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  • Mr Hunk

    Quick, Chrissy You guys get the heck out and FAST!!!!

  • When pressed for time, Quick unleashes up to 5 languages! He’s a G.

    • OtakuMan

      Alas… poor you. We knew you well. But unfortunately, a chance you had not.

      Raven must be REALLY eager to hear Quick’s answer. Eager enough to pull the Scary Shiny Glasses Trope!

      (Again, warning. TVTropes can ruin your life. It has ruined many before! If you are new to this site, set an alarm to snap you out of it. It will save you!)

      Combined with the twinkling effect on her specs… it looks like Raven’s about to bring some doom on our now happy couple. What could she be up to?

      Lloyd: “Umm, don’t I get a say in this?”

      Raven & Chrissy: “NO!”

      Quick: “Maybe?”

      DOOM GLARES towards Quick.

      Quick: “I mean NO! No… eh heh heh”

  • DWKnight

    three words for those who don’t want to get caught in the crossfire:
    Time to LEAVE.

    For everyone else, there’s popcorn.

  • bsteven93

    Thank you for the addition comic to start march off :3 sad the updates are back to fridays ;-; but anyway raven scares me now…… and Lloyd i agree in 5 languages you do qualify to be a g… xD 21 for master pimp 0.o

  • Biker530

    *sniffs* I SMELL SHENANIGANS!!!!!

    • Joe F.


  • Acolon

    Yeah, Quick.
    Tell us what happened.
    All important people are around now.

  • Fi_Thun

    Gah no Raven go away! We were just about to find out!

  • jericho0the0reaper

    “You are now officially screwed” in up to five languages.
    But besides that. Obviously Raven is jealous (?) and considering that we still haven’t seen just what was said in that ‘missing page’… okay, somehow it ties in here, I know it. Although I gotta feel sorry for Lloyd; he’s being ignored on a date he was asked out on because of the ‘ex’-boyfriend. Wonder, will he have anything to say about the situation or will everybody get out of this one without burning down the diner?

    Also, for some reason I get the feeling that what’s going on here -somehow- ties back to some things that were said at the beach… subtle undertones, they’re there.


    • I agree about the subtle undertones. It’ll be interesting to see who can actually predict correctly.

      • BlackWind

        Lloyd since you’re there with Raven as her Date you’re not going to let her “play” you like “Mario bros” into her walking off on you to start something in public are you?

        • I wish I could do something, but it’s like being plugged into the Matrix and I’m stuck in the trainstation.
          —-It’s Godai and Crimson’s world—-

          • shadebeast

            sucks bro 😛

  • L337-//4573R

    P0R3 QU1CK H3 15 G0NN4 D13
    (leet translation) por quick he is gonna die

  • Joe F.

    I’m with Quick! But no matter what language you say it in, the fact still stays the same: GET THE HECK OUTTA THERE!!!

  • Blacksnow

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnd your screwed. exit stage left and have a nice day. (probably not)

  • Kid_K

    Their dresses are awesome!

  • BlackWind

    Oookaaaayy to use a catchy phrase used by Quick himself
    *what the flying Fuuuu$&* why in hell did Raven waltz over there for? She really want to go n start something in a public place no less, this time there’s no Reiko nor Jazmin to interrupt, Ladies and gentlemen IT’S ON!!! And Quick will wonder on how to break this mess up

    • OtakuMan

      Or get out of there.

      Seriously, I imagine Quick and Lloyd running as fast as possible out of that restaurant. Raven and Chrissy are gonna stare each other down, eyes glowing red, and sparks flashing between their eyes. The other patrons are going to suddenly feel the cold wind blowing as the power vacuum between the two sucks all life out of the dining room. And then… it happens. Some poor schmuck is going to turn around, look at the two ladies, here the impending beeps, and…

      WHAT THE FU-


  • Tendo

    (Insert bad pun about the dinner and/or waiter being “quick” here)

  • SoniaStrummFan217

    Geez, you’d think Raven would just back off. Why try and start something in a place like that?

    • BlackWind

      Actually who does Raven think she is acting like she was Quick’s Girlfriend when there was NOTHING going on between them! If I were Quick I’d say (so what’s it to you if I’m here with her? You’re Not my Girlfriend never was and never will be!)

  • My goodness Raven, face the facts you aren’t the one. See i’d be one of them girls who stands up, and puts that girl in her place! On the floor! bah!

  • Hot Damn! Ravin is so hot when she is being evil! & Chrissy is so cute when dazed! XD

    • …Raven. ‘Raven is so hot when…’. …having 2 char w/ the same name is difficult to remember the correct spelling when there is a 1 letter differential. >_>

  • Sabourok

    Looking at the previous page and the result of this page, I supress the urge to quote M Bison by saying “Of course!”

    I’m really hoping (most likely against hope) that Quick will be able to get out of this mess. I find it kinda ironic that it’s two women fighting over a man. YES, I know it does happen in real life and all of that, just with what I’ve been learning in Behavioral Ecology, that phenomenon appears verry funny to me. In majority of mammals, the females are selective of the males and it’s the males that are supposed to be assertive and compete over the resource of females for mating, so with those concepts in mind, the aspect of females competing over a single male is currious to me. Might just be that my currently over-heated brain cannot remember the perameters discussed in class that would allow for this to take place.

    On a story related note, I’m currious about what Quick does for cash now. If this place is as expensive as Chrissy commented, then that must mean that either Quick has some serious cash (as was hinted at when he got the concert tickets before) or he’s willing to bank rupt himself for a chance to impress Chrissy. I personally find the former to be the more probable, but they do say that people do crazy things while in love. Perhaps Quick has a job that happens to have a big pay, or more likely he has a very rich family, alternativly a relative passed away leaving him with a large inheritance, though it wouldn’t make sense why it’d be left to him if his parents are alive to be the immediate inheritants which lends the rich parents hypothesis to be the more probable, but since we don’t know if Quick even has a job that’s hard to isolate as the true source of his apparently deep pocketbook…… Actually, now that I say that, it makes the idea of Chrissy and Raven fighting over him a lot more logical in a behavioral ecology view point. He has a resource that would directly benefit them and their future children in fitness (cash) so if they knew about it, that would be a logical reason why they’d fight for his affections. Before anyone says it, I know that there has been no mention as to if Quick does have a lot of money, therefore Chrissy and Raven couldn’t know that he has a lot of money, but let’s suppose that his behavior and deeds had subtle hints to his potential wealth. The tickets, his motorcycle, the restraunt, etc. All of these posess subtle hints to a relativly deep pocketbook when it comes to resources which would make him more attractive as a mate even though he never tells that he has those resources.

    All scientific examining aside, I like the embarassed look Chrissy has on panel 3. Makes me wonder if anything really did happen while Chrissy was drunk out of her mind. Deep in my gut I feel that nothing happened, but you never really know… until Quick actually tells us! C’mon Quick, hurry up and tell us that your the chivilrous gentleman that I believe you to be! Tell me that you’re not like most men that would take advantage of a woman under the infuence of alcohol.

    ~Disclaimer: Sorry for misspellings or anything that seems like rambling. Type this stuff out as it comes to mind, so may not be 100% coherent.

    • BlackWind

      So Sabourok are you implying that if Quick were Rich and Chrissy n Raven were in the know about it they’d be “GoldDiggers” for his affections? If that were the case both would have very different personalities in regards to his wealth they’d be putting up with him til they hooked him up or so, but that’s clearly not the case so to speak

      • Sabourok, you are actually on to something about Quick’s monetary situation. The only person that has mentioned it before was Skye during the beach scene where Quick’s motorcycle gets dissed. (IDK the pg# ’cause the archive works differently now) I won’t give any clues though. 😉

        • BlackWind

          Well actually the smart mouthed Teacher referred to it as a moped and so did Zoey buut only in the page where Quick dropped off Raven you can see it’s a Red Cycle of sorts but it’s not in full view tho so we will get back to that one sometime same as Chrissy’s “transport” means

          • What I meant was that:
            Teacher: It must drag being so poor.
            Skye: Uhhh, Actually Quick here is…Uargh! [elbowed by Quick]
            Quick: Yes, that was me alright!

      • Sabourok

        Didn’t mean to imply that Chrissy and Raven are “Golddiggers” but studies have shown and proven that a man’s monetary standing does play a factor to how atractive he appears to a woman. On average, using the same two pictures of men, the one the women were informed to be in a better monetary position than the other got a more favorable rating on attractivness than the other, even when a second trial was done with the same two pictures, but the monetary roles were reversed.

        Though in regards to this story, what I AM saying is that his monetary standing DOES play a role in their attraction, though it is a subconscious one as opposed to an active one. If they had open knowledge that Quick had a lot of money, then and only then could it be implied that they were “gold digging”

  • pekoponian

    geez cute mousey is not so cute now.
    and if Quick DIDNT joyride her swiss alps. and Pulls a “i wanted it to be Special”…

    Someone owes me money.

    • L337-//4573R


  • *covers his eves* Please no catfight…Please no catfight…Please no catfight…

  • plauschi

    im surprised to read a german word in here O.o lol

    • plauschi

      greets from germany ^.^

  • ninjawolf

    lol add the metal gear alert sound in the fourth panel for extra hilarity.

    for those who dont know:

  • Bo

    Thats not good

  • OtakuMan

    *Door to the dorm slams open. Quick is in the doorway, panting for dear life.*

    *Skye’s playing video games on the couch.*


    Skye: “Hey, whoa whoa! Quick, dude, chill out. What’s the problem?”


    Skye: “…”

    Quick: “…”

    Skye: “Niiiiiiccceeee!”


    Skye: “…I’m not following. How is two girls fighting over you not nice?”

    Quick: “It’s Chrissy and Raven! I was out on my date with Chrissy, but Raven was there too!”

    Skye: “She was? Why?”

    Quick: “I dunno. I think she was on a date with some other guy. But then she comes over to our table and she looked the scariest I have ever seen her before! I mean she had the Scary Shining Glasses, Skye! THE SCARY SHINING GLASSES!”

    Skye: “So she just stood straight up, left her date cold at the table, and walked right over to you guys? Man, Quick, you sly pimp you!”

    Quick: “SKYE! FOCUS!”

    Skye: “Okay, you’re right. You’re right. We need to prioritize here. Right now the most important thing is to figure how you can get Raven and Chrissy to like each other…”

    Quick: “Uh huh…”

    Skye: “So that they won’t fight over you anymore…”

    Quick: “Go on…”

    Skye: “And instead have a three-way relationship going for Menage a Trois action.”

    Quick: “NO!”

    Skye: “What? You don’t think the idea of having both Chrissy and Raven is a good thing.”

    Quick: “NOT THE POINT HERE! If we don’t do something fast, Chrissy and Raven are going to tear each others’ heads off!”

    Skye: “Well it can’t be that bad if they came here with you, right?”

    Quick: “What are you talking about? They aren’t here.”

    Skye: “…oh Quick… dude… PLEASE tell me you didn’t just run away and leave those two at the restaurant alone.”

    Quick: “Uh… why?”

    *Quick and Skye are now standing in front of the restaurant’s remains, which are now wood, stone, and other building materials in a massive heap and on fire.*

    Quick: “This can’t be good.”

    Skye: “Nope.”

    Quick: “What am I gonna do?!?”

    Skye: “You’re a fast learner, right?”

    Quick: “Why does that matter?!”

    Skye: “Because if you want to live, you’re going to need to learn some of Rei’s special ninja skills to hide your ass until things calm down.”

    Quick: “…THAT bad!?”

    Skye: “That bad.”

    Quick: “Oh great… and I thought things were going to start getting better.”

    Skye: “Hey dude, cheer up. You can still come back from this. You just got to wait until they calm down.”

    Quick: “And how long will that be?”

    Skye: “I’d guess one, maybe two…”

    Quick: “Days?”

    Skye: “Years.”

    Quick: 🙁

    • bakaneko


    • :just starts laughing…. and laughing… and laughing!: :coughsputterhack: :ROFL:

      Seriously, Otaku…. that is some funny-ass shit there, man. Not what’s gonna happen by a mile, but still funny as all hell.

      • OtakuMan

        What can I say? I got a lot of pent up creative energy. I still haven’t found a good outlet for it yet, either. So when the right trigger hits…

        …well… THIS happens. 🙂

    • O.O

      • OtakuMan

        *whistles innocently*

    • shadebeast

      id buy that regardless as to whats ‘sposed to happen ^_^

    • dude, I have to hold it up. *holds up EPIC WIN sign* Wait up though. Gotta find the Rascals Internet ’cause you won that too. XD *starts digging around*

    • T-BIRD000666

      damn quick buddy u can hideout at my house

  • Hm… I didn’t think there would be anymore Tuesday updates.

    Well, based on the subject matter here, we’ll finally see/hear what really happened during the pages between the last arc or whatever it’s called. Guess I should get ready for flashback mode.

  • The last panel is just adorable. Raven looks creepy though.

  • Chocothunda

    Porkchop Sandwiches!


    Man, how does he keep finding himself in these situations!?

    • OtakuMan

      If I had a way to post an awesome face here, I would SO give you one.


      *weakly* G.I. Jooooooeeee */weakly*

  • kristoff

    im getting the feeling this whole comic is becoming the “f*** with raven show” really i mean i know i said she is damned to “miner character hell” for not being the main female roll but i think the whole dragging this out is just… idk not very entertaining. hopefully we can move pass this and get back to the fun humor and entertainment… yes i know thats not gonna happen

    • Oh ye of little faith. All things must end… including this arc. Really, this arc isn’t gonna last very long at all, and Raven’s not going anywhere anytime soon. We do plan to concentrate on relationships and interrelationships more after this arc… but the sexy nerd-mousie is not disappearing, let me tell you! So just give us a little more time to let things run their course… and it will indeed be worth it in the long run. To quote one of my favorite tv-chefs, Alton Brown, “Your patience will be rewarded.”


  • Zora

    Poor Quick~

  • Biker530

    I just hope Quick doesn’t get bitch-slapped by Raven… again.

  • BlackWind

    For that matter either “Plead threaten Beg or Bribe” the one pulling the strings the “puppetmaster” and maybe you might get results, but I’m not holding my breath on this.

  • Dragonrazor

    Bring on the catfight (followed by the inevitable cat and mouse hot lesbian action in the restaurant) o.o

    • Ice-Fire

      In all odds if a fight were to go down Chrissy being a cat and Raven being a mouse Chrissy would win…

      • Dragonrazor

        I may hate Warcraft, but even I know that Raven chose Horde for a reason. Chrissy has no idea what she’s in for. Plus we all know it’ll degenerate into the two of them making out and leaving poor Quick high and dry.

  • Mex

    Great work, one thing Arriba in Spanish (I think you meant it in that Language if not ignore this post) means “up”, I think you mean Ahora, that is Spanish for “Now”.

  • EMPing

    (oh boy my first time commenting *a-hem*)
    OH QUICKIEEEEEEE, You got sum ‘splain’n to dooo!

  • Messor

    wait the waitor has green hair? is that a referance to Remnant Sonata? also….. FIRST! :3

  • Messor

    wait nvm computer bucked up….

  • Guest

    Just like Bender use to say: “CHEESE IT!!!!” DX This is not a good time at all!!!! TT^TT

  • Guest

    It would also be funny if Llyod and Quick would say: “Stop this both of you!!!” And one of the other customers would say out of no where in the background “Kiss and make-up!!!” xDDD

  • bladra

    their going to need a distraction to able escape wheres a 2 headed monkey on a unicycle when you really needed it

  • Frozenwolf

    Awww shit

  • Blaze984

    poor quick just cant catch a break

  • Blackwolf359

    RUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! That is all.

  • brad

    You know what, That’s it!! I’ve had it with this mouse bitch!!
    Somebody find me some chesse and a mouse trap!!

  • L337-//4573R

    Found um the cheese and da trap

  • Blaze Wolf

    dude i love the look on quicks face its priceless XD

  • NexusWulf

    oh boy … quick y shoud get out there quick … uh yea

  • JustAfan

    Who didn’t see this coming after the last page?
    We know Quick laid everything on the table with Crissy, however, I think he still needs to set Raven straight.
    I do agree that they need to get outta Dodge or get kicked out. (I’d like to see the staff TRY and break-up these girls.)

  • jared


  • Kitty

    She’s on a date with some other guy. She just needs to leave them alone. Lol.
    Way to ruin BOTH dates Raven.

  • Glasses… prettiest girls wear glasses. Still, she needs to give this a rest. She took her best shot and lost, move on.

  • Sebastian

    Ravin is cute when she’s mad. But true cuteness comes from and emmbaressed face!

  • Uh Oh O.O

  • Dave

    5 languages out of the blue, I’m impressed. I’m from Germany and while “Schnell!” is a good and fitting translation, I personally prefer the term “Zack Zack!”