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Rascals Pg 126: He’s Mine!

Rascals Pg 126: He’s Mine! published on 45 Comments on Rascals Pg 126: He’s Mine!
Mastergodai: I had lots of Fun making this Page thanks to all of you who visited the livestream for the inks and colors and the stand up comedy audio ^_^ Crimson: And I’ve had fun making Chrissy scream…. waitaminut, that came out wrong. Can we try this again? No? Seriously… I think we don’t have to explain what happened after that; surely you guys can come up with plenty of scenarios about the aftermath. Time to switch gears away from the carnage, furs… but I’ll leave that for next week! Toodles
  • Renadt


  • BlackWind

    Superb awesome BRaVO!!! Way to go…. but I believe that Talk will have to happen again at a more calm situation I believe, as that brief barge in was mostly a distraction for Liona, poor Chrissy is right the Top heavy “Goddess” has a bit of attention issues Imo. (Btw Crimson ….you making Chrissy scream hih hih ha ha ha yes uhuh you’d like that dontcha, just as I’d love to be Liona’s personal Butler n then some >:D)

    • Yes, BW… indeed. Hah. Hah.

      However, yes, I enjoyed this page quite a bit. If not for the aforementioned verbal explosion from Chrissy, or even the wonderful shots of Liona in that high-quality fur-dryer, but more so for the final shot of Liona getting verbally smacked across the muzzle. 😀 Yes, I am quite sadistic, tyvm. But this will have consequences later on… but for right now, the page will be exiting, stage right.


      • BlackWind

        Oh c’mon now she didn’t mean to be rude after all the body dryer was on so I believe an apology
        Might be given afterwards, because Chrissy really does not need another person giving her trouble
        Y’know what I mean and they do look like they could be great friends

  • Blaze984

    Ok memo to self don’t piss off Crissy

  • BlackWind

    Well now I wonder if #1 Liona got the message right or #2 Quick heard that staheetement that made him
    Rush over to the bathroom #3 heh heh just how much of Liona did Quick get to see there 😛
    Whee such a fun update indeed

    • 1: I rather think that Liona’s face on that last panel she’s on answers that question.
      2: Chrissy yelling at the top of her lungs with no backdrop white-noise? You betcha.
      3: …. Liona didn’t go “EEEEEEK!!” for no reason, yanno. 😀

  • I approve of this comic :3

  • Biker530

    Quick didn’t deserve to have a towel trown at him. Did he?

    • BlackWind

      Dude after Chrissy broadcasted he is her boyfriend it’s either he GTFO the bathroom or get his eyes scratched 😛

      • Biker530

        Ah, I see what you mean. At least Quick’s not a pervert, or something.

        • BlackWind

          Nope never a pervert but a very misunderstood good guy with a (“golden heart”)

          • Biker530

            Yes, I agree.

  • :shakes head no:

    Poor poor Quick. I feel that this will somehow hurt you in the end.

  • BlackWind

    Either get a lil hurt ooorrr have Chrissy give him a view for his peepers to remember 😀

  • BlackWind

    Ok I think I’ll have to pull out another special fan art to satisfy (my) and the Fans needs 😛
    Here is the previous fan art done by me and Ms Creamy tea for Godai’s belated B-day

  • AlleyWayTC

    Ahh, she looks so lovely when royally pissed off! ^_^

  • Dusty

    Thats an awesome shower i want one…

    • Ah, but Dusty, that is not a shower but a FUR-DRYER (doesn’t know how to use bold on these postings, sorry), something that is similar to a mix between a sauna, and one of those sit-down hair dryers in most salons. Only it’s in a shower-style stall, and usually has the force of a small wind tunnel. VERY expensive, as you might imagine. “For-Ever Dry 2000”, I think, is the brand name. Toodles!

  • jericho0the0reaper

    //taps bubble pipe// Nnmmmm… well, at least Chrissy made it clear before there could be a(nymore?) misunderstanding(s?)… however. I do have to wonder… from the previous page, how does Liona fit into Raven and that guy’s plans… and will this change that?

    … well, yeah, it will, but how much? //tokes// until next time…

  • BlackWind

    Well despite the circumstances I’m very glad that we hear Chrissy speak from her heart and say
    How much Quick means to her and she wishes Liona to back off, buut the deterrent here was
    That body dryer machine that kinda forced the shouted statement.

  • Well he tried, just worst moment possible!
    Go chrissy!!!

  • megaman64

    Liona’s face in panel 4 is hilarious. I wonder what surprised Liona more, Chrissy’s name calling or Chrissy’s boyfriend claim.

    • BlackWind

      perhaps the boyfriend claim cause that name calling was hardly insulting I mean calling someone a Twit it’s like from what era are you from
      these days

  • LolFurries

    top heavy is right

  • Guest

    Well I think I know someway(s) to calm Chrissy down. And no it’s NOT what you guys are thinking!!! >.😀 But anyways I’ll take that Fur-Dry-2000 machine and use it for my…. uhmmm… I think rug or carpet… I think… :

  • Miroku

    Somehow, I expected Liona to react like that. XD

    Liona: *blinks* uh… okay? o_o <(???)


  • shadebeast

    hey quick youre a smart guy. can give us the definition of KNOCKING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • bladra

      quick didnt knock cause he though something bad happened to them and rushed in to check on them

  • eisenkrieg

    someday I’ll learn to NOT sip scotch while visiting. my nasal cavity just cant take it

  • bladra

    akward abit

  • Ravin

    Quick just said Glorp.

    Ten internets my fine Sir Crimson.

  • Regvarde

    hmm… dominance issues much? or is that the right word for it… something about feeling teritorally threatend. Idk, all I know is CAT FIGHT!

    • BlackWind

      sorry Regvarde but there is no Cat fight happening there as they are merely talking tho a misunderstanding due to the Fur Dryer was what caused for chrissy to Shout her statement (and frankly I don’t believe that Chrissy could take on Liona n win)

  • Xscar10

    quick has 2 girls fighting for him, and Liona seems mostly like an innocent tease. He’s a chick magnet. No offence.

  • DreadWingKnight

    The return of the “Pimp Hat” is now officially overdue.

  • Kia Bourne

    Woooowww lol well… Chrissys feelings about this should be heard i guess XD tho.. i was really hoping they could be friends :< theres only one flaw to that.. raven.. and the green haired duded.. but still funny comic ^^

  • Quick u are the man!!

  • OtakuMan

    The dialogue in this page seemed a lot more natural than it has in others. Keep it up! 🙂

  • I love the look on Liona’s face in the 4th panel.

  • EMPing


    Please tell me sexy please…..

    • ….. well, only because you called me sexy! 😀 Probably not until this weekend or next week, sorries, EMP.

      • EMPing

        Thank you

        Chrissy yelling reminds me of Carmelita Fox

  • SOUP

    -.- well i believe that wa the straw that broke the horse’s back and the world comith to a violent horrible some what erotic end…………………….well for quick any way soooooooooooo who else wants to dance on that lucky grave i know do any other takers?

  • well… that could have gone MUCH better