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Rascals Pg 129: My Virgin Ears

Rascals Pg 129: My Virgin Ears published on 49 Comments on Rascals Pg 129: My Virgin Ears
Mastergodai: Whew! I’m Glad this page made it!  Got bit with a nasty 24hr bug earlier this week  anyways looks like Jaz is adapting nicely  Poor Rei We still Love ya ! ^_^ Crimson: It’s trouble on paradise, and Reiko’s about to see the dark side of sales. Especially the rules of marketing… Now, this wolf’s gonna go pass out now. Night. And yes, they’re both white.
  • 😀

  • I think…I just lost a pint and a half of blood out my nose…*pale*

    • Mr. Al

      Shouldn't that blood go somewhere south?

  • Ok im gonna guess they work at a food establishment of some kind, but let me just ask this where is this place and how do i get there?

    and oh dear lord i can see Jazmin’s underwear and if that uniforms from a real school the dress code was made by a bunch of perverts. Seriously.

    • Actually in the town I went to college in, there was a food place where the dress code was school girl uniforms. And the girls got to choose how short their skirts were. Yeah..I ate there several times >.>

      • BlackWind

        Ahh that sounds quite interesting, and is this place still in existence somewhere X3

        • Sadly no, the owner was well known to not pay his taxes and not pay his employees. So the place was shut down..twice. Second time he was caught, on his own security camera, trying to set a fire in the kitchen to collect insurance. It was sad, the food was pretty good and well…school girl uniforms >.>

          • Firestar

            Such a shame.

            If I was the owner. I wouldn’t ruin such a AWESOME THING.

            Once again, the love of money ruins a good thing.

          • Epicool99

            Haha, that reminds me of an episode of that show, “invisible boss” or whatever, where this manager at a hooters made the girls do things before they left work. Stuff like eating a plateful of food with only their mouths, so…. Their…. Junk got in the way. The boss fired him, but it was hilarious to watch!

    • Niloc Auron

      yaknow i am also going to guess this establishemtn is like a Hooters restaurant ^_^

      • Praxus

        Like a Japanese Hooters!

  • DreadWingKnight

    There are a shortlist of jobs where you’re supposed to hit the customer.
    Good thing Jaz is telling herself this isn’t one of them, because this isn’t one of them.

    Hope no one goes lower than the shoulder with her though. That could end badly.

  • BlackWind

    Ok now this place is themed kinda like “Hooters” but with a Less adult theme to it where school teens go hang out to eat and have pics taken with the staff girls, I asume. Buuut 1 thing puzzles me what the heck are those 2 bars being displayed? They look like life meters or are they “popularity” meters.anyways if they are popularity meters then shy n cute Jazmin is winning while bold n sexy Reiko is falling behind. And to tell Rei that in her “Old” age newer and inexperienced is better is a bit of an insult like insinuating
    (Sorry babe you don’t got it no more).when she’s totally gorgeous but more outgoing I guess, but She looks about the same age as her sister unless 1 or 2 years older?

    • 1: They’re sales totals. You know, why Reiko asked Azubah if he was cooking the books. Jazmin raked in more cash than Rei.
      2: Reiko is about two-three years older than Jazmin, but also Azubah means that Jaz is new to the place as well.
      3: And please don’t assume, thanks.


      • Raodrunner

        id have to say i like Jazmin better wayyy cuter!

    • its a sales meter

  • Ya, I can see Jaz being the clear winner. That’s who I would order from 😛

    Not that I wouldn’t order from Rei too, who says I can’t have both? ;3

  • Well, this is somewhat ironic considering the fact that Jazmin (who’s somewhat shy anduncomfortable in her “uniform”) is doing much better (based on what appears to be a popularity/profitable meter) than her older and more experienced sister Reiko. And to be fair, this is somewhat Reiko’s fault for bringing her sister to the joint from the start.

    Also, HA!!! Called it on the last page that this was in fact a fast food restaurant.

    Also, this is somewhat an assumption here, but did we just learn a little bit more about Reiko’s and Azubah’s past relationship?

  • bakaneko

    THEY’RE WHITE!!! That was my exact thought!

  • eloundra

    Good job as usual on the comic Crimson and Godai, and i see rei used the same line on azu as she did on jaz

    • ACTUALLY…. Reiko used the same line on Azubah that Jazmin used on her. Hence the irony. 😀


    • tbird000666


  • flamelordkay

    Don’t panic Jaz! Plan Tsundere seems to be having poor results, but maybe your dear sister will help you out … oh um perhaps not. Ok there is only one thing that can get you out of this now.


  • JustAfan

    Jaz made more sales than Rei?
    Yet another unexpected twist.

  • Tendo

    My my, is Rei actually becoming jealous of Jaz’s sex appeal? 😛

    You would think someone like her would know that the whole innocent and nervous act sells more than the ….. more adult…. act (even though Jasmine isn’t exactly acting), I don’t think it has to do with age.

  • Biker530

    Well well well, looks like Jaz is doin’ better than I expected. *drinks from beer mug* And I just hope she doesn’t beat the livin’ hell outta the other customers.

  • Dusty

    O_O now i am really questioning this business!

  • Guest

    I can sense two things in the near future soon… >_> One is that Rei is going to punch/kick someone that “might” mentioned the word(s): “old”, “grandma”, “dinosaur”, etc… And the otherone is some Feminist Group will get a “word” of this place and see Jaz and go bonkers on this great place… T_T OR it could be that Jaz will probably snap soon and do something else.

  • Chocothunda

    To say I approve of this would be an understatement :3

  • knux

    She should know by now that little sisters get more attention than the older siblings.

    • BlackWind

      That could Be Knux buut as we all know Jazmin isn’t exactly the show girl, she’sputting up with the nonsense as a “Learning” experience
      But now close your eyes and Imagine Chrissy being there working with Jazmin in the same dept and Rei is just kicking back n enjoying the show X3

      • megaman64

        SWEET FLUFFY MERCY that is an awesome mental image you just painted there. 🙂

  • im guessing this is a furry version of hooters?

    • tbird000666

      I think so

  • megaman64

    I am wondering if Reiko is gonna unleash her secret weapon… the vanilla custard mix!!!

  • *whimpers*
    Jaz looking all shy and adorable is just mean of you Godai. My aching libido.

  • Ravin

    IMO the Jello shoulda been puddi.


    Kidding <3

  • AflacMan13


  • tbird000666

    GO JAZ!!!

  • I haven’t read the full comic yet, but I’m loving the style. Hopefully I’ll have more time to check it out later but keep up the great work.

    • Thanks, Jazyl. I’m glad to see a new fan around the comic. I hope you like what’s coming in the future! Toodles.


  • Joe F.

    You’re doing great Jazmin! Keep it up! You can do it! 😀

  • DJ Frost

    See Jaz’s White Panties….. 🙂

    • tbird000666

      I do and I like 😉

  • BlackWind

    I just remembered something since Chrissy is missing will Azubah give her extra work to do for missing out on her shift today?

    • …. and whomever said that this particular day, Chrissy was scheduled for work? Maybe Rei brought Jaz to the store BECAUSE Chrissy had the day off…? 😀 Remember what happens when one assumes too much, BW. Heh.


  • OtakuMan

    Late in my comment, but took me a while to think of a good response. That and last week was a bit rough on me.

    Anyway, it appears that the secret to good sales is to know who can press the right buttons faster.