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Rascals Pg 139: Morning After Deux

Rascals Pg 139: Morning After Deux published on 63 Comments on Rascals Pg 139: Morning After Deux
Mastergodai: Hey there guys Today we go Back to try to Figure out what is going on in Chrissy’s Head  Making this page made me realise one thing  I think Im enjoying Drawing Zoey More and More heh  i mean look at those Melo…i mean Hair ! yeah thats it ! >.> <.<  Crimson: … the hair, huh? Oy. :facepalm, sigh: Anywho. Yeah, this is Chrissy trying to figure things out; what, did you think she enjoyed breaking her beau’s heart, huh? Huh?? …thank you. Anyway, I also figured it’d be nice to have an accent or two around here, so we slapped a southern drawl on Zoey, because you know… and I speak from close personal experience… that they do indeed grow ’em bigger in TX. Thank you and good night! ;D
  • eloundra

    say that they do crimson, that they do. i like em grown big though :3 and poor chrissy, she went and got a report for what she was afraid to learn about quick…kinda stupid really

  • Ravin

    -Goes Cross eye’d from all those loose tops. Foams at the mouth and falls over.-

    • eloundra

      -pats godai on the head- there there, we all know you like that, and would want them looser, or no tops :p

    • eloundra

      gah, misspelled, meant ravin, not godai *headdesk*

      • :glances back and forth between Eloundra and Ravin: …… GODAI! Buddy, next time, they have to be *tighter* not loose! I mean, internet is on cell phones now; we can’t have people fainting when they see the page, man! Remember, next time, tighter tops on the girls, not loose!

        • tighter works too then they are nipping out

          • eloundra

            agreed, heh ^w^ like zoey kinda is right now, the triangularish bit on her chest :3

  • well to be sincere , quick didnt hide his money at all , he was expending it clearly right infront of her , one thing is that he didnt flaunt his money on her face but he didnt extly hid it

  • Yes they do :awesome head nod: yes they do.

    But anyway onward to a semi-long comment.

    Poor…Poor Chrissy…Always rushing to irrational conclusions or acting on impulse without considering the consequences of her own actions. Don’t get me wrong or anything, I feel bad for her, but (if my hunch is correct) it’ll be worse depending upon what she’ll assume from Quick whenever she find him (assuming my theory is correct). So those two are in a relationship (Zoey and Ravin)? I never imagined it based on what I’ve seen thus far.

    • You know, AMP, as usual, since I say it so very often… “all will be revealed in time”. 😀 I’m sorry, but… them’s the brakes, que sera, sera… and all that. Good kudos points from everyone asking, but we just can’t reveal the truth as of yet. I know one thing, though… and I’ve said this before as well… everyone that’s pissed at Chrissy, be prepared to have your opinion changed! 😀

      • Yeah…keeping forget about that. My bad.

        But here’s another question, when did Zoey get a Southern accent? from her lines thus far, there has been no indication of her Southern roots.

        • See reply to OtakuMan.


  • My bad (hit the comment button before actually finishing the comment).

    But it does beg the question as to why she decided to get the background check rather than asking him? Is she that scared of the truth?

    • Well Amp we guess after doing Quick that night and being taken to the fancy restaurant and the Limo ride she just wanted some info
      (In a moment of doubt) so she went and called her cousin to get her the info and well about 2 weeks later or so she got what she requested
      And now she’s regretting it

  • Solidskunk

    As a Texas boy, yes they do. But don’t forget about us tall broad-shouldered hunks. 7 Feet tall, able to life twice my weight and one handsom devil of a skunk.

  • Sabourok

    Well, just for the sake of it, I wanna bring up one of my favorite things about my own state: Florida, the land may be flat, but the women aren’t. 😛

    But in all seriousness, I’m living in a dorm that is right next to a beach where the girls (which make up most of the campus population) like to go to sunbathe. I just have to look out the window to see dozens of hot babes in bikinis. :3

    • Well, Saburok, it’s not just your state, it’s OUR state as well… and yes, I still prefer TX, tyvm.

    • Yes Sabourok Florida may be nice for visiting and seeing girls but if you don’t have a car fugedaboudit
      And Zoey being so large does not mean that she’s from TX as she could be from the other southern states with their glorious accent
      And carefree personalities

  • VO

    You know I think what would have been best for all of this is if we had seen her reading the report instead of her just quickly flashing by what she found out. Also as far as I know we’ve never seen her ask quick about his past before so was her first instinct to just hire someone to look into his past?

    • uh no VO her instinct wasn’t about hiring someone to look into his past buuut she kinda found it suspicious that when they went on a date night on the town his choice of restaurant and then a Limo ride with an expensive bottle of champagne stirred up her curiosity, like (this is all expensive stuff we are doing here where does Quick have the money for this if he’s not working?) kind of thoughts soo after “treating” him to some mutual sex after he fell asleep she decided to contact someone to answer her questions at the time which lead to the current situation.

  • …boobs…

    • OtakuMan

      No no… “BEAR Boobs”

      There’s a difference!

  • 404dude

    Damn now I want to know more about Quicks past! Ask him for us Chrissy!
    *somehow unaffected by the boobs*

  • DonnE

    Darnit chrissy!! hurry up and ask h… boooooobssssss *gets slapped by his girlfriend* huh? oh. right, sorry. ask him darnit!!

  • Biker530

    I never knew guilt could be such a bitch.

    • Biker trust me it’s an understatement, in the heat of a moment people can say or do things that hours or days later they regret big time
      And some times cannot undo the damage or effect done with people or objects

  • Well it appears that after a nights sleep and selfdoubt while sleeping Chrissy has basically realized that her own fears have become her
    Undoing, so now while talking with Zoey she’s thinking how she can probably make it right again
    after acting on impulse, and it’s good to see she has a friend to put up with her for the time being, and Zoey for being so hospitable
    Is quite a welcome sight (besides her ample bosom early in the morning XD)

  • Oh I just noticed Chrissy’s comment on panel 3 the 1st one (IMO it’s a message to us or the one’s who dislike her/hate her that she is trying to deal with that) kinda makes it sound like she’s breaking the 4th wall of sorts indirectly addressing us o_o;
    Cause I honestly don’t know who in the group would hate her (besides Raven obviously) as she’s been treated kindly by most of the cast

    • Well… I can’t really say it’s a technical fourth-wall breaking statement, because that IS how she feels personally…. but I would also be remiss if there’s not a side-nod to several who have… commented on Chrissy’s behavior to date.

      • Which is why I’m saying IMO that it felt like breaking the 4th wall like talking to us indirectly
        Because everyone besides Raven likes Chrissy

  • and yet again i cant wait what happens next

  • Steve

    Well I do admit that I was from TX 8yrs of my life, but never liked it except for the BBQ…. Now I hear AJ’s voice in Zee right now and I’m just imagining this that she has a apple orchard somewhere bucking….uhm picking apples you know. ^^;. Anyways let’s hope that this “drama storm” can just run it’s course and vanish soon… I want Chrissy to be happy and fun loving again. D:

  • OtakuMan


    Figures that Zoe would be the voice of reason to help Chrissy realize what she’s done. It’s often a third party person that usually figures out the solution before anyone else.

    Although now she’s a southern bear? Can you do that!? I mean she hasn’t had any accents before this comic, right? Isn’t that like breaking character or something?

    • Not as much as one would think, OM. Accents in voices are tricky things; I know because I’ve done a couple, heard hundreds, and used to have one, myself. They can come and go depending on the emotional state or even the personal desire of the user to bring them out at-will. So, yes, it is technically possible for Zoey to now display her southern accent, now that she’s in her own apartment. 😀

      • Reaver

        I know what you mean. I had a friend in college who would slip back into her accent everytime she started to lose a tennis match. It was always funny cause she would come back pissed off and then she got angrier because no one could tell what she was saying.

      • Okay, so she kind of masks it then.

      • OtakuMan

        Hmm… okay. I’ll accept that. Apparently lots of real life examples too gathered from the other comments. 🙂

    • Well Otaku since Reiko and her are best buds and Chrissy decided to “crash” at her place so it’s hear turn to be her “concience” and voice of reason so she can be happy as she too believes in Quick being a good guy for her
      (Also I noticed that Ravin and her might be more that just “friends with benefits” as she knows that Ravin
      Has a wandering eye buut get’s “cross eyed” when she dresses up) even tho it does not say anywhere that they are officially girlfriend n boyfriend

    • Ravin

      I lived in FL for a few years near GA and I have seen bears before.

      southern Bear seems logical. Or at least should be possible.

      • OtakuMan

        Cue Christopher Walken:


  • lolfurries

    Chrissy expected him to just randomly bring it up?
    “Hi, how was was your day? By the way, I have a questionable past. ‘Kay, Bye.”

  • And there is absolutely nothing wrong with an accent as a matter of fact it makes her sexier
    (Btw instead of “shug” it’s Sugah as in sugar) kinda reminds me of thevoice Bunnie Rabbot has in Sonic Satam from back then 😀


      #1 & #2 definitions. ‘Shug’ is just as good as “sugah”, though technically ‘shug’ is more affluent in the mid-east plains states, rather than the southeast states use of ‘sugah’, which once more, identifies Zoey’s general area of cultural origin.


  • Some Stuff

    I Guess So ( Just Looks at the Screen)

  • really nice pun crimson >.>

  • knux

    Since when did Zoey speak with a southern accent?

    • Since she was a little bear, obviously, Knux…. I mean, that’s where accents come from, right?

      No, but seriously, yeah, she’s a southern bar. Mid-east plains and all that. Thank ye kindly, now.


  • Chocothunda

    Chrissy, Chrissy, Chrissy…*facepalm*

    I do believe she’s 0 for 3 when it comes to jumping to the wrong conclusion. The first two jump were repairable but this…Hm, this I do not know.

    On a side note, Southern Bear…I do approve of this :3

  • lilspirit86

    Y’all come back next Friday for the update now, y’here! =D

    • “Hello. My name is Crimson, I’m your co-author at Rascals, and I approve this message.”

  • I agree with you MG she has um… nice hair.

    • Gorgeous soft Puffy hair Might I add besides being large and a southern belle with the most bubbly personality I’ve seen so far

  • Laurai

    Last panel gave me a win moment.
    Thanks for that.

  • werefox

    Love that southern dra’ll guys!

    And of course hisses and boo’s for chrissy XP you can do better Quick!!!!

  • And I STILL think Chrissy’s hotter than this chick.
    But, then again, I went for Tali in Mass Effect 2, rather than, say, Miranda, so… my tastes might be just a *little* different.

  • Some Stuff

    Still There Boobz To See To :3.

  • AflacMan13

    You know what… Chrissy is just being a selfish bi***. Quick; or any man or woman for that matter; should have to tell their boy/girlfriend how much they have in their bank account. He wasn’t hiding it from her… it just wasn’t any of her mother f***ing business. She needs to get over her obsession with money and start looking at the bigger picture.

    I have no sympathy for her. She needs to quit acting like a petulant child and go apologize. She is the one in the wrong here.

    • AflacMan13

      *typo* …should NOT have to tell their…

  • zoiefalcona

    Well this is an interesting piece.. though at least she is showing some regret

  • Ratz

    Remember The Old Days where Mark was The Guy who wanted to be a good Guy and said he wasn’t a Mad Evil Scientist, yeah what happen Mark?

  • Lucius Appaloosius