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  • Hey, guys. Right now, both Godai and I are fending off some nasty bug that’s kept us under the weather most of the week. The comic will continue next week as scheduled, but for right now, we’re heading off to bed. Sorry, everyone. Maybe next 13th, we’ll have something special up for everyone to enjoy. For the moment, however, we’re both off to DreamLand. See you around the posts.


    • OtakuMan

      Yikes! This seems to be the same epidemic that’s going around and preventing Peaches and Cream from updating. Get well soon you two!

    • Sorry your sick I sincerly hope you get better. By the Way, I’m a huge fan and I think this comic is one, no the best thing I’ve ever read. Keep up the great work. Also I’ve been curious to where you got the insperation for this comic. Any way can’t wait for the next page. Later.

    • One Bad Mouse

      Hope you two can make it outta bed for next week. We’re rooting for ya 🙂

  • skiped college today an stayed up till 5am just for this comic but nu luck..oh well thats life cool bunnys

    • BlackWind

      Uh mild news for you Ashura so you won’ lose sleep the comic apparently is updated close to 9am “eastern” time which translates to 11-12 noon (comic time) cause I got 9:35am and my posts say 1:23pm

    • While I appreciate your fervent fandom, Ashura, we post each page on Fridays at 7:00A EST. I am terribly sorry if this was never mentioned beforehand, and being a fellow college student… I hope you don’t lose any grades over this. Thanks again.


      • id do the same thing but i have no life jk or am i

    • Kia Bourne

      lol niiice ash and yes the bunnys are nice

  • Blaze984

    Get well soon.

  • Erzascarlet

    sexy bunny ninjas will suffice as an offering to tide us over.

  • Ravin


    • Coon Rac

      I can fap faster than you! …. wait is that something to be proud of? Oh well..

      • Ravin

        Oh NO you didn’t.

        • love you ravin x3

          • Ravin

            I love you too… person on the internet I have no idea is.

            Wanna have a one night stand?

          • How bout a street race!!!

  • OtakuMan

    You know, Jazmin does have more accentuated hips now that I gaze at this pin-up in greater detail. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Meanwhile, I guess since this is an off day, I may as well let the folks here know, if they don’t know already, that a new comic will be premiering here on Petite Symphony written by me and drawn by a very talented young lady!

    Stay Tuned for Year of the Cow!

    [/shameless promotion]

    • Kitz Revol

      definitely looking forward to that

  • BlackWind

    So the dreaded combo of seasonal allergies sickness and Friday 13 did you Both in eh? Well nothing to worry about
    We have the best witch doctors money can buy (humala humala humala HA!!!)
    Yes the bunny sisters will have to do for now (swishes tail)

  • Eloundra

    Is it just me, or does Reiko look like shes groping her own chest?

    • BlackWind

      Naw she’s not groping her own boob that’s just a natural resting place for a hand when posing it’s perfectly normal
      Not unless she’s trying to tease someone that might be staring in which she knows how to put on a spectacle X3

  • BlackWind

    On a 2nd note this “pin up” appeared to be part of something else as if you stare at the left side panel above Jazmin there’s a small
    Part or piece of hair “portruding” (poking) out indicating there was someone else in this picture that appears to be left out
    (Dun dun duuunn)

    • ……. :sighs and coughs:

      BlackWind, no need to read much into this. Both Godai and I are ill. He has been for the past few days. This was posted in apology, because both of us are loyal to our readers, our fans, and our schedule. Nothing ominous, no hidden agenda. This one time, it’s only a filler pin-up, because we are physically ill right now. That is all there is. Thank you.


  • BlackWind

    Hey hey I’m not being insensitive here I know that you 2 aren’t machines (yet XD) and I know that
    There’s no “hidden” agendas here (that we know of >:) ) but you should already know I share the concern
    For your well being our devoted production staff, if I could I would’ve tried my hand at a filler page with the help of the great Otakuman guru to us all 😀 but I’m not a comic illustrator (yet) and I too am feeling the pollen fever that’s going on

    • :nod: Thank you for the concern, BlackWind. Chalk that up to the irritable nature of illness. Now, back to our regularly-scheduled posting…

      • BlackWind

        Y’know what expect a message someoes’time this weekend in your Deviant page
        And then we’ll talk “tomatoes” :p

  • Dragonrazor

    What would it cost me to get a bigger, less cramped version of this? *stares* And the real thing too?


      That should tell you everything, Razor. Thanks for being interested… though, I don’t know when more slots will open up, especially with the both of us under the weather.


      • Dragonrazor

        Hmm. I’ll keep an eye out for more sexy images then.

  • shadowsol

    hope you feel better

  • Chocothunda

    I approve of this filler!

    On a related note, get well soon, sir!

  • AlleyWayTC

    *Whistles at the bunnies*

    And hope ya’ll get better.

  • Hope you two get better soon. I know it’s a pain to get sick, especially when there is work that needs completing.

  • Biker530

    I’m sorry you guys don’t feel good.

  • bakaneko

    I am sick too hopefully we all get better soon.

  • Tigerlady

    Sucks to hear you guys are sick. I hope you get well soon! I’m just glad that you guys put the effort in to provide us with something to stare at til next week. Lotsa rest and fluids! and maybe some benedryl…

  • Kid_K

    Get Better! Prayers sent your way. 🙂

    and Yay Bunnies! 😀

  • BlackWind

    Daww would you be so kind to help me recover, I hear tigresses make great nurses 😀

  • Techno Delta

    sorry to hear that, get well soon.

  • Antrxx

    hope it’s not to bad get well soon

  • shadebeast


    • Oh, trust me, shade… you have no idea how valid that statement is. 😀 However, rest assured, we’ll be back on track next week.

  • looking as good as usual!

  • Sorry your sick I sincerly hope you get better. By the Way, I’m a huge fan and I think this comic is one, no the best thing I’ve ever read. Keep up the great work. Also I’ve been curious to where you got the insperation for this comic. Any way can’t wait for the next page

    • Welcome, stranger! 😀 Thanks for the accolade; we both work hard to make the best comic that we can. I can’t speak much for my partner, Godai, on the original inspirations, but we both take a nod or two from anime or mangas that we’ve had experiences with, in cming up with arcs for Rascals. Sometimes, though, the characters themselves come up with an item or two, or we just do what would feel natural in that situation… but I’m rambling now. Thanks again for being a fan. Be sure to come back next week!


  • Get better Crimson and Master Godai because I too am sick and my graduation ceremony is tomarrow ugh.

    • eloundra

      That sucks to be sick on a big day. BTW, nice keith pic, <3 Twokinds

      • thanks i love twokinds it made me love reading

  • LolFurries

    And people wonder why yiff exists 😀 lol Good pic
    Well, anyways, get well soon 🙁

  • AbyssKing

    HOT BUNNIES!!!!!!!

  • Yoshi-Fue

    I just came gallons… D:

    Get well soon! 😛

  • Guest

    You could probably ask those two ninja bunny babes of your to “cure” you two.. 😉 Just think bout it…. Well maybe on both sides of the field, you know… “O_O” *Imagines Reiko and Jasmine in nurses outfits with evil grins…* *shudders* DX

  • genesis9352

    I’m Commander Shepard and I approve of this filler

  • Zero39493

    umm….there any possible way you can show them naked??

  • Miroku

    Hoping you’re feeling better now, Godai. Everyone at the KB wishes you a happy birthday!

  • Great comic. I am adding it to my collection of comics I read daily. Can’t wait till the next update. Oh and I am going to watch you on DA MasterGodai.

  • shadebeast

    ok reality check here: i dont want to sound inconsiderate, im sure youre both sick cuz theres definitely a bug going around but i cant stop wondering how you could post a filler but not a continued page? dont get me wrong, we’re probably overdue for a fan filler page but is there some kind of extra process to posting a webcomic rather than your average log on and hardrive browsing for said page?

    • Yes, there are, shadebeast. They are DRAWING and TEXTING said webcomic page. We do not often have a backlog of pages, since we both have careers, I have classes and Godai has a family. So, weekly, we’re drawing, inking, coloring, texting and editing a page per week. While a filler can be swiftly reworked from many pieces of earlier fluff that Godai and I come up with, doodles and sketches, or cull from larger pieces, where there is a LOT LESS WORK to make use of them. Personally, I don’t like using fillers at all… but this time was a rare and painful exception. So, there is your reality check: making a webcomic is hard work. We simply love to do it for all of our fans, including you, shadebeast. Expect a complete page at our usual posting time on Friday. Thank you. 😀


      • Guest

        If you like you guys could ask us fans to be making some guest strips for you or some fillers like you guys do so you could rest up a bit or if you’re late with a webpage strip. Just an idea.

      • shadebeast

        ah, thank you. i plan on making mah own webcomic someday if not turning my own little ideas into a kids show or something so i take that as a lesson learned. what the future may hold….*stares into space*

  • Drakara

    Haven’t seen the ninja suits in a while. Jasmine’s eyes are a beautiful blue.