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  • ninjawolf

    well now looks like everyone is still a little goofy after their special dinner most of us guys would probably jump at a chance like this…but quick might not do anything bad…though there is potential he may end up in another scenario where he has to call off his soldier.

  • Nice one, although I just read the comic after reading japanese manga, so I was reading the panels in the wrong direction there for a bit. lol

  • Ravin


  • Ardratz

    Wow…Quick is so shocked at what happened that he didn’t even notice Chrissy’s lack of clothing. Who’s willing to bet that there will be a large loss of blood in the next comic.

  • Er, what is that…thing…Rei’s holding? And what evil plans is going on in her mind?

    • Crimson

      Well, that is a hand-whisk blender, Foxfire…. and also one helluva inside joke! :~D

  • 13yaroza

    Why is she doing? Was a party in her pants and a cake that needs to be whisked? *Note* “I do not know how what I just said could be interrupted ‘badly’ ^^”
    Or more likely she is trying to tickle her IDK xD

  • Blitz

    Can’t wait to see what she does with the eggbeater. >.>

  • “What the flying Fuuu~?” is correct and why does Reiko have a mixer?
    lol Quick avoided one incident and Catches another. he just might like this one more.

    • BlackWind

      well in this case he wouldn’t mind going the distance with Chrissy but he won’t take advantage of her just cause she’s drunk (buuut it would be nice X3)

  • S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the Incredible Hulk Put Together

    This is very Good

  • LMAO awesome, but what the hell is Rei thinking! what does she have, im a little afraid

    • Guest

      Now’s your chance Quick!!!! GO FOR THE REBOUND AND SCORE ONE FOR US GUYS WITH CHRISSY!!!!! :3 xDDD

      • bsteven93

        …Ooorr….. go for the double whammy and fiddle with Rei she has the egg beater quick has Crissy all i know theres going to be loud screams and no one going to go to bed alone tonight!! x3

    • Wolfe

      I can actually answer part of that. Its an egg beater. Its still anyone’s guess what she plans to do with it though.

  • Xscar10

    Wow, out of the frying pan and into the fire. Poor Quick.

    • NGA-1509

      Poor Quick? Poor Quick?!?! poor…
      If being poor is a good thing, then bitchslap me and call me nuggets cause I wanna be as poor as Quick.

      • Xscar10

        XD well I mean this won’t help his situation at all.

  • Sabourok

    What the fu……………… Just add Skye and Jaz in the picture and it’d be safe to assume Quick stumbled upon the start of an orgy.

    Just a thought, what happened to their clothes? I wanna know wtf happened! lol

    • Blacksnow

      wth is she gonna do with that egg beater??? O.O

  • bladra

    what they going to do with that egg whisk….unsecond though best not answer that

  • Does anyone have any idea what she’s gonna do with that egg-whisk?

    • Darious Frost

      I can think of 3 things… tangled hair… captured tail… and… yeah, no…

      • Hold up. What was the third one again?

        • Tammy

          I figured it’d have something to do with tickling

  • Dragonrazor

    You do not say no to a sexy kitty in your arms o.o

  • BornToL8

    I think the eggbeater is a reference to the movie “Bachelor Party” 😛

    • MasterGodai

      Correct! =D

  • Fredrick

    Reminds me of a song by the Offspring (Self Esteem)” Late at night she knocks on my door
    Drunk again and looking to score
    Now I know I should say no
    But that’s kind of hard when she’s ready to go
    I may be dumb
    But I’m not a dweeb
    I’m just a sucker with no self esteem”
    woohoo everything makes sense except the eggbeater! /o/

  • SoniaStrummFan217

    I had a feeling something like this was gonna happen. I’m a bit afraid to find out what Rei’s gonna do with that whisk blender…

  • dude…I don’t even WANNA know about the eggbeater, just let something big happen between Quick and Chrissy and it should be a good night.(or rest-of-the-night in Quick’s case.) XD

  • SmoothTigger

    I don’t know whats going on but when a sexy semi-topless Kitty falls in your arms and starts talking about a cold lonely bed you proceed to said bed and provide WARMTH AND COMPANY STAT. Don’t drop the ball this time Quick my boy.

    • BlackWind

      Well as tempting as it is I’m unsure that Quick would take advantage of Chrissy while drunk (unless she takes the initiative that’s another story) as for Reiko she’s just having some fun as she’s the carefree girl from the group X3

  • ninjawolf

    a thought if rei wasn’t affected by the curry then what turned her to the naughty side/making her remove her clothes.

    • Sabourok

      I coulda sworn she was always like that. :3

    • WebcomicSurfer

      She’s naturally naughty. Right?

  • lolfurries

    Let the hijinks… begin 😀

  • JustAfan

    Just curious. Are you a fan of ‘Bachelor Party’? Just asking.

    • yup thats where i got it from

      • Blaze984

        So i guess when Raven said “No way did you shagged her rotten” you got it off Austin Powers Right

  • WebComic Fan

    nice one.

  • shadebeast

    ok ive seen some crazy toys in my life, the eggbeater may result in unfelt pain by chrissy. but wat the hell. pain is sometimes pleasure 🙂

  • Blaze984

    This reminds me of Lexi after a sip of wine LOL

  • AflacMan13

    what the Flying “FUUUUU********” indeed.

  • Mr noname

    Hoo boy this will not end well for anyone except rei

  • Dude

    Okay. This is a delicate situation that will need to be handled with the utmost maturity.

    Unfortunately, this is not something I’ve seen very much of from these character’s so far.

  • A

    Panel 3: He looks like Horatio Caine, i.e. Maximum Badass
    Best image of Quick ever.

    • Ravin

      I suggested to him a few times he should use this as a new icon.

  • Dusty

    oh dear gawd why does she have a hand bender! O_O;:

    • AflacMan13

      That is an Egg Beater… and one can only imagine where Rei of all people is thinking of putting that thing. Meeyow mizz bun-bun meeeeeyoooowww…

  • DreadWingKnight

    Fail or win.

    It must be epic.

  • Keith

    quick used to be orange and how hes yellow… i never noticed that…

  • gehenna

    Hmm.. she is purring and taking his glasses off.. but quick is too much of a gentleman to take advantage of her current state, after all, he had a chance with Raven, and didn’t do anything despite the mousie’s best attempt.

    • BlackWind

      Yes he resisted the mouse’s charms but just because of help, now that Chrissy is drunk n flirty with him doesn’t mean he will “do” her (buut he’d want to under the proper circumstances) but if she makes the 1st move Quick won’t refuse her XD

  • When I first saw panel 4, I thought she was going to Leg Lariat him, but I guess, considering her position in panel 5, she was spinning in the other direction.

  • Cocytus

    … what the hell is in her hands? I really… really want to know…

    • Kazekai00

      … OH GAWD… it’s an EGGBEATER. I don’t even wanna think about where she plans to put that! o.O


    • Kazekai00

      Sweet and sour Bitchnuggets, Batman! I think it is X3

  • Dont tell me that eggwisk is a reference to 'allo 'allo xD

  • Kazekai00

    Sweet and sour Bitchnuggets, Batman! I think it is X3

  • Kazekai00

    Sweet and sour Bitchnuggets, Batman! I think it is X3

  • Kazekai00

    … OH GAWD… it’s an EGGBEATER. I don’t even wanna think about where she plans to put that! o.O