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  • DreadWingKnight

    Poor guy.
    The gentleman in him doesn’t want to abuse the situation.
    But it’s Chrissy.

    Long night indeed.

    • RegVarde

      For Chrissy’s sake, we’ll hope that “Quick” is an ironic name.

  • JustAfan

    Quick has all the luck. Good AND bad.

  • Evilboy63

    chrissy is drunk, she will sleep befor he takes he’s clothes off, soo that won’t happen xD.

  • >.>; The girl always seems to pass out in situations like this. lol

  • SIber

    LOL ) But I’m sure, that she will asleep at the most responsible moment )))

  • BlackWind

    Hey gentleman goes bye bye, kitty wants him NOW if he don’t comply then that will suck royally after nearly being ‘caught’ by Raven so let the chips fall where they may and score as it’s what Quick wanted to do with Chrissy for a looong time

  • BlackWind

    (on a separate note Godai-kun where is Goyoku at? still being prepared cause haven’t seen a link to it just yet) I’m a bit curious with anticipation X3

    • Crimson

      Now, BlackWind, all good things come to those who wait! Goyoko is on the way, as are other projects, but now is not yet the time. All will be revealed at the proper time, loyal fan!

  • WebcomicSurfer

    XD I can’t help but think this isn’t going ot end well.

  • nogoodnamesleft

    Niiice, mature black panties on Chrissy FTW. Also….what’s a beachhead?… it’s not even on urbandictionary… am I that lame?

  • DreadWingKnight

    “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” doesn’t preclude Quick from banging Chrissy either.

    Jeeze this is going to be annoying.

  • Dusty

    ,0,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *petrified*

  • Tendo

    “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”

    That doesn’t mean much coming from someone who would do pretty much anything anyway.

    Chrissy looks kinda strange in that last panel don’t you think? A lot thinner with thicker shoulders, and she almost looks like she has abs.

    • I think she’s supposed to be bending over

  • lol this situation is surely a difficult one.

  • Neithan Diniem

    Well, perhaps he will at least to get to go to bed wrapped up with her. Drunk or not, a cuddle is something Im sure Quick and Crissy wouldn’t mind.

    Now its the next morning that will be interesting… Id think.

  • Feira

    hee hee. you go quick. now only if i can gets a threesome with them hee hee *very drunk dragoness here*

  • Guest

    This is going to get VERY interesting and last panel FTW!!!! I’m still a little confuse on WHY Quick has not pounce on his kitty-lover yet? As also be keeping an eye on Jaz and Sky you know… >.>

    • Darious Frost

      Because quick is sticking to his morals and doesn’t want to screw things up with the girl. Hell, I’d be acting the same way.

  • Dude just…just plz. Let me jump in Rascals for the next couple of pages. I’M BEGGIN’ YA!! DX

  • Dude

    I can’t expect a comic to live up to my personal standards, but yeah.

    You don’t take advantage of someone who’s drunk. You just don’t.

    • shadebeast

      does it count if the drunk person is taking advantage of you? 😀

      • Then there is nothing you can do about but either to flow w/ it or start running. I REALLY doubt he’s running anytime soon. ;P Plus, if someone ran out on you, giving yourself to them, no matter how drunk they are, they’ll remember that one for a while. Roll w/ the flow Quick. There ain’t nothing you can do about it! XD

  • diverfox

    And all I’m thinking is how fun the next morning will be when they are all wake up sober. XD

  • Ravin


  • NGA-1509

    Don’t do anything Reiko wouldn’t do.
    So don’t up the opportunity of…you know…
    “storming the beachhead” between those legs.
    “Forward little soldier! Attack!”

    • NGA-1509

      don’t PASS up!


    • Renegade


  • Dragonrazor

    Now where was that hardbody when she was wearing a bikini?

    • jerich0thereap

      it was hiding behind her hair and the creep teacher

    • DreadWingKnight

      Hiding from all of us.

  • shadebeast

    wat WOULDNT reiko do?

    • Not take advantage of the situation?

      • bsteven93

        have a three way with her sister…….

  • Hey, you better get comfortable Quick.

    It’s gonna be one hell of a long night.

  • hey she’s just happy, in a more “special” approach that is

  • S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the Incredible Hulk Put Together

    That last pick of Reiko deserves a pinup

    • Darious Frost


      • Ravin

        fucking third

        DO ET GODAI

      • SabreW


        • SabreW

          Dammit, Ravin got it b4 I could. Fourthed, then.

          • Tearahk

            sixthed XP

          • DreadWingKnight

            Motion carried. All in favor?

  • Xscar10

    What Reiko wouldn’t do… she wouldn’t pass this up… Quick, I think you’re sort of… in a crossfire.

  • Vegas Holly

    wow nicez.

  • Bill

    I love it when Reiko of all people says “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”, because chances are that’s a pretty short list…

  • freddyfrijolero

    well, in the comic/cartoon world two or three stages are possible. one would be Quick holds on to his morals until crissy goes to sleep on her own. he falls under the woo’s of her and she passes out just before the deed is begun or at the middle of it. and third…….. they go to either his or her bedroom, fade to black, they wake up “WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?”! or maybe im missing something or getting something wrong

    • Crimson

      Ohhhh, now sir, you are tempting fate! ;~D Never tell an artist what they are going to do beforehand! That only encourages us to prove you wrong! XD

  • A

    Am I the only one who noticed “home-rolled catnip”?

    Subtle reference to something a little more than just vodka-salsa?

  • dive dive dive, fun times to come

  • Renegade

    lets not forget that Quick wants to “hit that” “like a radioactive rabbit on valentine’s day”

  • bladra

    looks like quick is going to get what he wanted anyway what would chrissy’s reaction be when she wakes up in the morning im betting she will do the classic scream loud enough for people in 10 miles range can hear along with giving quick a punch in the face

  • Blackwolf359

    I’m not sure if I envy Quick or if I feel sorry for him…

  • SOUP

    is l:O a word cus that is exactally what im feeling right bow just l:O i feel sorry for him yet i want nothing more that slap him with a studded glove for being so damn unintentionally lucky >:(

    • Blackwolf359

      Far to lucky for his own good I think…

  • goodoldjack

    Rei is quite… indowed in this one.

  • bladra

    man quick doesnt know how much afew people would trade places with him

  • FlareTheWolf

    “dont do anything i wouldnt do” said the one who has already done it once in this comic LOL

  • Sabourok

    ok, I wanna be in quick’s position as much as anyone else here, but so far the actions he’s taken through out this comic aren’t dissimilar to what I’d do in such a situation, so by that I just have a feeling deep in my gut that he’ll be the kind of guy to not take advantage of Chrisie while she’s intoxicated.

    • Sabourok

      ok, a good number of his stupid actions I don’t feel I’d do, like when he threw Jaz into the bushes, but I don’t know what I’d do in a panic like that. >.>

  • timeheart

    “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”? That must be a very short list. 😉

  • timeheart

    “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”? That must be a very short list. 😉