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Rascals Pg 127: Jazmin on the Job

Rascals Pg 127: Jazmin on the Job published on 54 Comments on Rascals Pg 127: Jazmin on the Job
Mastergodai: Hey everyone As things Hopefully cool down elsewhereย  lets see what the Bunny Siblings are up to Crimson: Well, here’s the scene change that was promised; time to spend some time with the bunny sisters. Yeah, I know you’d want to, as well, so don’t deny it! And look-see; Reiko has even gotten little Jazmin a job at the cosplay store… isn’t that sweet of her?
  • Big Fan ‘o’R

    This is going to end well, for us Anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • JustAfan

    I love Jaz’s shirt!
    I can’t wait to see what her outfit looks like.

    • Spakmane

      Godzilla suit, peekin’ out the mouth

  • BlackWind

    *spies from behind a counter with a scope* hmmm I spy with my lil Eye an important looking folder addressed to Ms Mcloud marked URGENT!!! Right beside Rei’s perked tight looking sleeveless top, I just hope she remembers to put it where she can see it. (Yes I’m not too mesmerized by their tight looking shirts as we get to enjoy that lots)


      “You want to look at the bouncy breasts… That is not the thing you’re looking for… There is nothing hidden to reveal…” ๐Ÿ˜€

      • your jedi mind tricks dont work on me crimson for i am on the dark side

        • Drakara

          These are not the droids your are looking for. Move along, move along.

  • BlueZero1989

    Damn…now i miss Edge .__.”

  • BlackWind

    You mean Edge the wrestler? Pffft that guy has an ego that is larger than he is, and he used to be a cool guy too

    • eloundra

      no, i think its in reference it Edge the ninja from FF4

  • It should be interesting to see what Jaz is forced to wear for the job.

    Also, I wonder if we’ll see more of that urgent folder in the near future.

    • BlackWind

      Thanks Amp for reinforcing the interest in that Folder deemed URGENT for Ms Mcloud and the obvious distraction tactic used by our esteemed author to take attention away from that with a link ๐Ÿ˜›

      • No problem, I guess. I’m curious though as to why Rei would even have a folder on Chrissy.

        • BlackWind

          Maybe she’s being nice enough to pick up her mail for her from the mailbox from the dorm
          As a favor of sorts since they get along nicely, it’s my best guess. Tho I hope she doesn’t misplace it
          Accidentally as it is Deemed URGENT!

  • JFox

    OMG Jazmin’s outfit is awesome thank you for being a fan and supporting him with this. I flipped when i saw it.

  • bakaneko

    I love the way she was talking all prim and proper then went to bite my fluffy tail. And I like tight shorts on hot bunnies.

  • PJacobsen

    I can’t wait to see tho outfit, I have a feeling its going ot be good. Hmm, but biting her fluffy tial be fun!

  • SoniaStrummFan217

    I love that line! Bite my fluffy tail XD! I also like Jazmin’s t-shirt. I remember seeing Chrissy wearing a DX t-shirt in one of the earlier chapters. I guess the artist really is a WWE fan. Rock on^_^!

  • Dragonrazor

    Oooo, cute fluffy busty bunnies….mmmmm

  • Since i doubt shes going to be dressed as a pirate i can’t wait to see her sexy ninja outfit.

  • BlackWind

    Hopefully we’ll get to see what Jazmin is wearing even tho her profession is Ninja her job could be posing as a Pirate or sharing a ninja outfit like Rei does at work

  • Takoshi Wolfite

    “Bite my fluffy tail…” …interesting wonder what she chooses for her outfit. *mind already coming up with a bunch of different ideas*

  • OtakuMan

    Rei must take her matchmaker status quite seriously if she keeps files on all the people she “takes under her wing”. Meanwhile, since when has Princess Ayeka, I mean Jazmin, been such a slacker? I mean sure it’s been hinted at, but she’s been more mooch than ninja bunny lately. (And when did she start taking classes too?)

    Anyway, nice eye candy in today’s comic. And I’m sure we’ll be getting more once we see Jaz in her work outfit next page.

    Although cosplay store? I thought Rei worked at some arcade/cafe thingy?

    • Well, to be perfectly honest, I’ve always thought of it as “the cosplay store”, for obvious reasons, heh. And since her “mission” was to keep tabs on her elder sister, if one would recall, to which the younger bunny ninja decided to start off with going shopping… since Reiko is still attending the college, why not try out a few classes of her own, nes pa? ๐Ÿ˜€ About the noon-wakeup call, well… lots of noise for big bunny ears makes it hard to sleep, dunchanow. About the files idea, well…. you never know what’s known about you, even online, do you really…?

      :sinister grin: Toodles.


      • shadebeast

        ITS A CONSPIRACY! but seriously yeah they got population control and whatnot going on didja know that?

  • Biker530

    I can’t wait to see what Jaz looks like.

    One more thing: I’m not gonna laugh next time, alright? I SWEAR I won’t laugh! *sneaky grin* *wink wink* *nudge nudge* hee-hee!

  • Dusty

    *prepares to laugh hysterically. *

  • Guest

    Can’t wait to see Jaz’s uniform now!! ๐Ÿ˜› Also with that folder for Chrissy of something THAT urgent would be a TF2 Spy of finding out what’s inside. *Goes into Spy mode and steals the folder* >:D

    • BlackWind

      *stabs the ground before you* Hand over that folder while you’re still in 1 piece and breathing that’s private property you’re hoarding there!!! *pitchfork n scicle chain in hand*

      • Guest

        I have a Chinese Stealth Suit so I can quickly and quietly escape!!! >:D MUAHAHAHAHAH!!! *sneaks out with URGENT folder*

  • Jin

    ‘Bout time we see Azubah again.

  • TheBiggestIdiotEver

    Jaz in cosplay?!
    *crosses fingers*
    Please be Psylocke, please be psylocke, please be psylocke, please be psylocke, …..

  • awman

    the anatomy in this turns really awkward sometimes. Its still alright to look at

  • Sandro

    Well while we all think about the cosplay for NEXT week, let us all praise the Booty short for this week! Jazz in Booty shorts…only other thing better is Jazz in a bikini…

  • BlackWind

    The better portrait IMO is Jazmin doing “shakes” in Chrissy’s dept while wearing the snazzy Pirate threads or her Skimpy Inja outfit from the store ๐Ÿ˜€

  • lolfurries

    Jaz is much cuter today. Even more so than Rei

  • Zaffy

    Love that Jaz is wearing a “Thank You Edge” shirt.

  • AflacMan13

    I wanna see her bite her fluffy tail… ultimate bunny girl fight maneuver… TAILSU CHOMPO…

  • *bounces and waits impatiently to see Jazmin*
    Mm, mm, mm . . .

  • This page seems familiar like the URGENT Crissy McCloud folder and Rei holding it, man dejavu

    i Don’t get it man so weird this feeling im certain ive seen this before

    I feel like i know who it’s from too but i can’t place it ahhhh so frustrating

    But i have a strange gut feeling that its from Trevor but im probably wrong

    • BlackWind

      Then again don’t you think it could be from #1 Crissy’s parents #2 a job referral #3 some important documents sent to her
      For X reasons and person Unknown

  • I’d love to bite her fluffy tail!! >=3

  • SOUP

    ^ this u i agree with completely i lov ta nibble that tail ever so slowly

  • Renegade

    i wonder if this could be anything like colledge probably not…. *sigh* just graduated from high school after 8 – 10 hours of video game partying wiht my freinds

    • Renegade

      and this all happended yesterday i slept tell 11 this mornin

  • Raodrunner

    sigh now i want next weeks today!

  • Dragonrazor

    No matter how many times I look at this page, I can’t help but wish for more bunny.

  • Marcus McGram


  • kinomon

    aww, that’s sweet, the bunny sisters are hanging out ๐Ÿ˜€
    hope we get to see what she’e wearing, it sounds really cute
    also, thank you edge!!!!

  • Epicmarshall

    You should get connected with sojo beat and viz media.
    You could make a buck or two. X )

  • Drakara

    These are not the droids your are looking for. Move along, move along.

  • zophah

    Lukas is getting a harem!

  • Lucius Appaloosius

    Have fun storming the island! 7@=E