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  • Skorno

    You know that quick is going to be in trouble again

    • bakaneko

      you know that you and everyone else here is going to enjoy that right?

      • shadebeast

        you know youre a redneck when you shout “ROCK THE HOUSE BUBBAH!” during your kids piano recital.

      • Mr. Al

        Not me. It's prolly my christian genes setting in. Altough I dare say I'm more udnerstanding to intimate relations between friends in the modern day, sleeping with random person you hook up with just for the hooking up, always causes shit to hit the fan. Glad quick is learning that. and no no worries, i'm not pulling anything religious ir faith-related into this. just stating the obvious morale, or lack thereof that ppl msotly got themselves to blame :3

  • PackMate


    It seems more drama is comingg!!!!

    • Leafbarrett


  • BlackWind

    Well before hand Happy Birthday Crimson may today be of great cheer for you and hope your wishes come true,
    Now for the story
    Whoa That’s some get up Quick nice threads you’re wearing and geez what a Tail did he condition it to look super puffy? Chrissy looks divine in that 1 piece outfit “mewowza” he he he (Quick is spoiling her? Naw not really) and now for the clincher Raven just happens to be out on a Date with someone else dressed up too and apparently seems to have Spotted them coming into the restaurant ohh the irony,
    I see this taking a turn for the worse (damnation)

  • Tor The Dum

    Ego: Hahaha… whups. Where’s Libido when you need him?
    Id: He’s still out from the fluff-splosion he caught last page…
    Ego: Ehehehehe… well, this could become quite the fustercluck.
    Quick: Shut up and quit jinxing me!

  • Backrubs

    Ha Quick looks really stupid in that hideous outfit.

  • bsteven93

    Its yummy. tight, and also a happy bday what else could a guy ask for ^.^

  • Happy B-day Crimson!!!

    • BlackWind

      *looks at your Avi looks at Raven’s Date*
      O.O;; you are Raven’s Date now!!! Coincidence? Hmm……..

      • πŸ™‚
        Astute observation. As I said last week, I’m a patient man and Lloyd’s been waiting a long while. I know he’s a gentlemen, I just hope Godai sees him as a peacemaker if anything goes bad.

        • Ohhh, dun worry, Lloyd. Indeed, I have plans for you… :slow grin:

          • no, no, no *scary Joker imagery*…anyways. I just had to get my first reaction out. Now I’m completely fine.

        • OtakuMan

          Oya oya! I hadn’t noticed that Raven’s date was you! Color me surprised!

          Hopefully you won’t be roadkill by the end of the dinner. Or worse, used in a Gum Gum Jet Human Shield!

  • brad

    Shit’s about to hit the fan again!!
    Happy B-day man!!

  • LittleFear

    Is it tomorrow already? Then, Happy Birthday, Crimson x3 enjoy your day =3

  • Fi_Thun

    WAIT! Maybe Raven is just seeing some other person! They’re at completely different restaurants! Aw, who am I kidding. This is going to end really badly. D:

    • BlackWind

      Wait Fi_Thun lets not jump to conclusions just yet (gee like I’m one to talk) maybe she won’t walk up to him when she sees Chrissy is with him as they already went at it before and won’t want to spoil her own date (hoping it turns out that way)

  • Dragonrazor

    Chrissy’s dress is hot. Raven’s is explosive. o.o Can I have both please? <>

  • Blacksnow

    And todays forecast, it appears that another large shitstorm is heading towards the fan right now but it looks like it wont happened 1 to 2 weeks so board up your houses now because shit WILL hit the fan. And in later news: Awesomesauce, what is it and what can we do so we never hear it again? Later at 11:00.

  • BlackWind

    All I can say now is this, if Raven did spot them both coming into the restaurant she better be smart and NOT approach Quick (especially after slapping him) to make any sort of remark/apology if she knows what’s good for her. Otherwise things are going to take a turn for the worse if she decides to make contact!

  • JustAfan

    Just when I thought Quick was gonna catch a break. I shoulda known. I hope they order to go, ’cause I have a feeling they won’t be there long.
    BTW, Happy Birthday Crimson! May you have many more!

  • DreadWingKnight

    Fail or win, it must be epic.

  • DSman6

    This would be bad if it was a setup. Please, nobody ruin the night.

  • Coon Rac

    Wow Quick lives up to his name once again! He made up with a girl and took her out in less than 5 pages!
    (He’s still pale though, I wonder if he’s been bitten by a vap, or this is how he’s gonna look for now on.) Money on the vampire! =p

  • Gebo

    I get happy finally i’m seeing a bloody date that might look up get to the last box and forget. This is minor soap moment and the sh*t is gonna hit the fan.

  • Salvation

    if all of quicks clothes are original mastergodai would make bank on designing some for hottopic or bucklebees!

  • Dusty


  • Ravens nice and all but all i want to say is Homewrecker. Crissy ftw

  • Sabourok

    Happy Birthday Crimson.

    Now let’s see here. It’s more than clear that this page forshadows another conflict in this appearent love power struggle between Chrissy, Raven and Quick. Having the last conflict between just Chrissy and Raven been done off-screen, it is hard to forsee how this one will go, since we do not know their argument patterns which will most likely be repeated in the follow-up conflict. I would actually expect (ok, I would actually HOPE) that Raven is over Quick, but that is highly improbable considering that she was thinking about him before noticing him and the short(?- hard to tell what the time flow is like, since apparently Quick and Chrissy have known each other for two years even though the timeline progression of the comic appeared to have been over a few months) amount of time that has passed since she last saw him. With Quick’s luck though, Raven’ll probably come right on over to where he and Chrissy are sitting and make a happy evening very uncomfortable.

    Disclaimer~~ Do take into account of the use of the words appear and probable. Also, typing in a tiny rush so some of my statements and thoughts might not be complete at the moment.

    • I am truly starting to wonder who I look forward to more; you or OtakuMan. πŸ˜€ Anyway.

      You might have a point or two there, Saburok, because things will happen, and not in a happy way, rest assured. About the time situation… you really should look back over the comic pages more. “Two years” was there for a reason, Saburok. Maybe not for the reason that most believe, but that was intentionally placed. Really, EVERY-thing that is in the comic is completely intentional, with exception of an occasional typographical error. However, things will happen soon to make everything evident and clear. Thank you.


      • OtakuMan

        Which reminds me! I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday over in my comment!

        As a birthday present, I’d be happy to write a little short story for yah. (Since I can’t do fanart since I can’t draw worth a hill of beans) Just give me characters you want involved, theme, etc., and I’d be glad to write something up for yah.

      • Sabourok

        Then I suppose I should find some time to read through the comic again, this time paying more attention for subtle hints. Maybe find something I missed the first time through.

  • Petite Feline

    oh shiiiiit. bitch fight?

  • Ravin

    Happy birthday Crimson <3

  • Werefox2009

    “barf” I can’t believe this, he got treated like crap and “he’s” treating her like a queen. “gags” quicks too good for that b@#+h.

  • Ravin


    You used my word Crimson, You cheeky bastard

    • :points up to the page: Umm, Ravin? No “e” at the end. Not quite the same, sorry. πŸ˜€

      • Ravin


  • No…no you didn’t! Crimson and Godai, u crazy—!!! DX Don’t even know how to place a bet on this one. Drama, is what awaits the next page.

  • Senillis

    Oh…this is not going to end well.

  • bakaneko


  • bakaneko

    Quick- ladies ladies… there is plenty of quick to go around.

  • Aw man another build up I have to wait for. ;__;

  • Biker530

    Sooner or later, Raven needs to realise that Quick wants to be with Chrissy and not her.

    One more thing… Happy Birthday Crimson.

  • Kid_K

    @.@….Oh noes…

  • Kid_K

    I’ll take the mouse with a side of HAWTNESS plz.

  • Sandro


  • Milkie

    If Raven needs a mouse, look no further than myself! :3 I’d love to try and take her mind off things. x3

  • OtakuMan

    “Raven!? What are you doing here?!”

    “Quick and Chrissy?! What are you doing here?!”


    Chrissy: “God… is this the only restaurant in town with this kind of cuisine?”

    Quick: “Actually, it’s their tagline. Says it right here on the menu: “The Only Restaurant in Town with This Kind of Cuisine”.


    And things were going so well too. Poor guy can’t seem to catch a break, can he? Course, the original Godai never caught any breaks either. All I know is that the following dinner can be summed up in one word:


    With Quick having put so much effort into making sure Chrissy knew he was a one-girl only kind of guy, I have a feeling that Chrissy’s not going to worry about Quick eyeballing Raven, and I also have a feeling that even if Quick does notice Raven there, he’s going to ignore her and focus on Chrissy and Chrissy only.

    But odds are that Raven, who still has the hots for Quick, might not give up on him so quickly. Maybe. And who’s the Bearded Koala? (Which should totally be a real species of Koala Bear) Tune in Tuesday for Totally Titanic Tantrums and Truths!

  • shadebeast

    so shed rather be with quick even after she slapped him huh? no thats ok. women are not fickle at all |:L

  • wery12345

    i see another change in the art style it

  • Oh man, is this gonna turn into a catfight?
    I can’t stand those things.

  • flame lord kay

    Happy Birthday! It’s my birthday too. I’m 23 now and having a chinese dinner. I love the plot you guys have developed, but I gotta say I wonder sometimes if artists like to pick on their characters. Oh and the artwork itself is a big plus. Usually I can’t stand most people’s art on webcomics and it kinda ruins the fun of reading them, but even in the begining I thought your style was pretty good and it’s evovled over time to the awesomeness it is now.

  • Lord Daius

    Hot DAMN! Forget Quick, Raven cleans up very nice. Mousy Curves

  • Tigerlady

    Oh boy! Can we jump to Tuesday already? :3 Can’t wait to see the drama that unfolds from this lovely set up. I really just wanna seem them go at it cuz you know it’s been comin’ for a while. Happy Birthday, Crimson!

    • Well, I have been known to never deny a kitten… πŸ˜€ :snaps fingers, poof:

      Sadly, it’s still not Tuesday, but plenty of things are gonna be happening when mouse meets civet again!

  • knux

    Awesome design on Quick’s shirt. I’m reminded of Blazblue, though.

  • Davathean

    Unbelievable she still doesn’t get it, man now the shit has REALLY hit the fan…

  • Blaze984

    Awesomesause nice

    Crissy sits down facing directly at ravin
    Simultaneous SHIT WHATS SHE DOING HERE!!!

    Happy B’day Crimson

  • First off, Happy B-Day Crimson.

    Now on to the business. It seems that we’re now jumping from one frying pan into another, except this time around we actually have the pleasure of witnessing Chrissy, Quick, and Raven in the love triangle rather than Chrissy and Raven fighting it out off-panel. The aberrant two year leap still baffles me though as it appears that these events occurred within a couple of months, quite possible the Spring, Summer, then Fall seasons. Hopefully, there will be some clarification here shortly to enlighten all of us.

    If nothing else, there might be a potential cat fight.

  • shadebeast

    oh where are my manners, happy date of birth to crimson.

  • Guys, this is one of two asides I’m gonna do this week. I want EVERYONE… and i do mean every single last one of you that sees this… to go click the voting link below the page for voting on Rascals with TWC (TopWebComics). Go and do it NOW! Godai got up at four in the morning to do this for me… and I have never been more humbled or happy to receive a gift in all my thirty-two years of life. Thank you, Godai, from the bottom of my heart. :sniffles and wipes his eyes: …. goddamn those glorping sliced onions….

    • your welcome

      • Ravin

        I said it was cute and innocent and crimson said it wasn’t. D< I thought it was very nice Godai. πŸ˜›

    • bakaneko

      fine fine i will go and vote… but you better keep crying i dont believe all the other crap you said

      • Believe what you wish to, Bakaneko. However, I hope you enjoy it almost as much as I did. Thank you.

    • Tigerlady

      Yay a new vote incentive! Was getting tired of seeing Raven… course… I’m not a big fan of her so that had something to do with. Love it! It IS cute…. but that’s so far from innocent… but that just makes it so much better! =D

  • Ryan

    OH GOD!!!! This is gonna end badly…..

  • SOUP

    supercalafragalisticespialadoh quick take cover an even big turd is bout to hit the fan beware its extremely large walmart super store big there’s gonna be shit everywhere (note its like getting caught reading the eating cake on the toilet)

  • Duct_tapes112

    quick’s tail is soo…. big……..

  • Mobiuszero

    This is going to get Ugly…real Ugly

  • Guest

    I was right bout that Raven will run into Quick and Chrissy, but not into a movie scene… Bummer TT^TT, BUT still all shit is going to hit the fan here soon and I hope that LIyod will be alright when he’s in the blasting zone!! Also on that, did Quick just said awesomesauce?!? 0_o” I mean really?!?!? That aside I like his shirt and Chrissy’s dress as well. Purple is the new black if you know what I mean. ;D One more thing is a Happy Late B-Day to Crimson!!! πŸ˜€

  • Auraek

    Who in the Forest’s name uses Awesomesauce on a date? Except Quick that is =3

  • goodoldjack

    KARAMA ROCKS!!!!1!

  • Bo

    really nice job there πŸ™‚

  • Miroku

    Happy birthday, Crimson!

    • Thank you, old friend. πŸ˜€

  • Happy birthday crimson! Wouldve said it earlier, but i couldnt find out how to leave comments with the new system XD who knew white against black that said “Leave comments here” would be so hard to find! =)

  • Bad Boy

    Time to put on my rageface.

  • LOL

    That tail gets bigger…
    I swear it does.

  • Leafbarrett