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Rascals Pg 122: registration

Rascals Pg 122: registration published on 73 Comments on Rascals Pg 122: registration
Mastergodai: New Semester ,New Classes , New students , New Hilarity  ^_^ Crimson: Welcome the class roster for Rascals! Yep, we’re gonna have some school-centric pages every now and again, because well… let’s face it, they’re IN college! And yes, those are all ACTUAL classes, guys… but try guessing the majors that they’re all in. Double Dog Dare ya!
  • i miss quick :'<

    • ?? What’s to miss? Quick is right there, top-left! Squirrel’s not going anywhere at all. He’s gotta sleep sometime, you know?

      • bakaneko

        I am sure that chrissy isn’t letting get much of that.

    • Blacksnow

      oh no, quick shares a class with a certain someone. maybe im just paranoid, but considering what happened so far, i think shit will hit the fan again pretty soon

  • DreadWingKnight

    And Ravin shows the results of his flirting attempt.

  • BlackWind

    Omg Ravin looks Fugly for his class Portrait but it’s really refreshing to see and know what the cast specializes in, very informative indeed

    • Ahhh…. but do you KNOW what the majors are for our collegiate cast, hm? 😀 Hence the challenge.

      • BlackWind

        sadly no the only Majors I see there as a guess is Quick’s English composition 3 Skye Grecian Wrestling Reiko Public Speaking Jazmin Advanced Phys Ed Chrissy Digital manipulation Ravin Auto Cad Zoe Fashion Sketching (Richboy green) Classroom auditing Raven Number Theory (cookie monster) Artisan Production Liona World Music 1 are all my guesses

        • Bizkit

          Those aren’t majors, those are classes. Given the classes that they are taking, Crimson challenges us to guess what their majors are. This isn’t multiple choice.

  • BlackWind

    eheh soo on 2nd note it appears Reiko is 1st in Bust size followed by Zoe then Jazmin then Chrissy and lastly Raven (can’t tell Liona’s bust size cause her pressing her arm into them XD) other than that spectacular Roster

  • Fi_Thun

    The only same classes Liona has with any of them is Ancient World History with Quick. I wonder how this is gonna go?

    • AintTellin

      my guess? badly

  • BlackWind

    I just noticed that too which leads to early speculation of world history class “Tutorage” if she needs to catch up with the class curriculum (current class studies) but nothing too personal since they don’t know each other

  • Jimbo895

    Only major that I can call out would be Raven’s. He’s either going for Construction Management or following my path into Architecture

  • Wait hold on. She went to college without knowing which courses to take? That’s poor planning on her part, but at least we finally have some evidence to support the fact that Liona is already in the music profession.

    Hm…I’m somewhat shock with the career paths that some of these characters are taken. (I didn’t see Reiko’s choices coming at all).

    • Eloundra

      I was kinda shocked too about the business law thing, but not that shocked about the wrestling. And for majors, i am guessing Chrissy is an art major, and thats because of the drawing class and digital art class

  • Blaze984

    Man i love Ravin in this page lol

    • Ravin

      Me too Lulz

  • Steel

    I’ll take your challenge on!

    Quick: Math & statistics major
    Chrissy: Digital Art major
    Skye : Physical ed. major
    Reiko : Lawyer
    Jaz : general courses, because those advance courses are easy for her ninja skills
    Ravin : Architecture major
    Zoey : Fashion Major (whatever the tech. term is)
    Azubah : Political Science
    Raven : Computer engineer / programmer
    ‘rice boy’ a.k.a. Arzo : Nutritionist
    Liona : Theater major

    BTW, Thanks for putting this up, great reminder of who’s who here xP

  • lorddaius

    Let me take a stab at this. I would say Quick is majoring in Statistical analysis. Chrissy is game design, Skye is business management, Rei is business law, Jasmine is Nursing, Ravin is going to be an architect, Zoe is Fashion Merchandising/Design, Fashionable green is going to be a teacher, Raven is computer programing, Blue Bomber is undeclared, and Liona is Performing Arts.

  • Tigerlady

    First off I have to say I laughed my ass off when I saw Ravin.

    Secondly majors… hmmm…. I don’t know specifics, but I can guess generally for most of them I think.
    Quick: Something to do with math, but I’m not sure what (I didn’t even know they had a history of math…)
    Chrissy: Possibly something along the lines of marketing with a focus on creating the images for business logos, or advertisements, or something.
    Skye: Trainer in wrestling?
    Reiko: …lawyer? Why else would she take business law..
    Jazmin: Dancer/ Dance Choreography?
    Ravin: I don’t know what most of his classes are, I have no idea. Something with computers..
    Zoe: Fashion Designer
    Green-haired dude whos name I forget: Anthropological study of other cultures? or something that focuses on looking at the… effectiveness of teaching in other cultures…?
    Raven: Not really sure… again something to do with computers, but I’m not sure what Number Theory is…
    Cookie Monster: Food! Nutritionist? Chef?

    • Hinalover

      Ravin is into 3D graphics design
      Raven is into Computer Science/computer programming (C+ is a computer programming language)
      Numbers Theory is a higher Mathamatics class which fits in line with Computer Science (which does require a LOT of math in it’s curriculum)

      • Hinalover

        Crap I’m wrong about Ravin, he is into Architecure (Blueprint design is what I overlooked)

    • Biker530

      Those are some pretty good guesses.

      One more thing: If my memmory serves me right, then I think that green-haired fox’s name is Trevor.

      • You are correct, sir! :wishes there was a good YT link for that:

    • Ravin

      Technical Drawing, or AutoCAD is known as “Computer Aided Drafting.” Where you make blueprints. For example, your home, desk, or various other things. Blueprint Reading is as it states, learning how to read blueprints. CAD Drafting I is the basics Top, left and fron’t views of an object. 3D Drawing is drawing objects on an X,Y,Z Axis and technical writing is just a fancy way of saying “Technical communication”

      To put this all together. Its Engineering/Architect.

      • BlackWind

        Well I put you as auto cad for the other Reason being a casanova/skirtchaser with the Ladies XD (just poking fun at you man)

        • Ravin

          Thats what Ravin is here for, to be poked fun at. :3 Its all good man. Its the internet, I take everything said and done on it like a grain of sand

          • BlackWind

            very true but I still like to draw the line as I do not wish to offend anyone by mistake or anything, as I do like to respect my fellow comment fans of the comic

      • Tigerlady

        Thanks for clarifying that for me! It makes sense now that I know what they are. ^^

        • Ravin

          To help people visually understand, here was a random thing I attempted to draw from scratch for a friends tavern waaaay back in high school like… six years ago.

          Of course, This is HORRIBLE done. there isn’t any proper lines done, spaces in the walls for electrical, and the coloring is done incorrectly. Its just to help people SEE what AutoCAD is.

  • lol ravin

  • Ice-Fire

    Oof poor Ravin, that mob sure did do a number on him :/

  • Oh look, they both have Ancient World History. Let the shenanigans begin.

    Poor guy looks like a mummy 😛 It’s hilarious….

  • thegreatpl

    Minor nitpick: in real life, there is no c+ language. There is the C language (obsolete and no one uses it), the C++ language, and the C# (sharp) language. The ++ refers to certain syntax in the code, which is used for incrementing by one.

  • Boygenius32

    What kind of programming language is C+?
    I think you mean either C++ or C#.

    • :points upward to previous two comments: Yeah, guys, you got me. Minor snafu on my part. I do know that there is no such thing as C+… but I was working on these profiles kinda-late at night, and that one slipped through the editorial fingers. Did mean “C++ Programming” for that class, not C-sharp. Sorry bout that, my bad.


  • CuriousKitty22

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the only class she shares with anyone is “Ancient World History” — a class shared with Quick.

    So, of course, another belladonna is being added into the mix. Wonder what Raven will think when she finds out? XD

    Of course, I could be wrong…

  • Ravin

    On a personal note, is Ravin missing an ear? XD

    • DreadWingKnight

      Probably tied down with bandages.

      • Ravin

        Yeah, that’s what Godai just told me. I was barley eating my bowl of cereal and spit it out when I saw this. Pretty good stuff.

        On another note… The room Raven is mentioning. Are they all in a dorm or an apartment complex? How does the housing situation play out?

        • when i was in college my first place of residence was in a hotel dormatory then they moved us to luxury apartments it was awesome

    • Coon Rac

      That totally reminds me of the phrase ” Am I missing an eyebrow?”

  • BlackWind

    Ohh so you Relate from personal experience? Wow talk about adding to the realism of the story, that is outstanding reference material good stuff

    • Also, BM, I’m currently attending culinary school in a student housing facility. Yes, it is good reference material…

      • BlackWind

        uhh please forgive me Crimson but my Reply was to Godai to his statement, not to you at the time as I replied to your “Challenge” message with my Guesses and you didn’t see it at the time

  • bakaneko

    Who’s that bandaged mess that looks like he was hit by a truck? Oh wait… ravin… is that you? Tell me something does this hurt? *poke* muhahahhahhahahaha

  • shadebeast

    so pop star hand-betwixt-chesticles-girl has got the same class as quick huh? then theres questioning the dorms….ive got such a foreshadowing based headache right now.. >.<

  • Collective Major: It Is Our Life, Deal With It. Individually…ya got me.

    I see Graphic Design, Interior Design, Accounting, IT, some kind of Biology and Psychics, Construction, Musical Arts. maybe Lawyer(not sure the tech term), Writer(don’t know this one either), 2 Psychics really, and Fashion.(..i need a book >_>)

  • Zero

    Bitchnuggets anyone else see the matching ancient world histories? Looks like Quicks drama from before shall be nothing compared to whats coming O_O

  • OtakuMan

    *Dragnet theme cues up*

    The story you have read is true.

    The names have not been changed to implicate the guilty.

    On April 22nd, 2011, student class registration closed at Fawnavere District College. In a moment, the results of those registrations:

    Quick Bourne registered for classes focusing on math, probability, and statistics. His “History of Mathematics” registration further cemented his status as Grade A Nerd.

    Chrissy McCloud registered for graphic design courses as well as “Basics of Communication” in an attempt to learn the true origin of the word “BitchNuggets”.

    Skye Roarx enrolled in a business course, an Intro to Psych course, and Grecian Wrestling. He was heavily disappointed when he found out that the class did not include mixed-gender wrestling.

    Reiko Usagi also enrolled in Grecian Wrestling. She was just fine with the lack of mixed-gender wrestling.

    Jazmin Usagi enrolled in “Principles of Biology” and “Anatomy” courses as well as “Advanced Physical Education”. When asked, she explained that she is determined to find out just what part of a man’s body is called the “Wing-Dang-Doodle”.

    Ravin had enrolled in Technical Writing and Drafting I, but was held back due to severe injuries induced by a lynch mob that included breaking his hands in 53 different places. Witnesses at the scene claimed that Ravin “tripped”.

    Zoey enrolled in numerous fashion design courses, and is still on the lookout for her missing nose.

    Trevor Rivera enrolled in “Peoples of the World”, “Classroom Auditing”, and “Fashion Sense For The Smug Bastard 101”

    Raven Fields enrolled in C++ Programming, Number Theory, and “Analyzing the 4th Wall: Little Yellow Boxes”.

    Arzo had registered for European Tortes, Artisan Production, and Nutrition, but was unable to attend his classes after being sentenced to 6 months in jail once he was finally caught by the fashion police.

    Liona McGraw enrolled in World Music I and Western Culture. She was disappointed by the lack of cowboys in the latter. Furthermore, she nearly failed her first classes during her college stay due to tardiness getting to class caused by mobs of fans.

    OtakuMan was arraigned in high court for espionage, unethical behavior, and conspiracy to blackmail after being caught gathering information on student class enrollments through illegal means. He has since been sentenced to watch Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video on loop for 24 hours straight. He went into a coma 45 minutes after his sentence began. He has yet to awaken.

    *Cue rest of Dragnet theme*

    • Tigerlady

      You, sir, are hilarious.

    • bakaneko

      Nice. Be sure to do a law and order one in the future.

    • shadebeast

      i actually went and played the dragnet theme while reading this. somewhere in the epic-winiverse theres a galaxy entitled to you. i salute your creativity.

  • KorovaMilkBar

    Hey Maxim, I got some premium ass shots I wanna sell you.

  • Zergalisk

    Dam skye looks badass. Ravin is in pain. And that guy is still wearing the suit eh? Also whats up with Jaz’s hair? Is she just nervous?

  • im guessing quick is going to be a math major for teaching? or somthing wih computers

  • *taps her lips*
    Only a couple of them are hard to guess, Quick being one, Skye the other.

  • Guest

    Feel sorry for Ravin, should’ve taken up a medical field class just incase of mad mob fanboys of cute celebs in near future of course. >_> Also my classes would be as following: History of Mathmatics(Math nerd here xD), Intro and Advance of Sciene and Biology(Mad Scientist in near future >:D), Intro and Advance Chemical Science(Pyro FTW >:D), History and Art of Geology(Sneaky, sneaky Sniper *shhhh* ;D), I guess Intro to Cad and AutoCad 3d(Bunkers, bunkers everywhere!!! >:D), Intro and Advance History of War(Hey, someone’s gotta be a General in the near future of an Army soon >_>), Intro and Advance of Gunsmithing and Balistics(Don’t ask, bout that…. >_>), I think that should cover everything to get my degree of WMD and any other things…. 😀

  • Poor, poor Ravin. Unlucky sucker aint he? 😀

  • Ragnarok

    Hey, looks like Mr. Bandages up there is going to be an engineer as well! xD high five!

  • Peruru

    Hint/Note: No one up there shares the same course name except for two people……

  • Raven088

    DAT A$$!

  • Bo

    Her UnderWhere….

  • SOUP

    me: master i sense a disturbance in the force
    yoda: hmmm much concern this be
    me: i think quick is gonna have more women problem in the near future
    yoda: …………………you know given his track record he’s either a G OR SCREWED
    me: l:O
    yoda:yea son quick is the OG son
    me: l:O

    • bakaneko

      When did yoda become a thug? And I think he would still talk like h normally would if he was. YODA: OG he is yes.

  • Manwhat

    So are we going to see any Grecian wrestling?

  • Bo


  • Bo

    What ManWhat Said There….

  • Psych

    Not sure why people say Ravin’s into Architecture/Construction, that’s not what I would say. Technical writing is usually associated with explaining the finer points of a mechanism’s motions. I’d say he’s more looking into Engineering as a whole rather than the specific place of Architecture. Otherwise, he’d be taking a Structural Materials class.

  • Lucius Appaloosius

    “Paging Dr. Wagnerian…. Paging Dr. Wagnerian…” 7@=Q