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Rascals Pg 108: knock knock

Rascals Pg 108: knock knock published on 64 Comments on Rascals Pg 108: knock knock
Hello out there! Sorry for the lateness, but one of us was AFK for a couple of days, not saying whom…. However, I think we have a powder-keg situation about to unfold, especially with Chrissy feeling morose. All together now! “AAAAAWWWWWWWWHH…!!” See you on Friday!
  • Ravin

    umad internet?

    • ForeverAlone

      Actualy Im jelly.

    • Guest

      What kind of powers do you have to adviod a BIG bitch slap from a girl!!! 0_o I mean it’s not fair to Quick and Sky and you got not a simple scratch on you!!! :O It’s breaking one of the guy rules of the world of dating!!!

      • Ravin

        I got some scuff marks on my outfit! Nothing serious though… :3

        • CORR

          I feel sorta depressed saying this, being my first comment here, in addition to the fact that I really do love this comic.


          Maybe next time someone should actually learn Japanese before putting it up on the web for the world to see… Just saying.

          • Crimson


            Perhaps you’re right. I don’t know Romanji-Japanese fluently. We used a translation system for that SINGLE statement of Jazmin’s. The attempts at translation at others are pretty close to correct. Though, if you want to discuss correct conjugations of Nihongo, go ahead and send me a mail; I’d love to learn more about one of my favorite languages. Hope you enjoy the rest of the comic and the pages to come.


        • S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the Incredible Hulk Put Together

          There will be blood…..and tits.

          • bsteven93

            hurray! the update has arrived! and a blood orgie i see how delightful! too bad mousy and quicky wont be able to engoy it but i knoe reisey will! :3

          • Tearahk

            This could get ugly… and personal…. lets watch >:3

          • bakaneko


        • T-BIRD000666

          raven do u have superpowers cuz i don’t know anyone who can that easily pick up women tell me ur secret

  • DreadWingKnight

    Ok, this could end badly.

  • Now sensing drama…and more devious Ravin! XD

  • knux

    wait, what did Jazmin say?

    • knux

      Also, did Reiko get pinker?

      • Jin

        I knew it wasn’t just me!

    • Crimson

      :pulls out a Romaji-English dictionary, tosses it over: You’ll need this. Happy word-hunting!

      • *blinks*
        Um, not sure of the actual phrasing, but “Dear God, these damn idiots”?

      • CORR

        Couldn’t help but notice, and I don’t mean to be well… Mean, but,
        Does anyone actually speak Japanese here? ‘Cause while some of the words are right, the grammar and format are really off. No one speaks that way. And speaking/Living in Japan as I do, I would know.
        Tried saying something before, but I guess someone didn’t like that too much, and it was deleted.
        Which is kinda silly really, seeing as I was/am just curious. 😉

        • Corr, three things. One; comments are rarely if ever deleted. I did reply on your comment, but it wasn’t deleted. Two; as stated in my reply, while I do enjoy Nihongo, I am not fluent in Japanese-Romanji. I would welcome civil discussion regarding any flaws that were made based on the translation matrix used over e-mails. Third: I do not enjoy having to repeat myself regarding a comment. I would suggest that you leave the matter be. It was one sentence in over one-hundred pages of the comic. If you wish to discuss the conjugation and syntax errors further with me, please do so privately via my website contacts at Thank you.


    • Daigogi

      Does this mean we’re back to 2 updates a week?

      • pet_panda

        4 internet points say chrissy woke up sore from drunken shananagans, and not from drunken sex with quick.

      • BlackWind

        Well according to Crimson it seems so this was the 1st update Tuesday and next is Friday (unless something comes up)

  • >_< ohhh noo this is going to get fugly Raven just showed up with Quick's Jacket which might change Chrissy's mood from sad to (why that 2 timing @$$W!&%)

  • Jake

    Ok in the last pic, move your eyes from Jazmin to Raven… then Raven to Jazmin….And repeat as needed. The more you do it the sexier it gets…… take the story out of context and it looks like they’re about to do something.

  • pekoponian

    Oh. so he actually DID joyride her swiss alps? hmmm. i shall stay Skeptical until Quick tells his side.
    Chrissy was Piss drunk so who knows.

  • Angry Quick, Depressed Chrissy, and an unsuspecting Raven. *this is gonna be good*

  • Blaze984

    Raven: Uh hi is Quick here
    Crissy: Why do you have Quick’s Jacket
    Raven: He left it at my place last night
    Crissy: WHAT!!!!
    Raven: Um well you see Quick came over last night to play some W.O.W and i think to say we were just friends then i got a little crazy and stripped naked and someone came in and Quick ran out the door screaming. So i thought I’d bring him his jacket and apologize. I mean what are friends for right
    Crissy: I’ll repeat again WHAT!!!!
    Reiko: Mmn Plot twist. So how Naked are we talking.

    • DreadWingKnight

      If nothing else, that’s in character for Reiko

    • BlackWind

      Heh you write up a neat scenario, but under the current circumstances Chrissy isn’t in any Mindset to do such a thing, but Reiko (if she wanted to push some buttons could make an insinuation) all in all it’s girlfriend helping girlfriend not adding to the mess IMO

    • Crimson

      Heh. Funny as hell, Blaze… but not gonna happen like that. Still, it gave me a good chuckle or two. Not bad at all, Blaze.

  • Blaze984

    This is just what i think could happen but a snappy sexual remark by Reiko is a sure thing.

  • Renima

    Ravens Here Now Quick is in trouble. And I’ll bet He didn’t do a Damn thing.

  • *smiles happily*
    I do so Love Jazmin’s hair, and her outfit is pleasant . . .
    Smiling Zoey is dangerously cute!

  • Chocothunda

    Oh shi–

    Is anyone else detecting an incurring bomb of destruction here?!

    • Dusty

      oh gawd! shits hitting the fan! i can see it happening! oh gawd!

  • Neithan Diniem

    Agreeing with the comment above about Chrissy not being sore from gettin nasty with Quick, I honestly think that Quick would be honorable enough to not take advantage of the situation. My guess is Chrissy passed out from too much beer and Quick passed out from too much blood loss via nose bleeds.

    I have been wrong before though…

  • Blackwolf359

    I could think of better situations….

    • Bluefox

      God damn there idiots… I’m hungry tell Ravin to bring some subway on the way back 😛 I need foods

      • Bluefox

        Add a “now” in there somewhere, this comic made me hungry!

      • Ravin


        You need to drink and fall over more in the house so I can LOL at you and then be a pussy about how I never drink

  • Guest

    *puts on a bomb squad riot gear on* I’m selling tickets to the nearest bomb shelter for only $10 each!!! Come get them while we have them!!!! This is only for a limited time cuz we have a Doomsday Countdown starting with two hot chicks bout to explode!!!! :O I repeat tickets are on sell for $10 each and we’re having a Doomsday Countdown with two hot chicks about to explode!!!! >_<

  • *sneeks over to chopper bike* *looks both ways* *revs engine* *rolls slowly* *picks up speed*

    *phew* All clear,for now.

    Let’s see, where was I? Oh yeah! *FULL THROTTLE!!!*

  • Dragonrazor

    Jaz looks really good in those booty shorts o.o But not nearly as good as Raven looks in that sexy schoolgirl number.

    • knux

      and that makes you think. Could it be possible that Jazmin isn’t really tall, but rather everyone else(minus Jolty and Skye, of course) is just really short?

      • Dragonrazor

        Nah, I think Raven’s just short. Like Gauge short (mmm, sexy tiny Latina porn star)

  • Keirei

    Is it just me…..Or is Ravin’s right sleeve torn?

    • Ravin

      That it is! I didn’t notice until now.

      What was I doing…

      • Keirei

        I would like to know that as well o.o X3 gotta say you are one of my favs Ravin, probably cuz i am a girl and there are only a certain number of guys in this comic o.o XD

        • teless

          DAMN… that girl’s shorter than I thought.

    • Most definitely, the ladies beat the guys up. lol

  • Wolfman

    Oh hell, Mousey’s gonna get multi-pounced, with Chrissy going for blood. And chances are that Quick’s gonna walk in right when that fuse is about to go. Duck and cover! *starts burrowing*

    • AflacMan13

      Wolfman and Quick used dig… Its super effective!

  • Bo

    Right ok

  • NGA-1509

    I love those mini shorts Jazmine has on!
    Whoo! Long black haired pink plush with a feisty spicy personality!
    I so call dibs. Even if I have to dual with swords.

  • OtakuMan

    Wait, Chrissy’s worried about appearing like some kind of slut…

    …so that means she doesn’t want to be like Reiko? Or am I missing something.

  • shadebeast

    two things: was that some mandarin or something that jazmin was speaking in that last scene? and holy shit its raven •_•

  • Whoa I didn’t know Jazmin was so tall. Or is Raven just really small? xD

  • Mac

    What’s Jaz saying?

  • ravor9933

    I understand baka which means idiot

  • ravor9933

    I understand baka which means idiot

  • ravor9933

    I understand baka which means idiot