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  • Interesting…Is this one of those hidden projects…Project Zero if I’m not mistaken?

  • i see godai

    • No, T-Bird, Godai is not in there. He just used a certain character piece for his Gravatar, that’s all.

    • Twokinder

      Oh my goodness! A Twokinds icon?! I LOVE IT <3

  • NinjaWolf

    hmm interesting…

  • Kid_K

    Super compressed persons!
    It’s all gonna BLOW! 😀

    • Alucai Vivorvel

      Oh, hey, look, there really were only just the eyes in there.

      Wait, where’s the rest of them?

  • Well now this is quite the unexpected picture and it’s not even Friday
    So we happen to have 8 newcomers that will be added to the roster eh?
    All I can say is 2 look familiar there (1 being Godai’s avatar as mentioned the other on panel 2
    Seems familiar somehow I just can’t peg it down right now)

  • Trev

    Oh wow a whole slew of new challengers *cough* i mean people. This comic just gets more and more entertaining. I love it!

  • jericho0the0reaper

    Late: kuha! where was I when this happened?! also, hnnnnnn… a backstory eh?
    Logic: well, no actually, it’s posted in the description that this is a slight preview of the bonus comics we’ll see until Godai (and Crimson?) get back from the bre–
    Late: So it’s a backstory, eh?
    Logic: How is it a backstory if it’s just showing their e–

  • I have now discovered who is eye set #2 on 2nd top panel I just don’t know who her name is

  • I think i recognize one or two.