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Rascals Pg 125: such a lovely voice

Rascals Pg 125: such a lovely voice published on 47 Comments on Rascals Pg 125: such a lovely voice
Mastergodai: Feeling much better ^_^ aside from recent Back Pains now we get back to the juicy stuff ! Looks like Chrissy  might have to break the news to Liona lets  hope she does before things gets way out of hand ( heh heh )  , thanks all for the birthday wishes i hope i continue to entertain for many more years to come Crimson: Yeah, I’m recovering as well, on the up and up. Personally, I like singing in the rain… and obviously, so does Liona. Even Chrissy has to admit that Liona’s got some pipes… and other stuff that’s great. Heh. :sneaks a peek!: Anyway, on a more serious note….A recent suggestion has come to our attention, guys. Therefore, from this point onward, both Godai and I are formally inviting our fans to craft and submit fan-filler pages, for selective and occasional use in the Rascals lineup. Basically, when we have a need of it, which will NOT be that often… one filler page will be picked and posted for that week. Now, here’s the details. The filler page has to fit the minimum pixel dimensions of the Rascals page itself; (800 px  wide)  we will not modd images or crop them to fit. Second, all fan-submitted fillers are to be sent to me, Crimson. I will be picking the fillers for storage, as well as which one to use when the need arises. My contact info is on my DA page, which can be linked from my Gravatar here on the posts. If anyone still needs it, just lemme know in a post and I’ll post the exact contact details, no worries. And last… we will not know when the fillers will be used. Do not expect them to come up swiftly, whether you give one or 100 images for use. The more you guys give, the higher possibility of my picking one to use… but that’s the whole nine yards of it. I hope to enjoy going over all of your entries, furs. Toodles!
  • #4 >//> yes please

    Great job on this one. Will be interesting to see where this goes.

  • Erzascarlet

    ooo i can see krissy bout to go off at her soon

  • BlackWind

    ?!?? huh? well now what happend here? did we miss out on something here? how did they get to Liona’s place and agreed to lend her a hand? last we saw there was dischord in the air as 2 girls were in blazing fiery auras and Quick worrying about (i’m soo dead”) thoughts
    and here we have them all kinda getting along together doing her favor of finishing the move,
    also that scumbag Trevor is the schmuck conspiring with Raven to get back at Quick n Chrissy with some dastardly deed to break them up
    then Chrissy is now having curious thoughts about the relationship between Liona n him but keeping herself in check as to get the facts from her (I hope that goes well as they are in the bathroom now) (no indication of anything else there people so get your pervy minds out of the gutter) XD

    • If Liona asked you to help her move into her apartment… would you say no, BW? 😀 She is persuasive kitty when she wants to be, and Raven knows it’s part of her job, right now. And… any thoughts on where Liona’s place might be, hmmm? 😀


      • BlackWind

        if Liona were to ask me to help her Move her stuff into her apartment I’D be in a change of clothes ready to get dirty and spend the day over until it’s done (even without getting paid for it) and I’d probably ask her if it’s ok to order Take out for Break time!!! 😀

      • id ask “wat would i get out of it? “

  • BlackWind

    Crimson the question I got about your statement on the filler page art (will you then be holding it in archive mode in the Gallery section or in your personal folders?) because the gallery/forums has still remained closed and IMO that could be of use for us fans to discuss various topics OFF the comment page just a thought there (does anyone else agree with me there?)

    • Considering that the fillers submitted are going directly to me, personally, on my email address… I will be holding them on my system until posted as necessary. As you said, the forum is down and inactive. Whether that changes in the future is not up to me or Godai.


    • That is in the works, once I stop being lazy (actually get some free time).

  • bakaneko

    chrissy’s problem is that she doesnt know how to talk to people. if she just asked quick what the hell was going on and in front of liona then the issue may be solved and a new friend would be added. she is creating problems for her self in her own mind. as for quick his introductions of people should have included this is chrissy my girlfriend. well this is still going to be interesting. hopefully a nice little fight will in sue and boobage will happen!

    • BlackWind

      whoa whoa hold on there neko the last thing that Chrissy needs is to start a fight with someone as popular and massive as Liona
      I can understand she flew off the handle at Raven but Liona is another story and I know that in that type of situation Quick would step in and hold her off while explaining their friendship (besides she can’t be that insecure to be jealous of her regardless of her looks and occupation)

  • Fi_Thun

    What happened to Liona’s hair? Is it just different lighting? It looks much brighter now.

    • eloundra

      The lighting, and the fact its probably shiny from whatever shampoo she uses

  • And so the plot thickens. We finally see that Ravin (eye on Quick) has in fact been talking to Trevor (eye on Chrissy) and planning on destroying Quick & Chrissy’s relationship. Seriously though, they should get over it and move on.

  • BlackWind

    Amp dude Raven’s not over Quick at all and Trevor is evidently still interested in Chrissy and has some sort of plan to break them up and getting even with Quick

  • stootza

    As the plot thickens, so do those dang soap bubbles…

  • blaze984

    The return of pretty boy green theres gonna be trouble
    I love the scene of Liona in the bath we haven’t seen a scene like that in a while plus shes so adorably innocent i absolutely love that.

    • BlackWind

      heya Blaze did you reply to my message to you in DA?

  • Coon Rac


    Hence why, Quick is really rich… (shot)

  • Kiathewolf

    Oh no :< liona seems really nice to… figures the green haired dude would have somethin to do with this :< … Is ravin stupid? i mean… quick obviously was happy with chrissy .. and now theres gonna be a catfight over him T.T greaaat

    on another note cant wait for the next page

  • MG! I’m glad you’re back…no punn intended. lol
    And it seems that Raven is the unwily henchwoman of a familiar antogonist of Quick

  • I knew there was something peculiar about this!

  • Biker530

    *grabs chain whip* Tell that green-haired sumbitch I’m waitin’!

  • Guest

    Hmmm mystery fellow in 3rd panel looks familar??? I wonder who it could be?? >_> Anyways if there is pizza and beer there I’ll help her move!!! 😀 Still got the tickets to the bomb shelter when the shit hit the fans still!! Or something else might accure soon to “disarm” the “Girly Rage” of two hot ones. Also you’re quite welcome Crimson for the idea of fan-fillers, but I won’t be able to draw them since I don’t have a tablet nor the skills to draw :(… But I hope other fans might and we can see their artwork.

  • shadebeast

    TREVOR?! …….well thats not too far off. i like how you kinda coulda saw this coming and yet no one did :J

  • Ravin

    Childhood friends.

    ysosrsus Chrissy

    • BlackWind

      she’s a lil insecure bout the fact that another girl is soo familiar with Quick and doesn’t know how to properly voice her opinions n feelings

      • Ravin

        She needs a peanutbutthurt and ujelly trollwich.

        That always cheers me up.

        • BlackWind

          I think Raven needs the peanutbutthurt and the ujelly trollwichslap on Rye to set her straight Chrissy serving it to her that is

          • Ravin

            -Rubs his chin-


  • jericho0the0reaper

    //scratches head, sighs, smokes bubble pipe//
    Well, from what I can see and what I’ve seen before in this… Trevor and Raven’s “plan” will not go as they expected, I can see at LEAST that much in the future. Also, for some reason I am now imagining Liona as… well, no, Raven’s already got that covered (and our implication for this comment is underway!), and besides, she’s a reasonably well-known singer, considering that Chrissy, Sky and Reiko don’t seem to know her.
    //takes another hit from bubble pipe// Hmmm… Liona either lives on campus (doubtful) or unexpectedly nearby Quick, Chrissy, Sky and Reiko’s place, so expect recurring visits. The issue of their relationship and what Liona wants it to be now will not be solved so quickly (A PUN! HOW ORIGINAL) aaand… I do believe Trevor will eventually be trolled. Although it will be due to him pulling the first punch.

    How’s my aim so far?

  • JustAfan

    I looks like the creep is back. Something tells me these two are scheming to break Chrissy & Quick up and pick up the pieces.
    On another note, I’m glad that Godai and Crimson are both doing better.

    • Thanks, Justafan. Appreciate the good vibrations. On a side note, has anyone decided to take us both up on our offer for fan-filler submissions? Go ahead and send it to me at

  • bladra

    this will definitly wont end well

  • Miroku

    I can’t imagine Liona being too upset that Quick is taken; someone has to balance out Raven.

    Hope you get into their backstory soon, ’cause it kinda feels like it’s being dragged out. :

  • Kif

    I may not be the first to say this — and I’m not wading through the wall of comments to check — but Chrissy’s head looks kinda…… weird in the last panel.

  • Frozenwolf

    I’m going to laugh my ass off if Quick and Liona are related and everyone’s just misunderstanding

  • Miguel

    i am certainly happy you are all better i love your comic all the way and your a great artist but the rate im going i wont be doing any any time soon

  • SOUP

    yaaaaaawn ~.~ sips morning oj hmmmmmmm read *spit phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttt* O.O oh dear god she didnt just say that please say i read wrong please………………….oh crap get ur umbrellas and hoodies it gonna be raining quick bits really soon

  • KorovaMilkBar

    Singing in the rain eh? Could she possibly be expecting a bit of the old “In and Out” from Quick.

    • BlackWind

      Dude with Chrissy there Quick wouldn’t dare try any funny stuff with Liona no matter how friendly they are
      She’s like paranoid as it is. Her being a babe and a star she’s really concerned about Liona stealing Quick away
      From her, she really loves Quick that she’s not willing to give him up!!!

      • KorovaMilkBar

        So we fear a bit of the old “ultraviolence”

  • Tobias

    Bath tyme fun with Liona! YAY! X3

  • Renegade

    do my eyes decieve me or is this a cameo/crossover from Emergency Exit?? (third panel)

    • MasterGodai

      nope but i did a search for Emergency Exit comic looks pretty interesting which i could read from the start but it looks like its resetting

  • am i scensing a greys anatomy crossover thing?