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Rascals Pg 140 : Illegal Plans ..of sorts

Rascals Pg 140 : Illegal Plans ..of sorts published on 33 Comments on Rascals Pg 140 : Illegal Plans ..of sorts
Mastergodai: Hiya guys cant really think much of what to say about this page maybe its just …oh sorry i got distracted a bit there 😛  Crimson: Well, then perhaps I can enlighten our fans, partner. Though, I can see just WHY distraction can occur, heh. However, next week, yes, the Sacred Rules of Ravinism will be revealed to all those faithful! (For those who do not yet believe, there will be fan-art… of something or another by a person, who knows?) And yes, they DO have classes, and yes, we WILL be showing them! Hey, we promised it back in the day, and we live up to our words…! For the most part, anyways. ;D Though, what is this about Zoey… and work? With Reiko? Four girls having fun?? And Skye thought Rei would be jealous! Have fun ’till next week, y’all!
  • Skye, Quick, GET OUT NOW!

  • eloundra

    i bet i can tell what distracted you :3 and i agree with terrific, they should leg it outta there

  • Hmm…uh nice.

    But anyway, why do I get the sick feeling that something bad is going to happen with Quick and Skye with Ravin and Chrissy and Zoe with Rei?

  • ObviousStalker

    I love Rascals. Keep more pages coming. 🙂 I also love Ravin. <3

    • Ravin

      Thank, oblvious Stalker!

  • Ravin

    I want Ravin’s shirt.

    Just saying.

  • Parry

    Skye, Quick, whatever you do, DON’T DRINK OR EAT ANYTHING HE GIVES YOU!

    • 404dude

      But that will only take away from the comedic value of the situation… o3o

      • Parry

        True but still, HEED MY WORDS!!!

  • Solitaire

    I must say, you are efficient. Its only 1230 here and i was expecting to have to complain about it being a half hour into friday with no updates 😛 Happily surprised.

    And now it seems things shall move along between Chrissy and Quick….lets see how long that lasts XD

  • cant wait >:3

  • its jesus ravin !

  • Can Rei even have fun that’s not illegal, as for Ravin and his sacred laws why do i have a this feeling that this wont end well. Also im guessing that this will be dares, Pranks and other male bonding scenes (insert jackass scene here) or at least scenes that will be off screen (probably due to there adult nature).

    • Blaze if that’s the case. Of doing pranks or dares and the fact he says (in the end it’s always worth it) i f I were Quick i’d tap Skye in the shoulder and say (yo c’mere a sec gotta talk to you a moment) and discuss with him quietly aside if what they are about to do is a good idea. Also Chrissy wants to go do something that doesn’t involve something with Quick? Wow that’s going to be something interesting

      • “Also Chrissy wants to go do something that doesn’t involve something with Quick? Wow that’s going to be something interesting”
        Chrissy has college classes to go to, BlackWind. Granted, she doesn’t want to see Quick much right now, but there are obvious reasons for that. And that is all.


        • You know, now that I’ve been thinking about it, I have the sick feeling that this is somehow going to involve a strip club of sorts. That, or some sort of hot spot of men/women.

        • Yeah Classes that’ll be interesting after all its really hard to avoid someone at collage, bet Quicks in her fist class. Rei will probably take her to a club to have some fun or something Who Knows?

          • Blaze if you take a good look it appears that they are not in school they appear to be somewhere in the city or such since last comic page they appeared to be in a subway car? or bus who knows all I can tell is they’re “playing” Hooky (spl?) somewhere in mid morning or so?

  • Biker530

    In the name of all that is holy and/or badass, PLEASE let these sacred laws work!

  • JustAfan

    How come I have a feeling that these two groups will end up at the same place or in adjacent rooms? And what the hell can make REI jealous?

    • Just a fan I have the distinct feeling that your premonition could be true as I too am getting the feeling that over the course of the day the hand of fate will indirectly play it’s hand and to quote mr bogard (of all the jin joints in all the towns in all the world you had to come into this one!) That is the feeling I’m getting >_<

    • Ravin

      I don’t think thats the case. I am pretty sure Crimson can and will come up with something better.

  • jericho0the0reaper

    Murphy’s Law is in motion. Time to introduction of conflict-ball: indiscernible. Magnitude of WUT Impact: 45 percent and rising. Odds that somebody will become a god (figuratively) by the rough middle of this: ridiculously high. Mentlegen, we have engaged Ludicrous Speed, prepare for turbulence.

    • jericho0the0reaper

      sorry, let me correct that: RAVIN’s Laws.

      • Sacred Laws of Ravinism, Jericho… but thanks EVER so much for the SpaceBalls ref. Classically-funny movie, that is. Use the Schwartz!


      • Ravin

        Stay Classy Jericho, Stay Classy.

  • eeeee i cant wait for the next one

  • Steve

    I have a feeling that the next few pages will lead into a music montage of random things and soon half way these two groups will bump into each other and will probably see Chrissy chasing Quick with the Yakatee Sax’s(?) theme and probably will go into a door chase scene. >.> Thinking bout it now HAS to have an anvil falling somewhere on someone… xD

  • Well it’s a girls plan to hang out after class to have some fun, I wonder could it be going to a shopping mall to the movies or window shopping for perfumes or jewelry or maybe hitting a club scene? Oh the possibilities

  • Some Stuff

    I Don’t know how qick got him in this Stuff?

  • Styss

    You know, I’ve been following you on dA for a while, and when I heard you had a WC I came here and drank it whole in three days. I’ve got a couple things to say.

    First, the plot. Don’t take it to heart, but I feel it took off WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too fast. I mean, I didn’t even know half a shit about Quick or Chrissy before they finally got together. There wasn’t enough development, you kept jumping from character to character too early, and I ended up not getting attached to any. I totally missed the process of the “falling in love” thing, you know, the warming up process, watching cute things happen to them when they get close, the smiling at those moments, getting attached to the characters and ultimately hoping for them to be together and then being happy when they get together.

    Right now? I don’t feel anything to know they got separated. So in a nutshell, it was a romantic fail.

    I guess where you fairly success is in comedy, because I’ve had quite a few kicks out of the various situations the characters get in. I still love the moment Skye and Quick are sent flying by Rei’s sister and he’s all like “Aim for the sea!” xD

    And eye-candy too. Keep that up 😛

    But yeah, try to slow down it a little next time, and try to give characters a bit more of focus before you move on. Right now, even though I assume Quick and Chrissy are the main characters, it really feels like it could be anyone – or none at all.

  • its probably going to be paint ball ha that would be funny or something really tame.