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Rascals Pg 141: The Six Laws

Rascals Pg 141: The Six Laws published on 63 Comments on Rascals Pg 141: The Six Laws
Mastergodai: Behold the six laws of Ravinisim!  this page has got to be one of the most time consuming to get done but overall i liked how it turned out hope you guys like it as well ^_^  Crimson: All hail! The Six Sacred Laws of Ravinism! …heh, yeah, there’s lots of puns there and plenty of naughty stuff, but this is Ravin, right? What did you guys expect, really? Yeah, this was one page that took us a while to get it right, but I think we managed to make Ravin proud. See you guys next week, furs, where we’re back with the ladies, with another surprise in store!
  • eloundra

    that girl with skye in the 4th panel looks like sarah from LL, but with diff hair and fur colours. also, love the last panel :3

  • victorymon

    damn, my english is not good enough to understand everything. only picture number three.

  • Ravin

    Boobies bouncing. Always best in taking your mind off things. IMO.

  • Kia

    Wow…. ravinism rly? X3 cute but poor little quick prolly is gonna be lead astray lol good job on the page =3

  • werefox2009

    So let it be written so let it be done. Praise be to you brother for bringing the laws down to us humble humble men. Ha-lay-lue-yaaa!!!!

    • Preaching to the choir, are we? 😀 Let the faithful rejoice, brothers!

  • werefox2009

    And color me a hound dog, but I’m lovin dat rabbit in the last panel!!! @.@

    • She looks like she’s copping a feel at Skye’s Tail? Also what’s he looking at? The thing the fox girl is pointing to?

      • eloundra

        either that, or looking at her tail. and also, in same panel, quick looks kinda down

  • Ah yes the laws of Ravinism let us honor them, for they are the way to true happiness. I really like the girl in the second panal Doggy Style cute heh..

    Poor Quick i don’t think hes having fun im sure he would have rathered going to those places with Crissy, Except the strip club that might be going too far and libel to get you slapped. Hang in there buddy…

    • Also i think i need to ask Ravin to show me these places, you know to experience these laws for myself call it a spiritual journey and if i was to meet a cute girl i wouldn’t complain.

      • Ravin

        Sure, just step into my office and fill out some paperwork. Xenu will… I mean Ravinism will lead you to happiness.

        • OtakuMan

          I thought it was a red hand print on your face and a restraining order?

          • Ravin

            Have yet to get one of those!

    • Well Blaze IMO these laws are great for a single guy but when you’re in a relationship it’s kinda your Ideal Trap for a break up
      As for the “entrouge”(spl?) of girls there is quite the variety there eh?
      My question is that all in 1 place or were they going from place to place also Fyxe a guest and Cocoa from las lindas in there,
      that bunny sitting by Skye also looks familliar to me of sorts.
      Anyways both Quick n Skye are getting a treat but it looks like in the end Quick’s not feeling any better with the idea of “cheating”
      and showing some great restraint, can’t wait to see how the girls are going to go have fun

      • ….
        Different places, BlackWind.
        If you can find some place where there is a produce aisle, a dog park, a beach, a workout gym, a bookstore AND a strip club in a confined area (besides Las Vegas!), I will tip my hat to you, ser.


        • In a questionable place in Dallas and near the University of Texas in Austin.

          • My bad, didn’t see the beach requirement. In that case, Corpus Christi, TX.

  • eloundra

    and another thing, ravin looks itching to grab those melons in the last panel, and skye seems to be sitting with a bottomless bunny girl, no panties or pants :3

  • Hey the 2 toned hair girl with the japanese melon in hand is Fyxe isn’t she?
    that panda girl Quick is talking to looks like umm….. Cocoa from las Lindas is it?
    Very nicely done also love the teaser “doggy style” shirt is quite catchy to make into a real shirt 😛
    also like the old style calligraphy type lettering it looks like a tale being told a truly nice touch
    but at least our main guy is remaining to giving into these temptations and has a “guilty” sort of look on his face
    Looks like he’s not so keen on wanting to “cheat”

    • Wing_Black

      Yes, that is Fyxie! When I was watching this been drawn on stream, I saw this character that sorta look like Fyxie, but if she was feline, and I said, “That should be Fyxie!” so low and beyhold, Godai redrew, and made her into Fyxie, which is totally awesome since I love her! hehe.

    • Well, yeah, Cocoa is here in the page; both of us knew that she would be PERFECT for the Law in which she appears…. but really, guys, that’s the only cameo in the page. I really dunno where you guys get these ideas of us having all these cameos from other comics and artists that we’re friends with around Rascals… that’s just LUDICROUS! 😀

      But yeah, we really wanted to go whole-hog on this page, especially with all the cheesecake therein, so it’s great that you guys like the fanservice. Might not happen too often for a while now, so enjoy it while it lasts!


      • werefox2009

        Crimson giveth… And he taketh away… @.@’

  • Biker530

    Quick looks like he’s being tempted. Or is he?

  • Webcomicsurfer

    I think Ravin’s advice is a lot of rot.

    • Not Rot it’s Ideal to single guys with No commitment, but if you’re with a girl and just separated for the moment this is definitely Break up Trap

  • This montage seems familiar. I wonder if it’s time to Release the Beast!

  • Daedalus

    Yeah… he’s a bit of a tool.

  • Coon Rac

    Release the! Bogus… Punch Out fan much?

  • francey♥

    i love the Third and last panel!! ♥-♥

  • Exnato

    really good laws, they fix the panels really well

  • Ravin, you wouldn’t mind telling me what the morale of the second law is. Would you?

    • Ravin

      Not being a jerk to women. As in respect them.

  • Steve

    I think I might need some number coding for each law phrase cuz this is just one big poem to me at least in a context to review for new recruits. But it’s still good. 😀

  • Chocothunda

    Massive respect Ravin, for these laws are those that men should live by 😀

    Also, after reading through the comic a second time, I also noticed that “Release the BOGUS” sign, too; who’s been playing Punch Out, recently?

  • exnato

    Love the second panel, the cute squirrel with the Doggy Style shirt

  • 404dude

    Oh sh*t, wait what was the laws again?
    *tries reading again but to no avail… staaaaaaaaaaare*

    • MasterGodai


  • Some Stuff

    who is the chick with red,blue hair with the nice Rack! 🙂 she ‘s cute.

  • In that last panel Quick is looking down as he really misses Chrissy while seeing so many others as couples. Having a good time
    The course of the day has been a long and tiring ordeal being tempted by so many other women out there,
    yet the one he wants is not among them.
    Next chapter might shed some light on what the girls are doing n such

    • MasterGodai


  • Okay, I finally have an internet connection here folks.

    First off, thanks for the fan service, which I would imagine would be a one time deal…or is it? And kudos to the Las Lindas Cameo.

    Anyway, the laws of Ravinism is actually more constrained than I anticipated. No offense, I was imagining something along the lines of Charlie Sheen from Two and a Half Men. But I’m assuming, based on Quick’s disappointed expression, that these laws are geared toward the single crowd, granted that you could employ these laws with the significant other. Sky, on the other hand seems somewhat embarrassed with the attention. If I recall correctly, doesn’t he have an open relationship with Reiko?

    Ha Ha Ha…Doggie style

    • MasterGodai

      heh nah Ravin is not tiger blood crazy 😛

  • eddieboy4427

    i like the panda chick and the 2 toned hair chick

  • ha i found out yer secret tricks….now to use em

    • MasterGodai


  • Wolfenstein

    jack daniels time for quick?

  • Some Stuff

    yeah the panda chick is cute too.

    • MasterGodai

      indeed Cocoa is very cute

  • Parry

    Good work not getting involved Quick!

    • MasterGodai

      yeah hes a good scout …most of the time

  • randomchich123

    wow rascals is so cool!!:)

  • NekoHybrid

    That panda girl… was that Coco from Las Lindas?

  • So far I like The Six Laws of Ravinism. I recognize Cocoa and Fyxe but who are all the other females? That tiger guy must really like that female’s fur tail in the last panel.

  • moyer

    Nice use of old English font.

  • Smartkittykhan

    Is this the new bible?