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Rascals Pg 116:..that night…

Rascals Pg 116:..that night… published on 81 Comments on Rascals Pg 116:..that night…
Mastergodai: Yes!! finally we getting to the good stuff  ^_^ Crimson: Yes, we finally get there. We both know that you guys have been chomping at the bit to see this night, this most-mysterious of evenings… so it’s coming up next week! And I’m pretty sure that you won’t expect how everything works out for Chrissy and Quick, but everything WILL make sense when we’re done! And then… time will pass into the future, and more storylines for Rascals! Toodles!
  • Obvious

    Cue the flashback!

  • Erzascarlet

    quick kissed her abit then she fell asleep so he left her there, she slept in a weird position. there it is all explain and now krissy will bone quick later tonight :3

    • bakaneko

      or right there in the limo!!

      • Nice try, guys…. but nowhere close.

        • Niloc Auron

          so did they preform the bed sheet tango or did Quick become noble and want to let her dance from the heart and not the Booze?

          • bakaneko

            nah…just to ensure the deed will be done he will lie.

  • Erzascarlet

    also nekkid krissy WOOT!

    • omo the ktty

      lolz i wish it were more pure on the next page tho “sigh” lolz

  • Psycho Cat Boy

    THANK YOU! Its been driving me insane. . .

  • bakaneko

    quick: well… I put it in your pooper!

    • :facepalm: oy.

      • bakaneko

        you expect anything less from a guy that picked the name baka neko which is japanese for stupid cat?

    • shadebeast

      haha damn that would kill the mood XD

  • Fi_Thun

    Finally! Quick, lock to car doors! No more distractions!

    • JustAfan

      I totally agree. I don’t think she will get in until he tells her though.

  • Blaze984

    i like the look of crissy in the last panel

  • well now this will be somewhat awkward but Quick will let her know as gently and decently possible as it is crucial for him to let her know exactly what happend in order for them to proceed forward in their blossoming relationship
    also yes liking that look of Chrissy asleep and her shy look in panel 2

  • Proforce

    From the way Quick’s talking, he probably was going to “seal the deal’ so to speak, but was so worn out from resisting Raven and excited about Chrissy’s drunken confession (the alcohol speaks the truth and all) that he lost it before he could even get inside her, if not get his pants off. Hence the “embarrassment” he refers to. Will be even worse if drunken Chrissy poked a little fun at him because of it before falling asleep.

    • TorTheDumb

      Would sound plausible if things had progressed a bit differently. however, while quick, as a guy with hormones, might go for it, considering that they’ve been ignoring the subject for two years, most likely would want her to be able to remember it. Also, as a guy that lives with the playboy bunny, her sister, and her boyfriend, quick has to know not to take advantage of somebody he likes while they’re drunk. On that, if something like that did happen, one would think Quick would have said “Oh, so you don’t remember? That’s good.” sometime between ‘explaining’ and ‘escape conflict’, or at least avoided Christy for a while.

      Also, he doesn’t say who it was embarassing for, him or her.

  • JustAfan

    *gets on knees and begs*

  • Sabourok

    And here we have more hinting at how much money quick has. First the tickets, then the sweet motorcycle ride, then the nudge-nudge with skye, then the resturaunt, now a limo. Why not come out with a big sign that reads “QUICK IS LOADED”? lol

    • BlackWind

      Hold on there a second that doesn’t imply being Rich as “Anyone” can get a limo ride its like a Taxi an exclusive one at that buut his 2nd comment of getting a bottle of “Crystal Louis” for the ride kinda pushes things so yeah, and it seemed that he was trying too hard to avoid answering her question of sorts imo

      • Now, guys, what’s the problem with getting a bottle of champagne for a rare ride in a limo on a fancy date with a girl you like? 😀

        • BlackWind

          Very simple my dear Watson the girl has little tolerancy for Liquor therefore could have made her relaxed fall asleep and carry her home thus prolonging the issue, tho it’s not in his best interests to do so.

  • BlackWind

    Instead of a limo ride I believe a walk would be best, open air gets you more relaxed than a closed in place that way talking to her can go with ease,
    (but who am I to mess with the writers vision/perspective)

  • FINALLY! No cockblocking robots developed in secret government labs keeping them apart. And someone should really see if anyone has a cord before we continue with the win-fest. Skye especially, red mankini with pink fuzzy handcuffs just outside the door at the worst minute.

  • jericho0the0reap

    first of all, embarassing for who, him or her? and in what way? ? >_>
    also, like Sabourok said, just what is being hinted at here? -.-
    of course, we’re not complaining (are we?) that we’re getting teh flashback… we finally get to see what happened after 10 pages of foreshadowing!! The booth is open again, taking all last-minute bets. First prize gets a Christy plushie, second prize gets a suspicious pizza box, and third gets… bragging rights.


  • AlleyWay

    I’ve got two images in my head on what happened. First, his will to resist finally broke and Chrissy fell asleep at that moment. Second, he tried to escape and Chrissy started to give chase, fell, and hit her head which knocked her out for the rest of the night… And I really miss those extra updates now!

  • Matt the Paladin

    She went into his room, she was wanting it, he was refusing, she was getting aggressive, somehow she fell off the bed onto her ass, he felt bad and laid her on the bed, she fells asleep, THE END.

  • SoniaStrummFan217

    Wow. Dinner AND a limo? Way to pull out all the stops Quick! Still, this conversation is either going to go very smoothly or it’s going to go very very bad…

  • LudoLoco

    My guess is he left her there, maybe fought the temptation a bit, but found he couldn’t take advantage of her. Guessing he slept on the couch or went to his room. I’m getting the feeling Krissy will feel uncomfortable/awkward and say “I’m not ready for this yet,” thus setting the suspense/drama further into the comic’s lifespan 😛

  • OtakuMan


    The Quivering Questions of Chrissy will finally be answered by Quick’s Quirky Q&A!

    Did Quick violate Chrissy like 4Kids with anime?
    Did Quick treat Chrissy with respect and kindness like Funimation with anime?

    What did Chrissy do? Did she try to tempt Quick with her feminine charms? Or did she konk out shortly after inviting Quick to her loving arms?

    Find out next time! Same Rascals time! Same Rascals channel!

    • You should have had the Dragon Ball Z narrator part at the end of the episodes. 🙂

    • shadebeast

      somethin tells me you hate 4kids. maybe quick violated AND showed respect to chrissy like cartoonnetwork does to anime. i explain how cn is an example by saying they have/used to have shows like afro samurai, dbz (every series), and fullmetal alchemist. now they have these gay-ass dueling shows that dont have shit on pokemon or yu-gi-oh. they friggin bug me BUUUUT thats just my opinion.

  • NinjaWolf

    if sleeping in weird position wasnt it then there are a few others i can think of a few obviously a few dirty ones as well but she aint that kinda girl im guessing quick wrestled her/pinned her untill she fell asleep put then put her on the bed and slept on the floor. another is chrissy slept on the floor most people who sleep on the floor wake up with back problems.

  • Lil’fan

    Wow, so the next few strips will be a mix of flashback and fan-service? No one would do that better than Crimson and Mastergodai 😉

    • :slow bow: Thank you very much. You are not so little a fan, and it is appreciated. 😀

  • Wolfenheart

    I SPOT AN ERROR in Quick’s clothing. Last page had the design on the front of Quick’s shirt, now its on his shoulders and nothing is on the front. Sorry i do some drawing in my off time and just happen to notice it. I love this comic though ever since i ran across it and overall the artwork is top notch in my book.

  • Wolfenheart

    Ok, i just went back and looked again at the other pages and its just the last page that has the design on the front of the shirt instead of the shoulders. So which is it? Front or shoulders? Either way its cool, and wish i had a shirt like Quick.

  • Biker530

    I would like to declare this area to be a “no cockblock zone”. Failure to comply WILL result in immediate severe punishment.

    Any objetions?

  • TheZombieThatIsSchnell

    Cliff hanger! D’OH!~*slams head against table in rage*

  • Chocothunda

    And everything has built up to this moment…

    And I’m out of Popcorn T_T


    Deduction and assumption are high on the track as posts are being made right and left, plot turns and twists being used to maximum effect here out on the track, what a thrilling show! 😀

    Really, guys, this kinda stuff just tickles me pink for all sorts of wonderful reasons. Just keep the ideas coming; I’m sure you’ll get a chuckle or two when you all find out what REALLY happened. And Quick has good reason to be embarrassed… and not to talk about it much, either. 😉

  • tbird000666

    poor quick he is probably embarrassed because hes exactly like the guy in this song

    • … there are no words to describe my reaction to this. :sigh:

      • tbird000666

        sorry i had to i just tried to get a laugh

  • SOUP

    oh snap here comes the bomb *whisssssssssssssssssssle* booooooooooooooooooooooooooooom

  • Nooo the comic needs more panels for all the juicy details. More i tell you!

  • shadebeast

    QUICK IS PROBABLY EMBARASSED CUZ EVEN WHEN CHRISSYS DRUNK SHES GONNA SEE HIS LITTLE CHODE AND SAY “ohh woooowwwww. quikieeeee i tawt you wash gunna be bigger dan dishhhh…” THATS the definition, my broskis.

  • redeyes

    This might be an unrelated note, but dammit I really want Quick’s shirt. That thing just looks damn cool.

  • Kyle

    Anyone else catch the side boob xD

  • Blaze Wolf

    i cant tell, is chrissy’s eye open or close in te last panel

  • flamelordkay

    10 to 1 says its going to be more embarrassing to her than him. Like she tried to seduce him or something else like that and ended up falling off the bed. Thats just my two bits thrown in. On a side note keep up the great work. I especially like the second panel with all the stars and the moon.

  • Ravin

    Last Panel

    Fucking hot. just saying. He went all out at that.

  • DreadWingKnight

    Why am I getting flashbacks to Ai Yori Aoshi about this?

  • SOUP

    congrats sir u are officially a G yo by right you are da man cus dat is mad street or so i hear

  • Sir Ashram

    Poor Quickster. If I know my Godai and Ryoga luck ratios, it’ll be something tragic and hilarious at the same time. Keep em comin Mr. Challenger. I still love your work.

    • Ryoga? Who’s Ryoga? I’m Crimson, Sir Ashram, pleasure to meet you. 😀 And don’t worry… we aim to please.

      • Ryoga is a character from Ranma 1/2 when he said Godai he meant Yusaku Godai from Maison Ikkoku (Best Anime Ever IMO) ^_^

        • Ravin

          Lies, Zoids is the best anime ever.


          • BlackWind

            Gurren Lagann is the best anime ever (Just who the hell do you think we are!!!) XD

          • bakaneko

            i was going to put an anime here, but there are too many to list that i love. I am going to go with magical girl modaka for right now. If you love magical girls and love dark grim stories that make you say “what….the….fuck?” that that is one for you!

        • Well, don’t I just feel sheepish…. heh. :blush: I obviously need to study up more on my anime.

        • flamelordkay

          Just wikied Maison Ikkoku and I’ve got to say that sounds hilarious. I’ll try and hunt it down over at viz. I’m always willing to take anime suggestions besides a good way to know someone is to know what the like to read and watch.

        • Sir Ashram

          I have to agree. Definately one of the best animes ever.

        • BlackWind

          Best Soap anime you mean cause it has all the makings of a Soap Romantic comedy “where wacky hijinks can’t stop a great romance” 😀

  • Doom

    hmm says its embarrassing… check. says for them both … check. he wont talk about it with his friends… check. By George I think I got it ….. Chrissy seduces him and after trying his best to hold out Quick finally gives in they start to get into it but then poor Quick his body wants to say yes but his mind says its so wrong the guilt gets to him and BAM…. erectile disfunction LMFAO poor guy feels so guilty he cant get it up

  • AflacMan13

    And the arc finally comes around to revealing that Quick took the high road and blue balled himself. At least that’s what I figure. Of course with the author of this one I have been wrong before.

  • Guest

    I have a bad feeling, in my gut that the next strip will be cockblocked for the usual “reasons” if you know what I mean guys… >_> But I think we’ll use our imaginations to do that little detail on our own. ;D I’m going to make at least 3 options on what happen on this flashback. #1 Is that Quick saw Chrissy drunk like a church mouse and “try” to resist his little soldier down there and did and tuck Chrissy in bed and he just went to the couch. #2 Quick and Chrissy did it like the Discovery Channel style of the 3x action!! XD And #3 Is that Quick and Chrissy were in a bad start that Chrissy was on the “wild” side while Quick was “trying” to get away “half naked” both hit their heads while “wrestling” and are knocked out and probably knocked “up?” ;P I’m leaning twoards #1 and #3 and inbetween in the middle of #2 and #3.

    • Damn, I get such a thrill out of this. All of them are wrong, but I still get quite a thrill, yes indeed… 😀

      • Guest

        Damn… Oh well… *sigh* =_=”

  • tbird000666

    Crimson do u have a face book and im still trying to find a song for quick

    • No, I do not… but all of my contact information can be acquired on my DA site, linked by clicking on my name. Thank you.

  • Mobiuszero

    I wonder

  • shadebeast

    i dont know WHY i put the first comment i made but AAAGH youre killing me crimson and godai….but judging by the look on chrissys face in the flashback im gonna place my bet on “quick ate it.” like, devoured it. and the excitement left chrissy sore in the morning. cuz usually when you put good work in then more thn likely you’ll be feeling it in the morning.

    • Heh. Heh. You know, just for your comments, Shadebeast, we mght just wait a week or two before showcasing what happened that night. doesn’t anyone wanna know where the bunnies are this evening? MUAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!! 😀

      Beware the power of the sadistic co-author! But this time, we may have mercy on you… You will just have to wait and see.


  • shadebeast

    oh and i also notice that the way quick is going about explaining that night, he seems to not want to tell chrissy what happened on that fateful night. which means….maybe he tried something and messed up somehow? hmmm…..

  • Jake

    You guys shoud always update on tuesdays and Fridays.

    • tbird000666

      i agree

    • Well, thank you for that opinion, Jake, but that month was extra-special. We have plans for the future, but Rascals is a weekly comic, because of production values and constraints on both myself and Godai. But don’t give up hope, yet! As I said, we have plans… 😀


  • teless

    It’s either they did it, or something very awkward happened, like their two buds entering the room drunk.