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Rascals Pg 133: I Need You

Rascals Pg 133: I Need You published on 48 Comments on Rascals Pg 133: I Need You
Mastergodai: a tender moment ^_^ looks like Skye has a bit of Control over Jazmin’s Temper doesn’t he  we will all find out the reason for this in the near future Crimson: First time was Quick with Chrissy, now Skye is stepping up to bat with the bunny sisters! And we get a look at some of the deeper things behind what Rei does, and who she is… but what else remains to be told? You’ll see… eventually…

  • Mr Hunk

    Haha Quick even after that slap he still has a smile on his face! 😛

    • Adamar

      If you saw a chink in the same costume, wouldn’t you smile no matter what? I know I would. ;d

  • Willard

    I predict… that… it has something… to do with… A PICTURE! Or at least that’s what I’m letting my theory lead me towards.

    • BlackWind

      Nope Willard this has nothing to do with the picture incident at the beach this is something else entirely but the
      Truth and other circumstances are being brought forth bits at a time (as implied by Crimson)

  • Webcomicsurfer

    Skye is actually being mature.

  • BlackWind

    Heh not only that Hunk but like he said turn about is fair play indeed,
    Ok then so Skye appears to be a little bit much more than just Rei’s Boyfriend that he has
    A way with the both of them to curb Jazmin’s Immature attitude for allowing herself to be put into
    Such a silly emabarrasing situation, then to us fans he probes slightly into their relationship
    And most importantly of what seemed to be a brief rivalry between them, only to assure Reiko that
    No matter what he will always need her (not in a pleasureable way only) but to stick with her thru
    The hard times, and the mention of someone else being proud of her would be towards (A) their Father
    (B) their Teacher/Sensei. Other than that a spectacular story here today

  • Yet another interesting week of character development here, except for Quick and his somewhat and hilarious and offensive (to Chrissy) antics.

    First, I would again like to apologize for my comments earlier about calling Reiko a “whore.” What I should have said was that she was giving the impression of an “attention whore,” defined as one who does anything to garner attention.
    Now back to the strip. It does seem that Jazmin has been acting childish as of late with throwing a tantrum over the “uniform” and threatening to call their mother. I’m somewhat impressed that Skye became the mature one in this situation. Finally, we learn why Reiko pulled such a stunt. From what I could tell, it does appear that she is jealous about her sister’s ability and apparently a parental figure spending more time with Jazmin because of said abilities. The classic sister rivalry concept at its finest.

    That’s really about it. I guess we’ll have to wait ‘til next week to see what happens to Chrissy (outfit and envelope).

    While I’m at it, excellent work on the coloring the outlines as it makes the comic stand out.

    And finally, to reclaim some credible from the mishap from last week, I shall employ the John Kyl’s defense. My previous comment was not intended to be a factual statement. Look him up on Google if you have no idea what I’m talking about folks.

    • BlackWind

      Heh Relax Amp just because I commented on your reply about Reiko does not mean nor imply that I’m any kind of Authority
      In this comic nor anything 😛
      But what we possibly forsee for next segment might not be the immediate “go back home” and *oh Chrissy you got a Letter here for you*
      No that is just around the corner but not next segment (as far as I know/predict)

    • Actually, AMP, let it be known that some of Skye’s rebuke was indeed inspired by your own comment, last week. I found it fitting, actually, considering what Rei had been doing, for her lover… in their relationship how it’s been established, to make that kind of comment to her. Just the right kind of shock value to wake up the elder sister. And while Rei was a bit jealous… I can’t say what she was green about, not quite yet. 😀 Though, to be honest… I’ve always wanted to show Skye in this kind of vein; who else would have influenced Quick to stand up for his love for Chrissy…?


      • Hm….I never did think about Skye influence Quick’s relationship with Chrissy.

        Also, why I have you here, wasn’t there suppose to be another comic relating to this or something? Goyoku I think.

        • :chuckles and grins: Now, now, AMP…. all in due time, all in due time. I don’t need to start quoting John Lennon, do I now? 🙂

      • BlackWind

        actually both Reiko and Skye influenced Quick to confess to Chrissy his feelings as they knew how they were acting around each other
        but Rei was convincing Chrissy that he was a good guy for her and to believe in him, the same way Skye was telling Quick to be true with his feelings and tell her what he felt so they could finally be together despite the many circumstances

  • Stootza

    Boy, I bet Skye’s arm is pretty warm 😉

  • BlackWind

    *blinks* do my eyes decieve me or is that Skye’s hand right between Rei’s Cleavage while holding her chin? o.o 😀

    • DreadWingKnight

      There because she shoved it in there.

      • BlackWind

        You really think so? Or is it just Skye’s nature to just do that with her 😛

        • jericho0the0reaper

          it’s in his nature and she’s holding it there.

    • You are correct sir

  • Kia Bourne

    AWWWW X3 this is one of the sweeter kinda moments ive seen in the comic lol

  • Yay tender moments so touching and i think some of this will be answered in Rascals Goyoku

    • BlackWind

      Well Blaze that might be true but for X Reasons Goyoku has been on the backburner for so long
      I’ve kinda “lost” interest and preferr the main line so far

      • :slow grin: Oh, don’t worry, BW…. by the time that Goyoku appears, your interest will have returned. I always have a few cards up my sleeve.


  • eloundra

    i envy skye’s arm right now

  • jericho0the0reaper

    for some reason, at this point, I get the feeling that anywhere up to ten pages from now, I’m gonna say “I frickin’ KNEW it” even if I don’t announce precisely what I knew before it happened, but anyway…
    … And with this, Skye defuses a volatile situation while being badazz… Seriously, I see something here that I need to point out for future purposes, but I just can’t put my finger on it…


  • Generalian

    Hate to say it…. but this very poorly written. Its ultra cliche and cheesy to the point where I feel like you rapped up an entire characters emotions in one page. This could easily have been a plot by itself and yet all we get is a text filled mess.

    I’m mad
    We know your mad
    I’m mad at you
    I’m mad at you
    Let me explain why I’m mad
    I Love you
    I love you too

    very disappointing

    • jericho0the0reaper

      Weeeeeeell how would you do it instead?

    • Well, Generalian, while I personally don’t subscribe to the sitcom-method for resolving plot situations, sometimes things have to wrap up at times. I can promise that this is not a complete resolution, because how can personal rivalries be solved with a few words… but perhaps all that Reiko needed was a verbal smack across the muzzle to awaken to how silly she was acting today. Stay tuned to the future, however, because this is not the end of things for this arc…. no, ser, not at all!


  • AlleyWayTC

    Wow, wrist in a bunny cleavage. Lucky Skye!

  • remmus

    *chuckles* even when being a consulting lover he still gets nice and close to that bunny chest, can´t blame him tho X3

  • Tuhali

    Seems like Rei just wanted to be good at something that her sis wouldn’t be since Jaz seems superior with the jutsu. Rei finds something she’s good at and then tries to embarrass Jaz on her turf for payback which backfired. Rei tried to salvage her plan but took it too far and Sky had to resolve the matter. Yep, typical sibling rivalry at its best. Now all we need are apologies between sisters and threesome make-up sex. <,< *crosses fingers*

    • Well, ummm…. Tuhali, I wouldn’t say that Reiko is as Machiavellian as that, to try and setup an intricate plot to embarrass or humiliate Jazmin on purpose; it simply ended up that way at the end. If you recall, Rei got Chrissy the same job at the store, as well. And the elder sister does know quite a bit of jutsu; she was able to use the Iron Stomach jutsu, while Jazmin fell to the effects of the tomato-vodka sauce in Blitza’s spicy curry. And no, there’s not going to be any kind of erotic threesome with Skye and the sisters. Not gonna happen. Soooo…. thanks for the theory, but it’s mostly smoke and mirrors, friend.


      • Tuhali

        It’s all good. You’re right, Keep the comics coming though. Enjoy ’em a lot. It seems Skye knows almost everyone. Flashbacks in the Future? XD

  • Parry

    Skye’s arm is in Rei’s boobs… >.>
    why’d i just say that???

  • shadebeast

    boy, wouldnt life be good if chesticles could be that large without looking fake or of abnormal size?

  • Tigerlady

    Very interesting. I like this page. Slowly the histories are being revealed for all the characters, and I’m more interested with every tidbit I get. I’m insanely curious about who Rei and Jaz’s sensei was and what exactly he meant to them. I can’t imagine it was simple friendship. It’s nice to see that Skye has a tougher side to him as well, and that Rei means more to him than a pillow buddy. I’m also glad to see more of the relationship between Jaz and Skye as well. It’s sweet how he looks out for her like an older brother. It’s a testament to how long they’ve known each other. Which I’m curious about as well… Rei and Jaz are obviously for a higher class family, so how did they meet Skye? Oh so many questions that I anxiously await answers to.. and that’s not even counting the questions about all the other characters.

    By the way, I really enjoy the line art for this page as well. It’s lighter than the ones before it, which gives the whole thing a softer feel. Very nice for those last couple panels. ^^ So cute. ♥ And yeah…. hand… in boobs… >.> *stares*

  • Guest

    I like that leg shot @ 3rd panel and seeing Sky’s arm between Rei’s chest is also nice. But I’m sensing some angry costomers that they won’t get any “bandage ninja bunny” and the “schoolgirl bunny” soon. O_o Along that their boss is pissed off now… O_O

  • Ravin


    Also, Reiko’s hips. To die for.

  • SilverSheilds

    Skye? Giving advice on moral values? WHAT KIND OF SICK TWISTED WORLD HAVE I WALKED INTO?!?

  • DJ Frost


  • Dragonrazor

    …..I want bunny again….

  • k

    whats whit the terrible english?

    • … and what “terrible english” would that be, ser?

      • FuRrY321

        His own?

  • One Bad Mouse

    So many words @_@

  • Biker530

    Damn, I’ve never seen Skye looked so serious before.

    One more thing: What does Gomennasai mean, anyway?

    • Answer: “I am sorry.”

  • FuRrY321

    Yet another excellent page.
    Heh, I went from Las Lindas straight to here and I was like, “WTH?… oh.”

  • I like how he’s shoving his arm through her tits to hold her chin. So romantic… *sniff* xD