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  • Crimson

    Okay, everyone. REALLY sorry for the late page update; it’s been a rough week. Segue into that, we’ve gone over both our schedules, and the update times have changed slightly. We’re going to be posting all comics, from now on, at 7:00A EST, for multiple reasons. No matter the day that we’ll be posting on. Enjoy the new page, and you’ll be hearing the other side of the story soon enough.

    That is all. Crimson.

  • Quick did it. ….He did, didn’t he? Not too many explains for Panel 4…..

  • JustAfan

    Nice placement of the word bubble on panel 5. :/
    Anyway, I don’t know what the explanation will be, but you know Quick didn’t take advantage of her.
    Thanks for the warning about the new post time.

  • I bet that the noise came from Rei and Skye, and that Quick either had to wrestle Chrissy away from him or he gave her a back massage.

  • Dusty

    I approve of this…

  • BlackWind

    Ok then a secret page must be hidden somewhere with all the Juicy action to have this page up afterwards (goes to check FA for secret update)

  • Renadt

    I don’t think so. I think he didn’t do it and it was just the awkward positioning that she might have slept in or perhaps she slept on the floor.

    • BlackWind

      nope she just said she woke up naked in Quick’s Room so maybe she did sleep in bad posture, buuut we will know next segment when we turn to Quick and get his side of the story unless we see him with a “stupid happy Grin” like Skye’s face at the beach meaning (he entered the Virgin land and spread his Democracy XD)

  • Blaze984

    Yeah im guessing he had a good struggle to keep her away until she passed out. Then crashed in another room or left to walk around town.

    Quicks a good boy i couldnt bring myself to do it if a girl wasnt in complete control of her actions.

    • DreadWingKnight

      Reminds me of a scenario in Ai Yori Aoshi (manga, not sure if it was in the anime, been too long since I last saw it)

      Hopefully it happened the same way as the manga.

  • XD (9months laters) lol

  • Ravin

    Did he mispell Raven or am I somehow involved in this story arch! :O

    • Ravin

      Confirmed. I live in the apartment and I am banging that Zoe girl? Sounds legit! I never even knew!

      • Dragonrazor

        Poor you, being out of the loop for so long.

        Also, it’s highly likely Quick had to go Vulcan on her.

        • Ravin

          Yeah well << Life calls. I didn't really have a choice in being in or out of the loop to begin with.

          Its a nice surprise, considering my birthday was yesterday this was unexpected and perhaps intentional! :O

          • Crimson

            ;~D Happy Birthday, Ravin!! Feliz cumpleanos a ti!

            …. yes, yes it was intentional.

        • Dragonrazor

          Also…really wish I had some bunny o.o

    • DreadWingKnight

      Welcome to the loop.

      • Ravin

        Ive been busy with college stuff! I have been missing out on talks about this stuff.


        • DreadWingKnight

          Yeah, getting run ragged can do that to a guy.

    • BlackWind

      hm hmm soo you happen to have teh goods with bouncy Zoey, might mean you might make some other appearances ^^ lucky guy

  • Milkie

    Psh, he didn’t do it.

    Quick’s destined to be a sucker for the rest of his life.

  • knux

    Zoey’s hair got longer, didn’t it? It looks nice. Meanwhile Chrissy’s hair is now shorter XD

  • Tigerlady

    Interesting way to not answer any of our questions. I don’t believe he did, even though I wouldn’t be against it if he did. I’m sure, or at least I’m hoping, things will get explained later when we get back to Quick.

    On a side note, I love seeing Jazmin with her ears up like that, it’s cute. ^^

    • *phew* That’s a relief.

      BTW, that IS pretty cute with her ears like that. X3

    • Crimson

      As mentioned before, yes, all will eventually be explained and revealed in time…. but yes, we thought it would be nice to keep you guys guessing for a while. It could have happened. MANY things should have happened that night. Lots of noise and bumping WAS going on… you’ll find out, eventually. 😀

  • Omega Wolf J

    *smiles happily*
    I really like Zoey’s hair longer like that, but then I Love long hair.

  • UH-OH! Don’t tell me he did what I think he just did!

  • BlackWind

    0,0;; ooohh lookie lookie on panel 3 at Chrissy I believe there’s a brief boob showing there unless my eye’s playing tricks on me

    • AflacMan13

      And this has been the Side Boob Hour… Thanks for watching everybody.

  • Tendo

    Its pretty obvious that Quick didn’t do it, of course, shes going to assume he did and hate him probably for the next 3-4 months of comics….

  • Fearow

    Her expression is priceless in that last comic <3

  • Blaze984

    Say What now i love that is that from True Jackson VP

  • oh come on, Quick couldn’t have that, he is way too sweet! lol

  • S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the Incredible Hulk Put Together

    She probably fell or something, and Quick just wanked it like a monkey in a mango tree.

  • Lmao, More of Chrissy’s nipple, Implied Incest, and an awkward morning.
    I bet Quick pussied out though.

  • Poor Chrissy. Also I noticed that Jazmin isn’t in the about characters section. Why is that? D:

    • MasterGodai

      she will be in the major site update coming soon

  • Guest

    I believe that there is either a picture or a vid of the action last night that Quick and Chrissy did DO it in bed last night. xDD Might as well tell Chrissy to get some pregnacy tests to make sure she “might” be safe. Other than that Quick’s soilders are doing the happy march to victory!!! :DDD Or if not then it’s an utter failure for his soilder down there. T_T

  • DSman6

    Just goes to show the after effects of drinking. It can either be a nightmare, or it can be the best night of your life!

    • missingno

      or both

      • LittleFear

        lol epic 😀
        It’s funny because it’s true :>

  • bladra

    no way quick and chrissy didnt….did they???

    even if that question was answer it would of made so many other questions to apper

  • jericho0the0reaper

    I am the future assistant-leader of this entire world, and I approve of all messages implied.


  • Rave King


  • pekoponian

    Pics or it didnt happen. thats all im sayian

    • S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the Incredible Hulk Put Together

      I think thats appropriate.

    • Crimson

      And I think that making such statements is not conducive to getting results. We’re not going to say QUITE YET what happened that evening, but there will come a time when it will be revealed. Until then, it will simply have to be left to your imaginations, guys.

  • SOUP


  • bakaneko

    Nothing happened. He left her alone. He panicked and ran out of theroom when she came on to him and she passed out on his bed. I know quick’s type… partly because I am that type.