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Rascals Pg 143: A way to Forgive..

Rascals Pg 143: A way to Forgive.. published on 26 Comments on Rascals Pg 143: A way to Forgive..
Mastergodai: still practicing Backgrounds a bit  not too shabby how it turned out in this page but i know deep down i can do better  Crimson: Ever the perfectionists, us artiste, hmm? Anyway, it seems that poor Chrissy is falling apart over what’s happened between her and Quick, and who can blame her? And yes, there is much work to be done, in more than one place, indeed… Ten days before All Hallow’s Eve, furs. In the meantime, however, guess where we’re going next? 😀
  • Kiathewolf

    Poor chrissy

  • Mr Hunk

    Rei is so awesome! 😀

  • Tearahk

    I don’t know why, and I’m not quite sure if it was on purpose, but I cant help hearing Zoey talk with a southern drawl. Is that just me? :3

    • Yeah they changed it a couple of pages ago, i think its cute.

    • Yeah, about that…If you go back about 5 or 10 pages, you’ll see an explanation from Crimson about that. It appears that she normally masks her accent.

  • Biker530

    Hmm, I wonder what Rei’s advice will be?

    One more thing; Where’s Jaz?

    • Well Biker Jazmin is either (A) not into hanging out with Rei anymore after the Restaurant incident
      Or (B) being a ninja herself is “tracking” down Quick’s whereabouts as a “detective”
      Or (C) just wasn’t “dragged” into hanging out like last time (take your pick :P)

    • You’ll soon see where Jazmin is, Biker. You’ll soon see… 😀 Sadly, BlackWind, none of your answers are correct. Nice try, though.


  • JustAfan

    I love the letter ‘V’ right now. Anyway, I’m just waiting for the inevitable confrontation.

  • Ok then now this is just bad really bad Chrissy is feeling guilty about the whole break up thing that she can’t think straight and Rei is just Teasing her like always. That when they decide to go out to look for the guys her frown might get upsideown,
    So as a deducter the scene shifts back to the guys and the locale that they may be at and perhaps another “disaster”
    Awaiting in the wings to happen plus perhaps another intervention of our disliked antagonist (dun dun duuunnn)

  • Well now Ms Zoey is quite the big girl there isn’t she? Love the way her outfit looks there especially when she’s blushing while pressing a soda glass to her ample bosom ^_^
    also poor Chrissy she’s worried crazy about her “ex” is quite sad now that she realizes her mistake

  • Actually kind sir 17 more days til Hallows eve not 10

    • I never said that…. I said “Ten days BEFORE All Hallow’s Eve”… and you will see then.

  • Dusty


  • Cole McIntyre

    Nice. I love this comic more than life!

  • flamelordkay

    I vote for them going either A) clothes shopping or B) somewhere that will make this all worse.

  • Okay, finally back online.

    I forgot to mention this earlier, but it’s kind of nice to finally Zoey more active in the comic. If memory serves correctly, she was barely seen in the first 100 pages. Wonder what her advice would be?

    WOW!!! From one extreme to the next with Chrissy. I know that she wanted to know the truth and all, but I can’t help but feel that this is somewhat her fault (intended to be a joke there folks).

    And finally onto Rei. With her unique style and personality, she’ll be able to fix all this or make it worse. If I had to throw my 2 cents into this, I imagine that Rei will suggest the following: Lingerie Shopping, Sexy Cloth Shopping, or a Woman’s “Exercise Strip” Club. Regardless of what happens, I imagine that the confrontation will not end well.

  • SOUP

    jedi: i sense a disturbance in the force young padawan
    padawan: what master?
    jedi: this isnt gonna end well
    padawan: what?
    jedi: *sigh* dude read
    padawan:……….oh damn
    jedi: well at least we get some fan service before quicks end relationship gets worse *whipser* yessssssssss boooooooooobs

  • OtakuMan

    Argh… this is a really pointless and silly question that I know full well ain’t worth asking, but I gotta know:

    Whose are bigger: Zoey’s or Rei’s?

    • they are almost pretty equal hmm lets get them to press againt a glass pane to ….*SLAP*

    • Reiko’s. Definitely Rei’s…. she gets ’em from her mom, yanno… :dodges the kunai:

    • Hm…that might be a tie there; however, they could press them against each other for comparison’s sake…*SLAP PUNCH KUNAI*

  • Some Stuff

    Zoey Had a Nice ComeBack?

  • NekoHybrid

    Just wondering, think you could make a Bust Chart for Rascals like Las Lindas did? The ladies here are real lookers. I’m also wondering who’s the biggest?

    • Already been asked, Neko. And answered; Reiko’s are biggest, but Zoey is damn-close. And we might make a Bust Chart, one of these days…. if suitably encouraged. 😀


  • saqueblues

    Hm, and i thought i could go without pervation for a little while….oh well. God the break up between quik and crissy is making my stomach turn, plus same thing is going on in a nother web comic so by now i think im going to be sick, and nekohybrid….im almost sure zoey is bigest…and now i have ruind me reckord of going a full year without being dirty….eh oh well…*goes back to being a nother not as good version of raven*