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  • DWKnight

    And the core of the issue has been addressed.

    Also, grope grope.

    • Blacksnow

      that wasnt as climactic as i thot id be. and we still dont know why she woke up sore last night.

      • he will probably get to that later

        • Sandro

          if you have ever fallen asleep drunk….you know why.

      • Mr. Al

        well she did jump/fly cross the room and he had to catch her by reflex. i think that's enough reason to be very sore around the legs and hips the next day

  • Nicely handled Quick. I like the humor that is mixed in is mixed in while the serious situation is going on. All I could think is “awh” in panel 3 to see her reaction to Quick’s sincerity. Quick is the man!

  • And things finally started to patch up slowly. Hope things will go a bit better for these two lovebirds. And…of course…

    *Grope* *Grope* =w=

  • jericho0the0reaper

    Ego: and things are resolved by Quick’s for once quick thinking (disregarding all his previous attempts at dodging a situation). Hmmm… and as for that one part… is that a confirmation or denial on them doing it?

    Libido: … Grope gro–

    Ego: (slams libido)

  • Blaze984

    Yay they made up now all we need in the next page is a cameo or a random movie quote

  • Blaze984

    Oh Skye your a braver man than i

    • to quote a cool series on Tv Brave and Bold XD

  • Ahh yes the situation has finally been resolved without any altercations with Chrissy actually giving Quick the chance to explain himself, it warms my heart that she felt sorry for jumping the gun and asking Quick to forgive her for doubting him. Champion event Godaikun/Crimson an excellent way to wrap up the Mess,
    ok now for the 2nd half, Woo woo Skye getting a handful there without getting slapped and changing Jazmin’s mood “A+” material also glad that Jazmin decided to give Quick the benefit of the doubt while handling his situation n_n,
    now onto part 3 Zoey/Ravin eavesdropping thru the thin wall? wow talk about wanting the 411 on their friends situation that’s cool that they can be supportive and not Gossipy (at least I think they are)

  • Biker530

    Hey, shit happens. We all know that, right?

  • ohhh I just noticed heh heh heh Ravin’s wearing a “Boob hat” there X3

    • Jasper222

      boobhats are ftw hehe

  • Godai/Crimson can I have my FA avi here please (I feel awkward without it can you “slap it” on here for me please)

    • BlackWind, remember. Keep the posts to the comic and about the comic and replies to originals. Will talk later, ty.

    • Just head over to Gravatar and you can β€˜slap it on’ yourself. It’s pretty easy and will link to your email wherever you post.

  • bakaneko

    crisis averted. boobs grabbed…also chrissy after you put me through that and embarrassed me in front of everyone..sorry your paying. and we are going all the way…twice…or until i pass out. and i want breakfast in bed. oh you better do that naked apron thing too.

    • BlackWind

      Geez Bakaneko give the poor gal a break to compose herself after all that’s happend, maybe perhaps once they start going steady she might show her affections more openly to him but not just yet πŸ˜›

      • bakaneko

        Fine fine…..chrissy your still paying we can snuggle only, but I want breakfast in bed with the apron thing still.

  • Coon Rac

    Is it just me, or does quick look pale when explaining things?

    • Tor The Dum

      You’re right, and his ears seem extra-pointy, don’t they? Either he’s a red-haired yellow bat instead of a squirrel, or he’s a squirrel-vampire.

      … wut.

  • Wolfgang

    Sweet it finaly happened lol cant w8 til next comic friday couldnt come sooner…. ps i knew quick didnt do anything

  • pet_panda

    i just relized what the symbol on quick’s shirt was. yay Fairy tail!

  • Mobiuszero

    I wounder what will happen to Raven? Poor girl..I mean mouse….um what ever, good man Quick good man

  • Tigerlady

    I’m surprised no one else has noticed the serious color change to quick. He’s not as yellow… But I think I like it. Especially if he’s supposed to be a squirrel.

    Glad things turned out well! I was hoping to actually see more detail, but maybe Chrissy will ask what actually happened the night before and we’ll get to see it… Maybe. I really didn’t get the sense that it’s been two years, I thought we were still on one, but maybe I need to go back and reread everything at some point.

    Also, love Quick’s hair from the back!

    • although the comic seems a little slow, it’s still progressing by “real time” (The comic started on my birthday! 9/19/09)
      I think that the beach part of the comic is the best place to look, ’cause Quick mentioned finals. Plus the summer seems to be a good devision for school years.

    • they say he’s a Squirrel but looks like a cat to me *shrugs go figure*

    • Coon Rac

      I’m surprised you missed my comment(and someone’s reply) on Quick’s color. Check around 5 comments above your other post.

      • Tigerlady

        Wow, I really need a new pair of glasses… I also blame it on my excitedness about finally getting some stuff out there!

  • You what Quick be like? Quick be like “This is my Serious Face. *adjust glasses*” But talk about using comments for script! XD

    Honestly, I thought it would get crazier than this, but Quick spat the Truth & can’t to c where this goes! πŸ˜€ ….also, previous bet is null and void. No One got hurt here. >.>

    • HEY! I want my fifty bucks! Pay up!

      Though, I’m glad you guys liked this little bit of exposition. Finally, Quick’s owned up to his feelings, told Chrissy what he really wants, and has grown up quite a bit in the last 24 hours.

      • Hey! You weren’t in on the bet! *checks page comments*….o wait, you were…. BUT NO ONE GOT HURT!!!! DX

  • Ravin

    That Ravin is a SPY

    • Lucky, you’ve got a hot chick and a drink! πŸ˜‰

    • OtakuMan


      Although are you and Zoey really together seriously, or just roomies?

      • You laugh now, but good things come in time, and Lloyd’s been awfully patient.
        Pg 106- Ravin’s first two comments, and you’ll have your answer
        (What? I’m just allowing you to use your detective skills. lol)

      • Ravin

        I am pretty sure I will end up being the character that gets my dick wet / getting my ass kicked around.

        So, I am pretty sure, at least the impression I got from Crimson and Godai, my ‘character’ is not about to be tied down anytime soon

  • chaoskey

    aw all’s well that ends well

  • nate_tha_gr8

    So let me get this straight. nothing goes on between Quick and Raven, check. But this still doesn’t answer if he slept with Chrissy or not. Or am I just slow?

  • Wait a minute. I’m confused. Did Quick just break the forth wall with the “2 year” comment?

    • No. Finally, we have a formal statement of timeframe for Rascals. Now, I’m not gonna say WHAT timeframe that is… but the past two years have been building to that statement from Quick to Chrissy. The rest of the equation, friends, you all can guess for yourselves. πŸ˜€

      • Although I don’t have all the details, I was able to get Godai to tell me that they’re sophomores, so I guess I already knew that 2 years had gone by since page 1.

      • In your opinion, should we actually find a specific “event” that says, “yup, this is the end of year one?”

        • Tor The Dum

          you -did- see the christmas special page(s), right?

          • Yeah, that’s where I came to conclude that years are “real time” while the the situations/story is “rascals time”

  • Renima

    That went a little to easy. Makes me wish girls around here were that understanding. All I keep getting are the ones that say “Your a liar your liar Your cheating on me I don’t want to hear it.” And heres the messed up part I have never cheated in my life. You have a keeper Quick don’t let her go.:)

  • TheBiggestIdiotEver

    Skye must be tired of living.

    • Forgive any misquotes.

      “There wasn’t much murder in Anhk-Morpork, but there were a lot of ways to commit suicide. Walking alone in the Shades was suicide. Asking a troll how the weather was up there was suicide. Ordering a short drink around a dwarf was suicide. There were a lot of suicides in Anhk-Morpork. But this night, there was a murder.” Men At Arms, Terry Pratchett.

      • OtakuMan

        A Discworld quote?! Nice!

  • JustAfan

    Well…at least Quick and Chrissy made up. They are not out of the woods yet, though.

  • Wel… that was anticlimactic..

  • OtakuMan

    This comic must have been sponsored by Staples because “That Was Easy”. Easier than I thought it should have been. In my relationships, rarely has there ever been a moment where the girl was 100%, or even 80% wrong about anything.

    But this means that Chrissy does care and I am happy to see that she and Quick are now going to go steady. I look forward to seeing how their relationship develops over time.

    Also, did Skye’s hair suddenly grow longer in the last few comics? Going back to Strip 95, Skye’s hair seemed to only go slightly past his shoulders, now, technically, it’s 24 hours later, and Skye’s hair seems to go all the way down his back to his waist. I know I tend to grow hair pretty quickly, but that’s lightning fast for his hair to grow.

    Still, kudos to Quick on standing up and saying his piece. But that still leaves two unanswered questions:

    1) What did Raven (mouse-girl) and Chrissy shout at each other?

    2) What exactly happened the previous night? Chrissy was in Quick’s bed and woke up sore, but as far as details, those are still quite vague. All we know is that Quick said he would never do anything to hurt Chrissy. That can mean all sorts of things about what he did or did not do. Plus, as for what noises Zoey and Ravin heard next door from the previous night, that could have been Quick and Chrissy, or Reiko and Skye (they were sharing the same bed).

    Another thing that’s yet to be explored is Jasmin and her personal life. Other than being a rival with her sister (which Skye is more than happy to exploit which Reiko is also aware of and supports), and seemingly having a crush on her old sensei, we don’t know much about her. So now that Quick and Chrissy have come to terms, will we see more of Jasmin and her past?

    And what about Raven? She’s been shunned by Quick, and is hurt by it all, obviously, but what happens to her next? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Also, I figure some good happy music for Quick and Chrissy is in order. ROLL IT!

    • OtakuMan

      Upon further inspection of Page 95, I realize that Skye’s hair length IS as long as it is on this page. It’s just really hard to tell. Easy to confuse since his hair color is the same as his primary fur color.

      Although it growing out long was NOT my imagination since it was WAY short back in Page 5.

      But given that two years has passed… is that long enough of a time period for his hair to grow that long?

      Oh well. It is what it is.

      • I have a haircut every six months. Yes, two years is more than enough time. And about how easy it may have been, well… sometimes, when two people love each other, really want to be together, even emotional outbursts and misunderstandings get forgiven and forgotten. However, who said that everything was over and resolved? Surely, it wasn’t me… πŸ˜€


        • OtakuMan

          Ooh, the suspense is killing me! XD

    • You’ll probably find out about most of Jaz’s past in the Goyoku series. πŸ™‚

    • Hello, OM. I would imagine that it would shock me to my core, if a page did not have a long comment from you. Thank you for being who you are; I get to have a nice read twice a week. About your questions, patience is a virtue. In other words, as I mentioned last time, everything WILL be revealed… but not yet. Do you really think that we’re gonna play all our cards at once? And about Jazmin’s past and backstory… that will be revealed soon as well.

      Until that occurs, true believers. Crimson.

      • OtakuMan

        Aww shucks, thank you! πŸ™‚

      • *Stan the man Lee shows up and says* copyright infringement that’s my line Excelsior!!! XD

      • JohnyMinx

        we’re all looking forward to it. a story worth telling is worth waiting to hear

    • JohnyMinx

      wow that really surprised me you picked a Detective Conan song. I didn’t think anybody these days knew about the epic adventure that spaned over 400 episodes that should have aired along with tenchi muyo and outlaw star in the good toonami days. A thousand cool points to you good sir!

      • OtakuMan

        Shishishi! I happen to follow a lot of anime and manga that have stood the test of time in ways most other series could ever dream of. My current favorite at the moment is One Piece, but I always think Detective Conan…

        …and the Case Files of Young Kindaichi when it comes to detective work.

  • remmus

    wait wait…itΒ΄s not going to take 1 bazilion pages and one plot goofier then the last before the main guy and girl gets together like 90% of other web comics out there?

    I must say you surprise me ^^

  • Kif

    Quick’s glasses have magically reappeared! :O

  • Biker530

    Looks like Quick and Chrissy are FINALLY on the right page… but for how long???

    But for now, in honor of these 2 love birds, I’ve decided to celebrate with an ice cold 12 pack of Bud light.

  • oh thank god id thought id have to beat Quick with this rusty tire iron. XD

  • Chocothunda

    This could have easily gone south, had Quick not chosen his words well.

    Bonus points for staying calm in this situation. Sometimes it takes a cool head to defuse a hot situation.

  • Zergalisk

    There is only one thing that quick reminds me of in panel two. Can anyone guess what it is? Heres two hints ” Complete global saturation”. And “Poor deluded chris”

  • Zergalisk

    Reply if you know who it is

    • Albert Wesker

    • bakaneko

      You reminded me of the original resident evil….ahhh the best worst voice acting ever.

  • bladra

    well ill be dammed guess quick managed to confessed his feelings

  • Dragonrazor

    Whoa, site redesign. Also…lol@ Mr Pinchypaws….

    • Dragonrazor

      And I’d still like to comfort little mousey….

  • i keep expecting a Ravin’s Angels joke to pop up somewhere

  • shadebeast

    cliffhangers, cliffhangers….ok im going to just straight assume they made love. cuz EEEEEEEEEEEVERYBODY has done it but them two, i swear.

  • So much text, but so worth every bit. Love love love this comic. yay quickster

  • Xscar10

    I thought quick would go off worse than that… *shrugs*

  • Sabourok

    Ya, was kinda a seemingly unrealistic outcome, but that’s what the suspension of disbelief is for, no?

    • How is it so unrealistic for Chrissy to be shocked with her own actions by Quick’s honest statement of his feelings and explaining of what happened at Raven’s, which is what was Chrissy’s main concern with the two of them being together in the first place? What is so unrealistic about her acknowledging that she misunderstood things when confronted with the truth after flying off the handle half-cocked? And what is so unbelievable that Quick understands that she was simply reacting, then decided to just let it go?

      Let me tell you, this scenario is not so dissimilar to something that happened in the past within a relationship of mine. Misunderstandings were made, then resolved, within a day or so. We both said we were sorry, and that was it. Sometimes, folks, that is how people handle things; through communication…. or at least I hope so, because I do that often. Now, once more, this is NOT the end of the line; there are still some things yet to occur and be explained, but where is the disbelief in this situation? I’ve lived it; it does happen. Maybe not all the time, but it does occur. Maybe I’m just different.


      • Sabourok

        First, calm down. Wasn’t looking to get a wall of text smacked in my face.
        Second, a disclaimer I should have made in my comment, I’ve never been in such a scenario before, so I can only look at it from a one-sided, intellectually logic based stand point.

        That said, from this given stand point and the heatedness of Chrissy’s verbal assault on Quick in the last page, it would make logical sense to me that she’d shut out what he has to say because she’d be completely convinced that she’s right and that he’d just try lying to her as she believed he has been doing (She even said that she didn’t want to hear any more of his “lies” lin the last page). Therefore, to me it seems unrealistic that the turn around would take place in just one page without any back and forth argument where she brings up issues of her relational uncertainty with him as he provides the truthful explanation. I’m not saying this scenario isn’t realistic completely, but the way it was executed was. If it was more back and forth as opposed to Chrissy being really angry -> short talk from Quick -> Chrissy being really sad and sorry, then I’d give it more credit as being realistic. People have a tendency to believe that they’re right to an irrational fault when they get angry, so the fact that Quick convinced her so easily seemed kinda off to me.

        • Well, Saburok, I was quite calm when I wrote my reply. I simply wanted to explain the entire experience and process in making those determinations and dialogue, so that my logic could be appreciated. Perhaps I should have included a disclaimer that I was reacting calmly.

          Now, you are right that some people do act like that, yes. Some people have firm belief that they are right, even when faced with the truth. However, just as it is realistic that she could have just turned her back on him, isn’t it just as logical that at the time, Chrissy was emotionally reactive and explosive, literally just yelling for expression’s sake in her anger at whatever Raven had said during the time that is not shown, so that when Quick sets her straight in a firm tone of voice, reminding her that what he did, what really happened at Ravens, was the exact thing that she had been concerned with, the one thing that she had wanted him to do, and that he didn’t want anyone else in his life as a firm and complete confession of his feelings? Now, yes, Chrissy was emotionally vulnerable, so upon hearing that not only was her ‘righteous anger’ completely inaccurate, but she had just spent a few minutes insulting and berating the man she cares about and really wants in her life… wouldn’t she break down and start crying in regret and sorrow?

          Now, once more, Saburok, may I reiterate that there is still more to be told and done. If this was the end of the resolution, your statements and logic would be exactly accurate; this would be unreasonable. But that is not the case here. I have said before that things are not over yet, and same will be proven over a short period of time. Have patience and faith, for all will be very clear soon.

          And one last time, the amount of text is merely an explanation of my logic and reasoning, not an expression of emotion. I am indeed calm… and to be honest, that any fan would go to such effective lengths to express their concerns and comments is something that I enjoy. I’d prefer a complete discussion than back-and-forth flaming any day of the week. Thank you, Saburok. You are a welcome fan.


          • Sabourok

            I believe I see what you mean now. Like I said before, I’ve zero relational experience in real life and all I have to go by is statistical research compiled in books such as “the dark side of interpersonal communication,” a book I’m currently reading for my college course: Disfunctional Communication. Though what you say does make sense and does make this scenario appear more probable, especially considering how the next page forshadows another conflict with Raven.

            Taking into consideration that there is still more to be done, perhapse I expected the major relational uncertanties to be resolved too early and Chrissy is still a little uncertain about Quick and he about her. Granted a complete lack of relatonal uncertanty has a negative effect on a relationship, but I believe that perhaps when Raven confronts them, as the next page forshadows, more conflict will arise possibly resulting in the back and forth conflict between Quick and Chrissy and Raven that I felt was missing here. It’s a very good thing that there is more to be done, like you said. I do look forward to seeing how this develops.

            Ps: Sorry that I misinterpreted your initial reply as being emotional as opposed to being calm. That was just the impression I got from your first paragraph with the back to back questions. That’s the trouble of text I suppose, almost no way to convey tone of voice that is vital to express the true meaning of words. lol

  • Petite Feline

    oh my. Looks like things are starting to settle down

  • Guest

    So Quick said that for 2 years that they are in love, but it took them like what last week or last night to “bang it in bed?” 0_o I’m confused? Atleast the storm has been stopped and haven’t selled any tickets to my bomb shelter!! TT^TT Now let’s skip ahead to the next scene of where Quick and Chrissy goes to the movies and out of a coincedence that Raven will be there and all shit will hit the fan again!! I blame Sky for setting Quick up with Raven in the first place… >_> You hear that Sky!!! It’s all YOUR fault!!!! T^T

  • wery12345

    if only life was this awesome…sexy…hot…Etc

    • Jhaqastar

      Amen to that

  • Miroku

    Ok, the only thing I’m lost on is when he said “two years in the making”. I can’t really tell how much time has passed since page 1, other than the whole summer vacation bit in the middle. Hell, it felt more like it started in spring, and this is early/mid-fall. o_o;

  • Jhaqastar

    *puts of shades* always gets em!

  • k24601

    Maybe she hurt herself somehow while she was asleep. I’ve never had that problem but I know other people do.

  • HowlingStorm

    *Phew* Crisis avoided.

    Still have to clean this shit left over

  • yeah boi fairy tail easter egg

  • frank bell

    yeah boi fairy tail easter egg

  • Jarvis Campbell

    i dig the fariy tail shirt

  • Jarvis Campbell

    i dig the fariy tail shirt

  • Holy-Shit-Son

    Am I the ONLY one who noticed the Fairy Tail(Anime) Emblem on Quick’s shirt??