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  • Renadt

    The shit has hit the fan!

    • bakaneko

      this fan that people go on about… what kind is it? and why are people throwing shit at it?

      • V4Voracious

        Worse than that… it is diarrhea, and it is an industrial fan!

        • MasterGodai

          oh Dear God! it’s everywhere! it’s in my raccoon wounds!

          • brad

            (Quick and Chrissy fan Base)
            Me: WTF IS THIS?!
            Workers: OH SHIT!! BOSS!!
            Me: You mean to tell me my ass is gone for 3 months and ya just allow the shit to hit the fan!! You know what, YOU’RE FIRED!! YOU’RE ALL FIRED!!

          • shadebeast

            its on my good china! oh god!

          • Jaey442

            Nested comments FTW!!!!1one

    • Renegade

      to be honest i already knew something bad would happen just not exatly what…. it is kinda hard not to have something bad happen to a character who says “what could go wrong?”

  • Blaze984

    Well this is going to be interesting

  • DWKnight

    And they’ve both snapped.

    I wonder if Chrissy will actually believe him.

    She’d better though.

  • Obvious

    Lets see if she listens to Quick. Doubt she will though

  • Firestar

    Very much Chrissy, If you do as Quick said and Bill Cosby advised me when i was kid on Sat. Morning. Shut Up and listen because Number One: The biggest enemy is yourself and your mouth.


    Number Two:If you’re not careful; you might learn something well before it’s done. HEY HEY HEY!!

  • JustAfan

    Quick is pissed. By Reiko’s reaction, Chrissy must of stroke a nerve. I have never seen Quick like THIS.

  • JustAfan

    BTW…what does ‘sumenatana’?

  • Blaze984

    Wow love thats a strong word

  • Fi_Thun

    Yeah! Take charge, Quick!

  • No no not really she may have vented out at him but that’s her personal opinion on the current events after the previous heated discussion,
    Quick is not angry but he really feels Hurt (words can hit harder than a fist or a kick at times) now if Chrissy decides to actually listen she/we will get to know what exactly happend there,
    (also there is the possibility that during the argument between Raven and Chrissy Raven might have LIED to her to fuel her fire against him)
    (I’m getting that conception from her statement) so it’s finally 1on1 talk time between them and hopefully come to an understanding or to go their separate ways heartbroken (Hoping it NEVER Happens) STAY TUNED!!!

    • OtakuMan

      Not quite. If Raven had lied, then Chrissy would be under the impression that Quick slept with Raven too. But clearly, Chrissy says, quote:

      “Then when you can’t get your damned nuts off with her, you come home to me and mount me like a mare!”

      So that means that she knows that Quick and Raven didn’t do anything, but she’s under the impression that if Quick could have, he would have. And am I the only one that thinks that referring to a squirrel’s nuts is a social taboo? At least she didn’t call them “Honey Nut Clusters”. Course, I think that’s what she starts calling them once they hook up.

      OtakuMan: Making Breakfast Cereal Sound Dirty Since 200X!

      • BlackWind

        So are you saying that Raven went and told Chrissy she came on to Quick and he Rejected her or such and she still believes that Quick screwed her that night without proof or hessitation that they did it? All I know is that next segment should have the proper clarification of sorts otherwise I see a very sad story for them

  • Flower

    SHIT SON THEY CALLED DOWN A FIIRE STORM. i feel someones ass just got chewed out and someones is about to be chewed out!

  • RPX

    Now if Quick was a the D-bag that she was making him out to be. Then he would have never been in this problem in the first place.

  • Mmm Bunny tail…

    Oh look there is more comic.
    Something tells me the next page is going to get a bit wordy.

  • oh BTW people Guys can get hurt by a Girl without a single Hit or nut kick (that does Not mean a sign of Weakness nor being a “Wuss”) just to clarify us guys have feelings too and even tho we may not show it at times but honestly we do so y’know

    • Darious Frost

      And the guys that do show how hurt they are, or suck at hiding it, end up getting called wusses, drama queens and what not… I speak from experience ><

  • Joe F.

    Quick never slept with Raven, he never wanted to; sure the temptation was there, but he refused, even though Raven jumped on him.

    I’m pretty sure he didn’t do anything to Chrissy when she was under the influence either, he loves Chrissy too much to do something like that. I’m hoping everything turns out for the better!

  • pekoponian


    Poor baby…

  • BlackWind
  • Kid_K

    The Exposition is about to hit the fan.
    Anyways…Makes me want to
    Well played mastergodai….well played….

  • Talon

    Heh…this is gonna be interesting. No matter which way quick goes from here- odds are he’s about to find himself in an all out war. Now lets look at the facts: we -know- he didn’t bang the cute kittens brains out. She only woke up sore due to the odd position she slept in. As far as Raven goes; She’s just pissed off because as usual (Typical anime/manga or even normal real girl reaction..) she didn’t pause to look at the facts before jumping to a conclusion. Now being that as it may be, it doesn’t change the fact that our hero quick is actually innocent here. So Quick, here are your options. 1) Just put the kitten in her place and tell her to simmer down, explain things rationally and somehow produce video evidence or photos. (Hey, we know he’s a nice guy, but a perv none the less…) 2) Ditch the kitten, say enough is enough and get yourself a cute mousie. or 3) ignore them both and get yourself a cute ninja bunny girl named Jaz. Honestly; I like option 3. X3

    • 😀 You know, it truly amazes me how EVERYONE has this belief that Quick is this innocent hero and Chrissy is such a whiny queen. Also, guys, Chrissy is a CIVET, not a feline. She obviously just takes care of her tail-fur, that’s all. 😀 Anyway… guys, lemme tell you, straight from the canis-rufus muzzle here; Quick is NOT innocent of all charges. Not by a long shot. Though, the truth of what happened that evening, and even what happened between rodent and civet, will be shown in the future…. but not the immediate future! Sorry.


      • Kid_K

        Darn you immediate future!!! Darn you to heck! XD

      • OtakuMan


        That would imply that he DID do something with Chrissy, or perhaps more accurately, Chrissy did something with Quick.

        And another thing… I recall Quick telling someone, prior to going to Raven’s, that his reason for going was to try and gently break things off with her. Looking back to September of last year, the person that would know is Ravin (with an ‘I’) who was last chatting with Quick before Quick made the decision to clear the air.

        Plus, it was on Chrissy’s prompting that he go and make sure there’s nothing between him and Raven which started the whole mess to begin with, even after she gave him such a passionate kiss (while sober).

        This could lead to Quick arguing that he’s trying to do everything possible to make sure that he and Chrissy can be an item, including doing the things she suggests. However, what’s the point in pursuing a relationship if all his attempts to make it work end with her getting furious at him. What’s more, odds are good that Reiko knows that it was Chrissy that started it all, hence her comment in the 2nd to last panel.

        In short, odds are Quick is going to be hurt and lonely, with Chrissy realizing she dun goofed.

        [/Revised hypothesis]

        • 😀 Just keep on guessing, OtakuMan. One of these times, you just might hit paydirt. But it is refreshing and invigorating in the meanwhile.

          • OtakuMan

            And it’s quite fun guessing too. 🙂

        • BlackWind

          Man not that I’m doubting your deduction skills but on your spare time go back and recap on the whole story from the start to get a better grasp of where the “players” stand up to date so nothing is missing (I did recently and may do so again)

  • SoniaStrummFan217

    It’s true. Words can cut deeper than any blade can. similar to the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”, except there’s no pen right now, just words. I have to say, I really feel bad for Quick. Obviously we all haven’t known for as long as say Rei has, but I know that he isn’t like that. This is your moment Quick! Time to nut up or shut up!

  • The madness, the swearing, the slight XXX pun usage!! ….can’t wait for the next page!! ;P

  • OtakuMan

    Well well, this is something interesting that I wasn’t expecting. If Quick was to pull the wishy washy Godai excuse, then he wouldn’t be standing up for himself at this point, or at the very least, he’d be in a position where he couldn’t explain himself even if he tried. (Like when Kyoko was so mad at Godai, that she didn’t realize that he was practically being milked dry by a rather despicable couple that were renting a room out to him, leaving him almost homeless. And all of this was because the tenants at Maison Ikkoku were too drunk to be able to remember anything and get their facts straight.) In Quick’s case, if Jasmin got a chance to beat him up, then the confusion would continue.

    So this is refreshing. Perhaps Chrissy will listen to Quick and believe him? If he’s going to be this serious, then perhaps he may just get through. He’s got to pull a “Monk” and go “Here’s what happened…” Once he’s said what he knows is true, the ball is then in Chrissy’s court. From the sound of it, the only event that is incorrectly assumed by all parties save for Quick is that Quick slept with Chrissy, which I’m quite sure he didn’t. It is this assumption that is making just about everyone misjudge his character, which from what I can tell is the cause of the anguish Chrissy AND Raven are both having. So what happens on Tuesday will likely either lead Quick and Chrissy to finally going steady, or to more stormy weather.

    Also, “Sumenata”? I know you don’t know Japanese (as you’ve said before), but were you trying to go for “Sorry, girlfriend” there? If so, shouldn’t it be “Sumimasen”? – “Sumu” – “Sumimasen”

    Either way, eager to see what happens next! 🙂

    • It is not in my nature to nitpick about language, but that one word managed to baffle me.
      I found many expressions that were fitting and similar, but not exactly same.

      Sumanakatta-na, girlfriend. = Sorry(about not telling you this earlier), girlfriend.
      Suman-na, girlfriend. = Sorry, girlfriend.
      Tsumetai-na, girlfriend. = That was cold/harsh of you, wasn’t it, girlfriend.


      Sumen = sober face
      Sumen ja nai yo ne. = You don’t look sober, do ya.
      Mada shirafu ja nai ne. = You are not sober yet, are you.
      Sumen atta-na, girlfriend. = You had your sober face on, didn’t you, girlfriend. (Way to keep a sober face, girlfriend.[very farfetched interpretation])

      Thats all I can figure out with my vague japanese skill. As for what they were going with “sumenatana”, your guess is as good as mine.

      • OtakuMan

        Well done, Nigimi!

        That looks very spot on. I personally think the Tsumetai-na works the best, but I do think “Sorry” was what Crimson was going for. Trouble is, what form of “sorry” is the proper use here for a vivacious bunny ninja?

        Ahh… tenses and gender in words. How confusing they can be.

  • Chocothunda

    Chrissy definitely has a right to be mad in this, but MAN, is she jumping the gun on this one.

    Remember ya’ll; nice guys are INCREDIBLY SCARY when angry. (Partially speaking from first hand experience and observations.)

    • This beist the truth. It unlocks the side they wish keep on lock down. I should know…

    • Darious Frost

      I guess that makes me a nice guy AND a door mat, unlike Quick… when I got that kind of treatment… I stayed quiet and let our friends explain to her after they came to me to find out what happened. She felt like shit after, but I felt worse because she felt like shit.

  • She snapped! :O


  • Renima

    Dun dun DUNNNNNNN!!!!

  • bakaneko

    Oh….shit….every one is flipping the fuck out. This is good. My God I think I love you for making this.

  • bakaneko

    GUN! HE’S GONNA GO PSYCHO! Sorry had to do that

  • *smiles*
    Good boy Quick, sometimes you have to be a bit of an ass to get through to people.

  • Xscar10

    What’s sumenatana?

      • Xscar10

        Thanks ^w^

      • OtakuMan

        I checked the phrases on that page, and didn’t see Sumenatana anywhere. Of course, maybe the page search didn’t find it because Sumenatana is actually more than one word, with at least one conjunction in there.


      • JustAfan

        I went to the site and I could not find ‘sumenatana’ anywhere.

        • Well, guys, “sumimasen” means “I am sorry”. What Reiko said was “Sumenatana”. I’m sure you guys can figure it out, get an idea of what’s being said. But yes, both of the bunny sisters are from the land of the rising sun, so they both can speak nihongo. You’ll see it a lot more in the future. Research would be both appropriate and encouraged, if you want to know more. However, for LONG stretches of other tongues, rest assured that I’ll post english translations, when requested.


  • Jasper222

    WOW, he actually admited to her that he loves her, that takes guts quick, hope she does listen and you don’t see your own guts

  • Lol She went out of her mind. 😛

  • Ravin

    To all the people saying – She snapped.

    Im more worried about Quick. You figure this is a girl hes liked for God knows how long, and he assumed she’d think he was a better person. Granted the circumstances couldn’t be worse, but you figure someone you care about that much and have taken so much time to get to know you out and says that. It has to be devastating.

    But comes back as great makeup sex 😀

    • BlackWind

      Dude I honestly don’t believe that this situation will end up in make up sex not unless she gets emotional and asks Quick to forgive her and then decides to let him have her for real (in which case the crowd goes bannanas!!!) 😀

      • Ravin

        What are you talking about?

        Have you never been so angry at someone you’ve pushed them up against the wall and fucked them senselessly?

        Its called angry sex. Its amazing. Its a fight for dominance, for who is right and wrong when you really can’t decide on how to take an argument.


        • bakaneko

          I think you are my hero… well for now depending on the next few pages and what Quick does.

        • OtakuMan

          I take it you know from experience? Or are you “in character” when you say that? :3

          • Ravin

            Online, I am always in character~

            Offline. I have only ever been with one girl sexually. I’m very picky. ^^

        • OtakuMan

          Ahh, gotcha. 🙂

          I know that if I were like that, I’d probably not be married like I am now.

          …and my wife would have killed me ten times over if not more.

          Also, you’re still not getting my Bud Light, Johnny.

          • Ravin

            but Ray…

        • Guest

          Does sex have to be the answer to solve anything? >_> I mean a nice cup of coffee with a nice fireplace with two chairs facing each other and what not being a mature person to talk about it more “civily type” you know. If that doesn’t work then having sex is a choice… But reasoning with a nice chat talk is a way to go first.

          • OtakuMan

            Remember, this is Ravin we’re talking about here.

            If sex is not part of the answer, then it’s not a problem worth solving.

            Just be thankful he hasn’t been saying “Giggity”

          • Ravin

            What is this nonsense about sex not being the answer.

            Sex is very healthy for you. A great stress relief. Amazing working and a great way to explore new and exciting people.

          • Ravin

            workout^ 😀

        • OtakuMan

          Somehow, Ravin,

          I don’t think many girls would be thrilled if they knew that you make a habit out of spelunking as many “caves” as possible.

          • Ravin

            That depends on how you look at it.

            Actively engaging in sex honestly, like I have in previous comics, is not like sleeping behind peoples backs.

            Im not doing anything outside of discussed boundaries. Its not like I know any of the girls in this comic more than a few minutes. You are implying I have a standing relationship/dating them. When all it appears to be is a very natural lust and friends with benefits situation. Which, I see no girls getting upset with unless they assumed its more than what is really going on.

        • sadly no I have not and most of my Anger tantrums have been caused by Male antagonists not Female ones >_<

  • Kitten


  • Psycho-Cat-Boy

    Slow Motion Train Wreck

  • Looks like it’s time to put an end to this misunderstanding.

  • Milkie

    Well, at least Rei thinks Chrissy is an idiot too.

  • Look out! Quick is about to go Super Saiyan. *chuckle* lol

  • Tension… Too much tension… I can’t wait for the next page. @_@

  • Irate_Shaman

    A version of Quick that can get out of a catastrophic situation and doesn’t have glasses? Oh my God! The aliens have replaced Quick with a doppelganger! Run Chrissy, Run!

  • Sandro

    This entire incident had ‘Bad’ written on it from the start, in big red letters surrounded by a Nuclear Warning sign, but did anybody see it? Nope. Now, lets just sit back and wallow in the fallout and see what mutations happen. I’m gonna grab a soda 😀

    • AflacMan13

      I’ll bring the popcorn and ho-hos.

  • SmeraldPrime

    This is why I date men… much less drama

  • JohnyMinx

    I know you want to advance the story quickly but i feel like your skipping a few parts and it feels like i missed something in between two pages. like the reaction between Quick and realizing the situation that just happened. Here it feels like he just knows whats going on even though no one ever mentions it between the time he gets back and his argument with Chrissy and accepts there’s nothing he can do, but then switches when he is actually confronted about it. Just my opinion. Your layout and dialog are good though

    • Well, Johnny, I ca understand your concern. However, yes, there are certain panels and things which we do not feel it is necessary to show. Not everything needs to show up in a comic page for the obvious to be realized. Quick got back just after getting smacked by Raven, coming home to see all of the girls ready to crucify him, with Jazmin leading the charge and Reiko trying to calm down a sobbing Chrissy. Obviously, Reiko pulled Chrissy aside while Skye is trying to calm down Jaz, and then Chrissy explodes in an emotional rant because of what she knows about the situation. Quick does NOT know what was said while Raven was there, but he DOES know what happened during that night. So, since Chrissy has said these things, doesn’t it make sense that Quick is going to set her straight? Thank you for the compliments, but we do have to prioritize sometimes. Keep on reading, Johnny.


      • OtakuMan

        I have to add my two cents in on this because I actually disagree with you a bit here. I understand that given time constraints, deadlines, and all the other stuff that comes with life, you can’t get everything you want out on digital ink. You have to pre-plan and stick to those plans to make sure that what needs to get done gets done.

        However, at the same time, I don’t think sacrificing “pacing” in the comic is a good idea. I understand that currently you are doing “time skips” in between the pages. It can be easily determined what happened in between without too much confusion. At the same time, however, it can give the impression that the story is being “rushed” and that certain important revelations for the characters, not the audience, are being overlooked.

        The last thing Quick said on the previous page was stating out loud how he wanted to know just what was going on. In the first panel of today’s comic, it is clear that Quick has already found out. This means that readers who want to see how Quick reacts to learning what’s going on, and the specifics as to who told him and how, are not going to see it. It may seem like it’s necessary to get to the meatier parts of the story faster, but at the same time, the sacrifice of what happens in between pages will definitely be noticed, and make readers wonder just what happened.

        I for one don’t mind the time skips because what happens in between the pages will likely be filled in later by either flashbacks or revelations that happen on page. Given that you plan to fill in the blanks later, I for one don’t mind missing the details now provided that I can find out those details later. This is because it avoids the easy-to-fall-into trap of plot holes. In addition, time skips in the middle of important events can make it feel like sloppy writing and can give readers the impression that you don’t know what happens in between pages yourself. I know that’s not true, but it’s that kind of impression that readers can get.

        I myself have a problem with being too detailed in my writing and, well, just about everything; I’m a very detail oriented person. But even so, if watching the shows on TGWTG taught me anything, it’s that plot holes need to be avoided like the plague.

        So far, the only real noticeable skips that I’ve seen are today’s and Tuesday’s. Just as long as you don’t skip around too much, then it should be fine.

        And that’s my two cents. 🙂

        • Okay, OM. I appreciate that you’re aware of the limitations of not only a bi-weekly posting, but also to spacing issues and the sheer limits of comic pages versus animation. You’re absolutely right in that plans have to be followed to make sure what is supposed to happen is what happens, and there ARE plans to follow in the storyline and how everything looks in the page. More than just exposition, there are many factors in play in determining the pace of a comic page; aesthetics, position of characters versus text, expressions and situations, not to mention the intended storyline.

          However, there are times where the point-of-view of the audience is superimposed upon the characters in the middle of personal immersion. Even after looking over the last few pages, I do not see an excessive lack of proper pacing among the pages. I do notice that there are areas that lack exposition, but that is absolutely intentional. There are reasons why it has not been revealed what happened during that night with Chrissy, much like the night in question when Reginald mentioned the risque pictures of the bunny sisters. Once more, just for argument’s sake, let us review what Quick does know and doesn’t know at the beginning of this page.

          Quick knows what happened during the night with Chrissy, as well as what happened at Raven’s house with him and Raven. Quick was there both times, of course. What Quick does NOT know is what was said amongst the girls before he got back. He doesn’t know why Raven smacked him or why Jazmin was pissed and Chrissy was crying. However, it is not so much a stretch of imagination in that how Reiko is reacting, Skye pulling Jazmin aside, Chrissy acting despondent, and Reiko asking Quick to explain about things…. that this all has SOMETHING to do with what happened the night before. Before yesterday, all this wasn’t happening, and now chaos reins supreme around the apartment. This suggests that SOMETHING went screwy about what happened last night… and Quick didn’t want to press the issue, if it affected Chrissy and Raven this strongly. Hence why he said for Reiko to leave her alone like Chrissy wanted. THEN…. Chrissy started exploding, so yes, now Quick is going to explain some things to her. Still…. what Quick knows has not changed; he has simply made some reasonable judgment calls. Which happen to be correct, it seems. Does that explain things?

          I am also a very detail-oriented writer, but in working on the comic with Godai, I have learned that some details have to be saved for later use and some details have to be only subtly used. Now, in light of some recent comments, there will be some extra exposition in Quick’s response on the next page regarding certain matters. Rest assured, however, that I take the responsibilities of writing on Rascals VERY SERIOUSLY, as much as Godai does. You will see the bar rise for the writing of the comic in the future, and more items will be subtly introduced. I hope you will get as much pleasure out of the comic as the both of us get out of making it. Thanks.


          • OtakuMan

            Just as I suspected. You DO have plans in place after all. 🙂

            Well done!

            I’m looking forward to the next couple of pages, and I’m sure lots of the other readers are too. Also, the analysis and speculation we’ve got going here in these comments are tons of fun. I can imagine coming up with logic puzzles for fans to figure out.

            “If X knows Y, and Y knows Z, and Z knows X and Y, but doesn’t tell X and Y what he knows…”

            Oh the possibilities!

          • JohnyMinx

            sorry, i didn’t mean to say that time skips were not important or that you were doing it incorrectly. I just thought it would have been more realistic if Quick was more aggressive with explaining the situation to Chrissy right off the bat, instead of being less inclined to talk to her if she didn’t want to talk, especially if he didn’t do anything wrong except being weak willed to attractive women. I really like your and godai’s story, i think you are doing a great job and i look forward to it every week. It’s just when i was reading the last page i felt like i missed something between the dialog of the previous one. Ya’ll have a come a long way since the beginning so i hope ya’ll keep up the good work!

  • Oh my gosh. Tuesday can not come soon enough. o.o

  • Flame-LoneWolf

    Both Raven and Chrissy are over reacting. Quick never EVER said that he wanted to have sex with Raven and Chrissy is just making assumptions. More or so, it was attempted rape. The only thing I think Chrissy can be mad about is that he had drunk sex with her. She kind of had it coming though. It’s not like she didn’t want it though. I can’t wait to hear Quick tell her off and maybe she will stop being a whiny, spoiled little brat!

    • Chrissy isn’t a whiny brat sensitive yes whiny no and now we know that she can’t handle Liquor even diluted in sauce and Quick is about to explain what went down so we better be straight, cause without a doubt or he’ll stick our eyeballs inside out.

  • Davathean

    Well this paned out a bit better than i expected… i honestly believe that Crissy was going to Ape Shit on Quick. but still bad thou… for him i mean.

  • Hmm… I wonder what are the odds of Jaz showing up outta nowhere, getting involved in this little mishap, and start beating the holly hell outta Quick?

    • Not terribly likely. That is one thing that I PROMISE is not gonna happen.

  • Xamri

    So, So, Interesting… Can’t wait until Tuesday!

  • Anonymous

    I’m with OtakuMan on this one I don’t mind the jumps in the comic but I still would like to know what happened in the jumps.

    • :points upward: See my response to OtakuMan.

      • OtakuMan

        I’m actually kinda surprised that my comments generate so much response here. Did NOT see that coming!

  • Guest

    Shit should I get Dr. Phill or Jerry on this to calm the fuck down on these two people? I can summarize the story of Quick in at least 5 simple facts. But as for Chrissy it’ll be a fucking book to understand on what her side of the story is. 0_o It’s going to awhile for the storm to calm down, as for the mean time I’ll go get some beer some popcorn and a nice comfy chair to sit on… ^_^

  • nyarrrrrrrr

    Rei is so hot, I don’t know what to do with myself. I wish I could go into that custom dream hibernation in the movie Vanilla Sky with Rei as my dream bunny. I would be happy forever and evers ;p

  • Bo


  • Logic

    Range of thoughts:
    This is jersey shore furries and i’m loving it!
    Love? Chrissy? pfft~ you don’t want to bang someone within the week you meet them because you “fell in love”.
    It’s hard to say “wanna” angry-like without sounding ghetto
    I think you meant to say thought I think cause thought is I think past tense
    So that’s Rei’s hair from behing….huh
    I say rip her a new one and go after mouse-girl. c’mon she’s a hot geek and Chrissy’s a drunk slut.

    • Range of thoughts in reponse to your thoughts:

      Wow! Thanks for the love.
      Huh? Someone might be confused about the timeframe, and it might not be me.
      Amazing range, those ghettos; they must pop up all over the place. Cause I say “wanna” all the time.
      No, pretty sure that I thought that I wanted her to say I think, because then I would have thought something other than what I think.
      Yeah, the elder bunny ninja might need a haircut soon. Or a good brushing. … SKYE! Get over here!
      And who says Chrissy isn’t a geek!? She plays Wii AND loves her some 360! Not even on LIVE, either.

      Thanks, Logic. That was fun! 😀 Glad you love the comic.


      • OtakuMan

        If it were me, I’d take comparing Rascals to Jersey Shore as an insult.

        I mean, Jersey Shore?! Ewwwwww.

  • freddyfrijolero

    All I can pretty say to this is, DAMN NIGGA

  • One Bad Mouse

    Why does nobody see that Chrissy is BATSHIT INSANE? She flies off the handle at every little thing and poor Quick has to suck it up because he loves her? Did something happen to her in the past to make her so nuts?

    • well this is speculation but perhaps wherever she came from she might have had a similar experience in which perhaps there was someone she liked and maybe her “crush” may have cheated on her with someone else that she might have caught in the act and decided to tell her (oh me and her we’re just friends) but in reality were probably going at it and well she probably got Fed up with the nonsense and probably said to herself she’s not going to go thru that experience ever again, starting fresh in this new town/school, but sadly history is repeating itself for her and well this time rather than “Run” away from it she probably wants to make things work out this time around,
      and Quick is possibly the only guy whom she really would like to be with. but things aren’t going easy for her

  • One Bad Mouse

    And “Rat bitch”? IS Chrissy a racist? …Speciest… Whatever. If they were humans, that would’ve been “That asian bitch” or something. I’m shocked!

    • MasterGodai

      not a “Speciest ” lol she just got caught up in her emotions you might say it will be shown in future comics why she is that way

      • OtakuMan


        “Malicious Mouse Miscreant!”
        “Wretched Rodent Whore!”
        “Pesky Pyromys Pixie!”
        “Lecherous Lewd Labrat!”

        and as an insult to those that don’t like mice:

        “Myopic Musophobic Malcontent!”

        Thank you! Thank you very much!

        • One Bad Mouse

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          • OtakuMan

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      Soon there will be blood.

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