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  • Mr Hunk

    Quick you are now complete!!! Million Kudos for ya!

    • Niloc Auron

      lol, she is playing with his ear

    • Blacksnow

      i feel kinda stupid, didnt know that was skye at first.

      • Niloc Auron

        dont be it took me a while before i found out that he was a squiral

        • Niloc Auron

          aw crap i thought you were talking about quick (smash head into wall, pass out and reborn)

    • Mr. Al

      wow when she first appeared I though jaz actually had some shame, but it seems these sisters aren't afraid to go to any depth. I can understand why other ninjas seem to hate them. Good look? heck yes, just make sure they got some morality, brains, self-contron and shame beneath it too :S

  • hello liona

  • so…we’ve finally reached the 3rd Arc. “Impressive, most impressive.”

  • *smiles happily*
    I am glad those two finally got that out of their system.

    • jericho0the0reap

      more like into *wink wink*

  • BlackWind

    well this is refreshing a “normal” page not an april fools like I suspected
    ok onto the splendid story, so looks like Quick n Chrissy had a good night’s sleep (besides some “hanky panky” X3) nice teaser of lil Chrissy topless but in Rei’s type panties?!? o_0;; ok and Quick is thinking on Waffles? alrighty then
    now then Rei has stylist skills that she turned Skye into (male version of Tiggs) wow some fantastic looking makeover indeed (hope it also perks up his personality some too) Jazmin doesn’t seem too disappointed with his change in look.
    onto Raven in her teaser open bathrobe look is not too shabby looking at all, buut now we know it was her doing the phone call last page, annnnd now onto our newcomer a Busty sporty looking Leopardess or Cheetah? living large and driving a smooth looking convertible, me thinks she may be (A) new student (B) new teacher (C) a fresh newcomer sooo take your pick people and let the fun new arc begin ๐Ÿ˜€

  • BlackWind

    oh I just noticed I believe that Chrissy is awake there and teasing Quick’s ear just have to look thru her hair that’s an open eye there ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Blaze984

    Wait is that, yes its, well girl ive been waiting to see you in this comic for a while now, and as they say good things come to those who wait.

    Well little ocelot cant wait to see more.

    • BlackWind

      that’s an Ocelot?!? hmm the markings remind me of the other 2 species I mentioned, but anyways she looks spectacular and carefree a fun loving type of gal (IMO that is)

  • …. would you believe we actually had something planned for April Fool’s? However, sometimes, that’s just not how life works out… and it’s mostly my fault. Sorry, guys. My bad. ๐Ÿ™ Next year, we’re gonna have something awesomesauce, I promise you all that.

    Anyway, onto better news. Yup, things are definitely setting up for changes and new stuff in the lives of our fluffy band, including Skye having a whole new look and this new character thrown into the mix. Looks like someone’s world has been rocked, and someone else’s world is gonna be rocked soon… What’s in the future?? Only the kage know.


    • BlackWind

      aww too bad to hear that I guess the timing was a bit off then no worries there’s always next time ๐Ÿ™‚

  • DreadWingKnight


    I’d say that Chrissy and Quick are going to have more fun times.

    • BlackWind

      Well DWK I might be jumping the gun here but I wouldn’t put it past them going out for Breakfast someplace with their friends (being teased like always)and to their surprise Bumping into the New comer arriving on campus or maybe meeting their “neighbohrs” Ravin & Zoe also on their way out, heh so many possibilities to come (and not enough to speculate X3)

  • L337-||3k0

    Wow he didn’t look half bad

  • Blaze984

    Lovin skys new upgraded tiger look, looks kinda like my first character same hair, stripes (ha freaky)

    Me: oh well lookin good
    Skye: Feelin good

  • Z

    Mmm, waffles indeed/

  • OtakuMan

    Skye finally looks more like he did back when the comic started! Which is good since he was gradually slipping further away from looking like a tiger and more like “Generic cat thingy”. Especially with the hair that was the same color as his fur, missing stripes, etc.

    Of this change: I approve.

    As for Chrissy and Quick:


    That is all.

    As for the last two panels: Does Raven known the Cheetah girl? Is that who she’s talking to? What’s the cheetah girl’s story? What kind of car is she driving? And Cheetahs? Why does it always have to be cheetahs? You ever hear a cheetah talk?




    • BlackWind

      Well Otakuman from the looks of it she might be an “Ocelot” type girl rather than a Cheetah buut we’ll find out soon,
      On the other hand I don’t think Raven is talking to her as she does not appear to be driving and talking (not even with an ear piece) this girl in the sports car appears to be a fresh newcomer of sorts from my point of view, and she appears to be a carefree fun gal of sorts (I just got this feeling about her :3)

      • Yes, she is an ocelot. That is all. For now.


  • Finally! <3 Quick looks so cute when he's sleeping. Also Skye's new look is awesome.

  • TheBiggestIdiotEver

    Well the nerd finally got the girl of his dreams! Comic over, everyone go home. GG everyone, GG!

  • MMM…waffles do sound good right about now. Guess I should go make some.

  • OOoooOOo, a cheetah girl? Hell yesh. Can’t wait to meet her. :3 and Skye….Skye………..i got nothing.

  • TheZombieThatIsSchnell

    Alright, I FINALLY beat Crysis, now what did I…oh Hewl yeah…

  • Tigerlady

    Love this page. It’s got so much going on with it. Love Skye’s new look. He’s so much more defined now. Not as… yellow. Raven has me very curious. She’s apparently done crazy things before, and she has someone checking her schedule? She has a schedule? What background does she come from? And I don’t know this Ocelot, but she seems like she’ll be… fun.

    And I agree. Waffles. <3

  • Chocothunda

    *stands up and salutes*

    Job well done Quick :3

  • Biker530

    Lookin’ good Skye!

    Also, I can’t wait to meet this new character.

    One more thing, *ahem*… *kicks in to heavy metal mode* GUEEEEEEESS WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE

    • Tigerlady

      I love you for saying that! Just saying.

      • Biker530

        No problem.

    • L337-||3k0

      I’m gonna role around on the flore fur a little bit kay

  • ooooo its getting interesting

  • Bo

    Wow It’s Tony The Tiger..! Right There.

  • I want waffles!


    Cheetah girl has joined the party!

  • WAFFLES!!!! And aww they look so happy and cyute all tickling his ear =3 and dang Skye looks different! Lets hope you-know-who cheetah girl doesnt choose to go after him!

  • bakaneko

    A lot just happened on the page. But I like.

    • bakaneko

      Wait… that isn’t what I normally say… ahem… WAIT…that’s it? Did they do it? Did he stick in?! Pics or it didn’t happen! That is more like me… mmmm waffles

  • Renadt

    About mutha-fucking time!

  • shadebeast

    ah yes, quicks little soldier made it to the new home front, skye gets a muy bueno makeover and raven seems to be cooking up something mysterious……..where the hell is this going? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ravin

    It’s okay guys, shes a Professional. Obviously.

  • Guest

    Waffles do sound good, but I had French Toast this morning… ๐Ÿ™‚ They are still good though. I wonder what kind of waffles Quick is thinking of? Now I’m just starting to wonder what will happen next with this “friend” of Raven will do to Chrissy? And having Skye having a “makeover” is quite awesome atleast, could’ve been worse instead of a Tiger style you know. ;D

  • FoxM2

    Epicness :3 can hardly wait for whats up next

  • Zergalisk

    God speed Quick you magnificent bastard. Also cant wait to see who mystery woman is

  • You’re teasing us >:( Just make some yiff already lol ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Renadt

    Aboot frickin time. Glad to see that those two lovebirds finally got together, but either that was the girl Raven was supposed to meet, or perhaps an old flame from Quick’s past (or perhaps Rei’s). Oh, well. Heavy times are upon us.

  • Mobiuszero

    I got a bad feeling about the last panel