don’t want to know about it.

    • Ravin

      Yeah no kidding!

    • Steve

      Chibby Rei plus her cosplay costume and apron. And ALL the girls plus or minus Raven (and the guys as well.) 😉

  • werefox

    Love the comic as always guys, but I still hate the cat girl >:-P Quick should hook up with Jaz.

  • Slipdance

    Kyoko-apron + Kasumi cosplay? The combo has blown my mind

  • Sigma_Prisium

    Wow, Rei’s outfit just blew my mind. Only wearing a large apron, underwear and long socks.

    And Crissy’s chibi is SO CUTE!!!

  • Steve

    I feel sorry for Chrissy with her cooking skills, she needs more practice…. Now as a torture challenge it’ll be her’s and Rei’s vodka sauce to the MAX on Quick and some other unlucky fellows… *Points to Ravin* >.>

    • crimson

      Jolty’s tomato vodka sauce, Steve. Rei only survived it. And Ravin doesn’t deserve THAT kind of torture.

      • Steve

        If he pushes some buttons TOO far you know, but yeah that kind of torture is likely to get some other unlucky fella doomed…

  • Biker530

    Well, err… that didn’t go well.

    BTW; what does “ikidakimasu, onegai-shimas” mean?

    • crimson

      ….. it’s japanese, Biker. Common phrase said before a meal. You can look it up. Welcome to the internet, tyvm.


  • 404dude

    two things:
    1. Chibi Zoey is just adorable! 😀
    2. I want to be Rei’s apron…. +_+ (<–creeper comment a-go!)

  • moyer

    does this comic still do updates?

    • crimson

      Every Friday, yes indeed! We’re not going anywhere, anytime soon.


  • clovermandefleur

    love this comic keep up the good work!

  • clovermandefleur

    chibis are so adorable

  • momerath

    It’s “itadakimasu”, actually. “Ikidakimasu” is gibberish.