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Rascals Pg 124: im so dead

Rascals Pg 124: im so dead published on 91 Comments on Rascals Pg 124: im so dead
Mastergodai : ahh Quick you lucky Bastard!  for one to be lulled by song while nestled in the gracious bosom of Liona … your such a lucky cretin a cretin i say!! Crimson: Quick… you inglorious bastard. Nuts are about to roast over a roaring fire, my fluffy friend. Yours. This, our furry fans, is the reason why you do NOT let yourself get pounced next to your girlfriend and the other girl fighting over you…. waitaminut! When does THAT ever happen IRL…?!
  • blaze984

    I love the first panel

  • this is a spectical

  • Mr Hunk

    Ah man poor Quick hope he survives this new quarter! Third panel is just priceless!!:D

  • jericho0the0reaper

    Oh it happens more often than you’d think… o_O

    Besides that… ummm, yeah Quick. You’re screwed. I know you hear that way too much, but you’re screwed. Liona isn’t making things any better… as what could’ve turned into a cat/mouse fight turned into “The Squirrel will BURN” So, it’s actually been a few years since they’ve seen each other, eh…? I’m seriously way too interested in just what happened back then…


    • BlackWind

      Ahh but wait a moment ye off poor faith. Quick has not done a thing for him to be burned alive at
      The stake sure Raven n Chrissy are still feuding buut Chrissy should not jump the gun so quickly as
      They are just friends not boyfriend n girlfriend reconciled if Chrissy is going to have a solid relationship
      With Quick she’s going to have to trust her man as past experiences have shown the complications
      And circumstances happening around them

      • jericho0the0reaper

        Hay! I’ve got faith! But I’ve seen this happen way too often (yes, three times is “too often”)… For one thing, to Chrissy and Raven, Liona is intruding on “claimed territory” and said scratching post is, instead of immediately explaining, saying “Oh, hi! Long time no see! Why are you here?”

        From the looks on their faces for the last two pages, they had/have no idea why Liona is glomping Quick, and things go from there.

        Honestly though… I see five different ways he can get out of burning at the stake. TO BE TESTED.

        • BlackWind

          remember the #1 fact HE’S Done Nothing at all so can’t be Lynched if you didn’t do anything, tho he did get glomped and Kissed on the cheek that still doesn’t mean he’s responsible for that situation so he’s in the clear of any action, now the outcome from such actions will be on Liona in which he may have to explain the situation before it gets out of hand, it’s what I believe

  • RaymanX11

    3rd Panel is (to me) the best, but why is Chrissy waging her tail ?

    • BlackWind

      That’s an easy one Quick is her boyfriend and well she’s antsy at seeing him close to another
      Gal without knowing their relationships (a tad on the jealous side I say)

    • tony1695

      When a cat is angry, they ‘wag’ their tail. And Chrissy is a cat, so…

  • for some reason my own crazy mind is thinking quick is rich an that his family own a well known music company that got liona her break at the big time..had to get that off my chest even tho im totally wrong lol

    • Kia bourne

      that probably happened ^^ tho like.. she obviously dated him to ^^;;; i think quick is a dead man… poor guy

  • blaze984

    Oh man quick your in so deep

  • Slipdance

    Oh, Quick… Quick, Quick, Quick…. You do NOT introduce your girlfriend as just “one of my roommates”, especially not while you’re face-deep in cleavage and she’s staring daggers at you. We’ll get the couch ready for you, man.

  • Well, this has turned out to be an interesting page.

    First off the bat. Geez…no offense Raven, but you should just get over Quick already. I mean, face it…you lost. I hate to say it like that, but it’s true. He doesn’t want you. Just let him be happy with Chrissy and move on already.

    Poor Quick…I can already tell that this will not bold well for him. Personally, I really don’t think that he’ll be able to easily talk himself out of this one. But it now begs the question as to what the relationship is between him and Liona. If I had to wager a guess, I would either say they were childhood friends or a former couple. Either way, he is $%^*.

    Finally, onto Liona. Is she that oblivious to the fact that Raven wants nothing to do with her and the frustration radiating from the two women or is she really that gleeful?

    • BlackWind

      Amp buddy *pats your shoulder* you don’t know the 1/2 of it, Liona is a Newcomer and obviously
      Has never been in situations with people being frustrated at her for no reason Liona is a sweetheart
      But her naivettte is just part of her innocent charm, but other than that she has absolutely no clue
      As to what is going on because she doesn’t know the situation between Raven Chrissy and Quick
      She’s just happy to see an old friend from a long time ago (not her previous boyfriend) that I’m certain of

  • JustAfan

    Quick is DMW(Dead Man Walking) ’cause both Chrissy and Raven are furious, yet Leona is clueless.
    Quick is the luckiest guy I know…It just keeps going back and forth between good and bad.

    • DreadWingKnight

      Quick is not only a DMW, but he knows it.

      Poor guy.

  • tbird000666

    SHE HAS A CAMARO CONVERTIBLE!!!!! who was the one who had that idea?

    • tbird000666

      oopp quick is a goner he introduced chrissy as his roommate instead of his girlfriend

  • Coon Rac

    I know it’s just motion blur but it looks like Chrissy turned into a Nekomata! (A cat with 2 tails)

    • BlackWind

      Nope not 2 tails just swinging it as being antsy while “restraining” herself

  • BlackWind

    Oh Crimson you inglorous bum how dare you plot like that and make light of the situation why……. wait this is all fictional
    This couldn’t have possibly happend to anyone IRL could it?
    Ohh ho ho ho suddenly Quick remembers Liona and tries to play off a running defense move
    Buut asking Liona where she’s gonna be staying at was a backfiring comment because now
    She innocently asked if they could lend her a hand moving in. Next its either the fated 4 together in her
    Scarlet convertible Viper or is it a Mustang?

    • tbird000666


  • bakaneko

    No need to get mad at quick! He is just a victim of circumstance!

  • BlackWind

    THANK YOU Bakaneko My thoughts EXACTLY!!! But he knows its not looking good for him now

  • WebcomicSurfer

    Quick…you idiot…
    Still…interesting he’s been involved with felines, isn’t it?


    I think everyone should see this. Thank you.


    • shadebeast

      thats pretty sweet man. any sweeter and id have diabetus right bout now, mm-hmm. yesiree-bop.

  • The last panel has an eerie feeling of “Friday” about to start blasting over the speakers.

    • BlackWind

      Lloyd if you think this is something wait til you see next week’s update (look at your calendar you’ll know what I mean)

      • Ice-Fire

        Freaky friday the 13th? Yeah quick is screwed.

  • Fe_Dun

    I’m conflicted as to whether Quick is lucky, or not. I mean, he’s gonna be slaughtered, but he’s also being chased by three attractive woman.

  • BlackWind

    BTW here is my Tribute to that gorgeous Ocelot girl with the cute charm and happy personality
    I hope you all like and enjoy

  • 404dude

    Quick, you are so lucky yet so dead.

  • OtakuMan

    Wait… how’d she know that she was in the same class as Quick unless she knew:

    A) That he was attending school there already
    B) She knew what classes he had registered for already.

    Still, Quick does realize how dead he is now, but what’s Liona and Quick’s relationship? Ex-boyfried/girlfried? Childhood friends that grew up together in the same town? Online penpals?

    As for Chrissy and Raven, cue the NBA Jam Announcer:

    “SHE’S ON FIRE!”

    • Well, one of those questions, I can answer for you all. As with my school, once you register a class, students can access a class list of who is attending that class, online via the student login. So, while Liona may not have known that Quick was RIGHT THERE at the campus, yes, the curvaceous bubbly ocelot knew that Quick was in one of her classes. The other stuff, well… 😀 I can’t say anything about, right now.


  • Ohh Quick… Bad idea to call Chrissy a roommate and forgetting to claim she’s also your girlfriend! I worry about how this will end D-: *Looks at both Raven und Chrissy in worry*

    • Well… to recorrect myself they are roommates but I believe he forgot to call her his girlfriend o.o;…

      • BlackWind

        but the thing is they may be boyfriend n girlfriend but kinda not completely official of sorts I dunno it’s a grey area on that subject for now I guess

  • Dusty

    D’: poor quick, one dramatic turn after another, soon or later, he’ll wind up face down in a ditch with a party hat on D:

  • Guest

    I’ve still got that bomb shelter for anyone that might want to take cover when shit hits the fan, esp with 2 HOT girls xD. Tickets are on sell for $1.00 ea. it’s going to be a good show when 3 girls fighting while Quick is wearing an anti-girl-reflection-suit that protects from scratches, kicks, punches, bites and etc that “might*” hurt Quick (*NOTE: Insulting someone is still gonna hurt, the suit won’t protect that one. >_>) Let the bitch fight begin!!!! >:D

  • knux

    Two girls pissed off at one guy. This spells trouble for Quick, hilarity for those watching, and where the hell is that hat?! XD

  • Xscar10

    Jealousy does not become them. I think Quick is either very luck, or very unlucky.

  • Biker530

    I just hope Quick doesn’t get his ass handed to him… AGAIN!!!

    Besides, he didn’t do anything wrong, did he?

    • BlackWind

      he hasn’t buut unfortunately the voice of reason doesn’t come out until he’s agitated and if you’ve been with us for a while you know what Quick looks like when he’s Teed off

  • Chest-NUTS roasting over a Christmas fire warm enough to burn the warmest hearts to cinders… from across the globe. Thats how how its gonna be

  • It’s like one dramatic misunderstanding after another. Don’t push it or it’ll become boring and repetitive.

    • Have no fear. We’re coming upon the trifecta; normalcy should soon return to the dorm… and to their lives as well. And Quick shall not always have a target on his tail, either.

  • lunis

    uh oh.. this is like the start of a Ranma 1/2 episode…. >.> I approve

  • FlashTide

    Quick can go ahead and kiss his balls goodbye XD

  • AintTellin

    Quick, one word, RUN

  • KorovaMilkBar

    Just gonna walk right into this one ain’tcha.

  • Ravin

    It looks like hes suffocating in panel one.

    epic. XD

  • Daw she is so cutely oblivious

  • bladra

    man quick is so in trouble im betting he will be either bruised or emotionaly hurt

  • Chocothunda

    To say “Quick is about to die.” is an understatement XD

  • Ice-Fire

    Hm, is it just me or does Leona and Quick have the same caramel eye color? Are they in some screwed up way related to one another?

  • ion62

    Well it looks like Quick’s going to have a ride in an extra car. I’m sure he’ll have a HELL of a ride.

  • TheZombieThatIsSchnell


  • silkywolfess

    So, Quick and Chrissy aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend? That’s odd >_> And if they are, then why’d he introduce her as just a classmate?!

    • BlackWind

      it was a brief goof up on his part as he’s already nervous with all the sudden attention he’s getting

  • Drew Rhine


    And I thoughht Brianna of Fred Perry’s Gold Digger was fast

    • BlackWind

      speaking of which she hasn’t made an appearance in a while in GD but she and Liona don’t seem alike at all

  • Gehenna

    Hahah.. it is funny how instead of bickering among themselves they are not asking for explanations on why Liona is so affectionate with Quick. Quick m’boy!! enjoy it while you can!! at least you’ll take some happy memories to Heaven when you die!!! 🙂

    • Renegade

      which could be soon at this rate dontch’ya think?

      • Oh, VERY soon, you guys… but rivalry always trumps jealousy. Until they have a common enemy… 😀

        • Renegade

          was that….. foreshadowing??? ugh my brain aint workin right.. been awaaakee forr 37-37 .5 hrs i think cant remember ive been up so long me think worst case of insomnia is it? yet.. im gon back to bed hopein for sleep

  • Marcus McGram

    Qick Has His hands Full…..

  • genesis9352

    He is a dead squirrel walking

  • FlashTide

    Someone guess were he’s gonna get hit first!!!

    • tbird000666

      the gut

  • Tendo

    Remember what Rei said earlier about Quick needing a pimp hat? 😛

    • Ah, yes.The infamous ‘pimp hat’… It may show up, it may not. It might also burn into ashes. One can never know, can they…? 😀

  • Chaos

    Hahaha. It is rare but it does happen IRL….then there is always hell to pay! =D

  • SOUP

    soooooooooooooooooo who gonna organize this i’ll dig the grave we need a head stone on a casket

    • tbird000666

      i got the casket

  • tbird000666

    Bow Chicka Wow Wow

  • genesis9352

    he just backed himself into a corner and he has nothing to defand himself with

  • Raodrunner

    I lone that “I’m so dead” poor guy has ether had one to many breaks or just cant catch one.

  • bladra

    i will still go with quick gets either a black eye or gets bruised as my bet of what will happen to him when those girls get their hands on him

  • Mobiuszero

    his a dead man(quick)

  • Twokinder

    You are correct Quick. You are SO dead.

  • frogace55

    Soooo that's why they call him quick.

  • alpha-three-six

    Is that camaro a Z28 or an SS?

    • JayPattyson

      Too bad this page was written before the ZL1 was released.

  • jacobc62

    Dat Camaro……

  • Joya

    Freaking Liona! XD I love how Raven stood her ground though, she was just like, “You need to calm that down girl”

  • Glenn Sellers

    Crimson: Quick… you inglorious bastard. Nuts are
    about to roast over a roaring fire, my fluffy friend. Yours. This, our
    furry fans, is the reason why you do NOT let yourself get pounced next to your girlfriend and the other girl fighting over you…. waitaminut! When does THAT ever happen IRL…?!

    What are you talking about? It happens to me all the time. Yeahright.