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Rascals Pg 123: she’s a handful

Rascals Pg 123: she’s a handful published on 110 Comments on Rascals Pg 123: she’s a handful
Mastergodai: We finally have Contact how will Quick handle this scenario ? I really Love how this page came out it was a great day I had plenty of sleep and i had lots of awesome 80’s music on hand 😛 Crimson: And we finally have a clue on why Liona has signed up to attend F.D.C. Not to mention one mousie and one civet swaying in the wind… Don’t you just LOVE chibi?
  • Hyvariw

    Great situation for chibi

  • stootza

    Ooh, I like this plot thickening!

  • Big Fan ‘o’R

    Lol, wow, And sweet

    Thats all I can say 🙂

    • Blacksnow

      ……..ok, first off: fluffy nutter? that sounds like one of the cutest and dirtiest words ive heard. Second, chibis kick ass no question. and third,…….what the hell?

      • Heiss

        I Know! Here I was thinking that Raven was talking with her to make a plan to make it seem as if Quick Cheated on Chrissy AND her, but their BOTH shocked by the development. Which can mean one of two things. 1. They both didn’t know a thing about this possibility. or 2. Raven’s putting on an act, which, at the moment, seems a bit impossible.

        In any case, Liona got some explaining to do and she best do it in under 20 seconds, or their going to be jumping sharks. Sharks, AKA Chrissy and Raven.

  • Blaze984

    Oh my how sweet but i did kinda see something like this coming

  • Giggitygooer

    Holy glorp

  • JustAfan

    Yet another unexpected twist…bummer.

    • tbird000666

      ROAD ROVERS!!!

  • WelchCat

    Reminds me of an event i had a few years back.

  • DreadWingKnight

    Is this a partial callback to one of the REAL old comics?
    One where Quick hinted at his true financial status?

  • DreadWingKnight

    And yes, Chibi ftw!

    • Chibi ALWAYS wins, DWK. 😀

  • bladra

    dam quick is a lucky basterd maybe we should ask him for tips of how we can get 3 girls to like us alot

  • HA!!! Deep down inside I knew something like this would eventually happen.

    But I’m curious to know how Quick and Liona know one another. If I had to guess, it probably has something to do with Quick’s mentioned financial status back in the beach arc.

    And you actually have to wonder if Skye isn’t jealous now, considering Quick has 3…yes 3….women chasing him now. It should be interesting to see how all this pans out now.

    Also, Skye…please don’t suggest a four way.

  • BlackWind

    Oy oy nanda nanda naaaaandaaaa!!! what the heck just happend there?!?? L..Liona knows Quick???? and she’s all lovey dovey all over him with (ohh my fluffy Nutter how I’ve missed you my Honey Roasted Peanut?!?? let me give you some sugar!!!!) I call REALITY CHECK!!!

  • flamelordkay

    Gotta love Crissy’s eye twitch and the chibi shock. I have a feeling Liona will be completely oblivious to any drama this creates for quite some time.

  • Tigerlady

    That’s hilarious! I’m very curious about how she knows Quick, and I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough, but I agree with others, it must have something to do with why he’s loaded with cash. I love Chrissy and Raven’s reactions, it’s just perfect. And no, no you certainly can not go wrong with chibis! ♥

    • Now, my dear lady… whomever said that Quick has any kind of financial advantage? 😀 I don’t remember saying any such thing at all… But Liona’s history will eventually come to light. Eventually. 😀

      • Tigerlady

        Oh of course not, nothing was ever said. But there were strong implications. A seriously expensive dinner at a very swanky restaurant, a limo ride with an excellent choice of champagne, I’m sure. Not to mention how he was able to afford to pay for everyone’s weekend stay at the beach. As far as I’m concerned he is (or his parents are) rolling in it. Either that he knows people and gets favors.

        • BlackWind

          speaking of which my dear cute gal you do bring up a neat point (will Quick’s parents or guardians ever show up sometime)
          Quick could be loaded but no hard proof/evidence behind it buuut someone holds the mystery behind that tale

          • Someone DOES hold the mystery, BW. Me and Godai. About Quick’s parents, well… you never know, right? 😀

      • BlackWind

        you teaser This isn’t over! X3

  • Z

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game 😛

  • WebcomicSurfer

    Looks like Raven’t plan has backfired, hasn’t it?

    • BlackWind

      and what makes you think this is part of Raven’s Plans if at all She’s just as surprised as Chrissy to see this happen, and out of the blue no less

  • Coon Rac

    I noticed Quick’s message. “What the glorp?” and not “Who the glorp-” Obviously he’s not looking at Liona’s face, but somewhere else.

    • I dunno, Coon. If someone tackled me, my first reaction would indeed be “WTH?!” Then I would wonder who… but Quick got that answered, didn’t he? 😀

    • BlackWind

      yes I noticed too he’s staring at her large Boob squishing onto him (she does have an ample bosom tho XD)

  • zarleck


  • Fi_Thun

    Nothing can ever be simple. Now we have another girl in the picture. D:

    • Niloc Auron

      and it is a tall, curvy pop star Crissy doesnt look happy and raven is just as shocked

  • RiddleMeThis

    Prediction: Teenage love swing between Quick and Liona (maybe the two were part of some no-name band that helped boost Liona into stardom later?) that ended on a mutual basis.

  • why must it be fridays T.T this comic is like pawsome

  • Sparkmane

    wait- she’s a civet? I thought she was a cat

  • Sandr

    Something….has gone terribly wrong with the plan there, Raven…lol

  • Dusty

    This is why Quick needs a team of ninjas looking out for him, he’s such a cutie that girls cant keep away <:

  • Ravin

    WTF @ Quick saying he got draw well.

    Godai, you got some split personality issues. Lulz

  • Gmanultra17ofdoom

    Wow “My fluffy nutter”…..what did he do to this poor girl…..and how many times did he do it to her hehe. I sense a team up of Kitty and Mousy power in the near future….this will get VERY interesting and funny.

  • Again? (headpalm) Ugh. I already don’t like where this is going.

  • Dragonrazor

    *laughing* So let’s see what we got. Raven asked for Leona’s help in breaking Quick and Chrissy up. Not realizing that she used to be his little fluffy piece of tail. Mmmm, fluffy piece of tail…er, where was I?

  • BlueZero1989

    Damn….Three Girls at the same time?? ><'''

  • OtakuMan

    *Last Panel Sound Effect*



  • bakaneko

    one of two things can be said about this… 1) The trap is set! 2) you da man quick! have an orgy now!

  • Hooloovoo

    Quick is so lucky, he lives in a harem comic!

  • Biker530


    BTW, those chibis are just so damn cute… and funny!

  • Renegade

    oh dear, Quick prepare for combat….. or maybe a cat fight….

  • I know which one out of the three I would choose :3~

    Love rectangle go…. :3

  • Kiathewolf

    I got a reaaaaallly bad feelin about this:(

  • jericho0the0reaper

    (_( Hmmm… as probably the only person who would willingly try to think of this, you know, “maybe they’re related…”

    … NAHHH. But then… eh? Nah, that wouldn’t happen… )_) or WOULD it??? that would be so evil… I like it.
    Seergram for Quick: You’re screwed.

  • T-rev

    They shall kill him… they shall kill him dead…

  • Raven088

    Holy crap! He just got plowed down by the milk lady…

  • ion62

    According to plot lines, there are three explanations. 1. Childhood friend 2. Family friend or 3. (Which I’m gonna throw my lot in) Relative.

    • BlackWind

      Childhood friends is a possibility but maybe unlikely family friend is yet another good possibility but a relative is completely out of the question as they look nothing alike, but hot damn the fact she knows him is mindblowing and the idea of her having been Quick’s Girlfriendat some point in time and him letting her go is beyond train of thought as hot as she looks (awaits for swimsuit pin up of Liona in next Bios page >XD)

  • Silkywolfess

    She looks nothing like a civet, her ears are WAY too pointed, and don’t they have spots and stripes down the tail? >_< And I read the Quick's a squirrel?! I think we need a reference sheet of who is what animal because I'm confused…but good comic, look forward to seeing what happens next!

    • While I can understand where you’re coming from, Silky, there are no pink rabbits, and Skye has always been a tiger. :shrug: Art isn’t an exact science when it comes to things like appearance for a character. More information will be forthcoming, rest assured… In the meantime, please, enjoy the comic!

  • Sabourok

    There is only one solution to a third girl coming into the picture……………………… A four way.

    All those in favor, say aye

  • Ryan

    Ohh! Quick’s in a real pickle now!!! How’s this gonna end?

  • BlackWind

    As I said before Quick knowing Liona must be out of something in his past found only in GOYOKU which should be due soon
    Now as for the reaction of Chrissy n Raven well them both being speechless is from the moments shock
    To such a blunt display of Kissing Quick on his cheek at least, but the one who
    Should be most concerned is Chrissy as she is now His Girlfriend!!!

    • Renegade

      what is this GOYOKU that keeps being mentioned?

      • Something waiting in the future. Which has NOTHING to do with this page, whatsoever. But you will probably like it, anyway. 🙂

        • Renegade

          ok thanks

          • Renegade

            forgot to say this.. but from what was being said about it it sounded like GOYOKU was something that had allready been done/publishd

            Note: would have edited my post but sadly that doesnt seem to be possible

  • pieman252


  • shadebeast


  • Zero

    Oh course he would know her *evil laughter at his poor soul for the shit coming for him*

  • Aingeal

    god dammit! this comic is so good i’m hooked, and i’m not even a comic fan. the art work and storyline are both amazing, cant wait till the next one!

    • Well, thank you very much! 😀 We do try. Welcome to the fold.

  • Gehenna

    Bwahahahahaha!!! oh man.. two things are going to happen, 1.-Jealous hissy fit from Raven and Chrissy who will obviously want an explanation, and 2.- the rest of the boys (raving fans of Liona) who already pummeled Raving to a bloody paste will be wanting some answers from Quick. Damn, i love this comic 🙂

    • BlackWind

      The funny thing is Quick doesn’t look like player ladies man like Ravin is so its doubtful he’d get jumped by her fans for that, after all she tackle glomped him and kissed his cheek so he’s. “The victim” there and as the mediator that he is he’ll talk his way out of the problem like he’s known for so much X3

  • Bo


  • Miroku

    … OKAAAAAAAAAAAY… did NOT see that coming. O_O

    BTW, what exactly is a “civet”? o_O;

  • KorovaMilkBar

    The Plot moistens

  • AintTellin

    oh shiet, i half expected her knowing him, but not KISSIN HIM!!!!!

  • Dude wtf just happened!!!

  • Guest

    *loling so hard can’t breathe* This is funny!! XDDD “Fluffy Nutter” and “Honey-Roasted Peanut” it’s too much!!!! This is going to be good!!! A love triangle against these 3 girls would be awesome!!! I wonder what happen between Quick and Liona way back when??? @_@ Also having a *WTF face* @ panels 3 and 4 is going to be some explaining to do…. >_> Now let me go grab some beer a nice comfy chair and some popcorn and having a little Jerry Springer montage happening!!! 😀

  • Firestar

    What heck happen here?

  • Xscar10

    I did NOT see that coming, why did I NOT see that coming?!

  • jacruz666

    poor quick

  • Oh Hael is about to be paid in full… probably upside Liona’s head. Then sometime later Ravin comes in and fans go coo-coo

  • Oh Hael is about to be paid in full… probably upside Liona’s head. Then sometime later Ravin comes in and fans go coo-coo. I also have the feeling that an explanation isnt coming soon. (how is this being copied I havent even looked at the comments yet???)

  • gundamrx79

    quick = pimp insert pimp hat

  • 404dude

    Okay, have to get this joke outta the way before it kills me with internal laughter:
    Run for the hills Quick! Oh… wait… your already there.

  • Wolfe

    Oh this should lead to one of the grandest explanations ever…

  • OMFG! Chibi Chrissy! 😀 SO CUTE!

  • Btw… why hasn’t he gotten a pimp hat and cane yet?

    • Biker530

      Because last time he used the pimp hat, he got sent to the hospital by Jaz.

  • Chocothunda

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh crap.

    On the plus side, CHIBI CHRISSY AND RAVEN!

    But if Quick wasn’t in hot water before, he is now…more like hot lava (that sounds a lil redundant).

  • BlackWind

    But can’t you guys see he’s the victim here, as where would he have the time to go n play with some hot pop star in the time he’s been in school all this time, only Goyoku can shed light upon this tale big time (rather than her past revealed in the comic)

  • Ghost

    wow….AWSOME COMIC MAN!!!!!! keep up the good work. i like this stuff man….really good art work, good story line

  • Stranger

    “A Winrar is you.”? You can even tell by looking at the books that Quick is holding.

    • :looks up at the page…. checks the original file… does a Bill Engvall impression: …..what?? Bwah?

      Where EXACTLY is “a winrar is you”, my friend? Because I fail to find it, anywhere. However, good to see you commenting, though. Kudos. :thumbs-up:

  • Blackwolf359

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAH!!!! I can not seem to think of anything else to say to this…

  • TheZombieThatIsSchnell

    Thing were now moved TO DA FRIJJIN’ EDGE!

  • GrilledCheetos

    I Think we need to get Quick a pimp outfit next christmas. >u>

    • he already has the hat XD as long as he doesnt pat Jaz on the butt again I think he might live!

  • Renadt

    Called it! Well, kinda.

  • Shadow

    I’m really starting to dislike Quick and all the female attention he’s getting. One at a time man!

  • JoeFury


  • Bo

    Why Did She Kiss Him…

  • Saint

    Things are getting interesting.

  • snoninja

    It will be interesting to see what we can learn about Quick from this newcomer. I think Quick is a much bigger VIP than he is letting on (and is it just a coincidence that he has a pair of ninjas as roomies…).

  • Marcus McGram

    She Is A Hard One To Let Go…!

  • Greytail

    You know, Chrissy really needs to take Jazmin’s advice from the beach, stick a leash and collar on the boy already! It’ll give you permission to his “MINE!” at anyone who so much as glances at him. ;3

  • knux

    he still has that hat, right? XD

  • Heartless Lynx

    ahhh, such a pimp daddyo

  • man quick moves so fast with the ladies, he doesn’t even know whats hapening.

  • Marcus McGram


  • SoniaStrummFan217

    Well. I don’t think THAT was part of Raven’s plan XD.

  • quick you lucky s.o.b.