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  • Ravin


    HIt that Reiko!!!! HIT ITTTT

  • Crimson

    Hey out there, everyone. Hope you love the latest. Been a rough week for everyone, it seems, MG-Boss included. We’ve both been a bit under the weather, but it looks like Jaz and Chrissy are gonna feel even worse, real quick-like, too! ;~D

    Anyway. There are a couple of small snafus here on the page; we both noticed it a little too late for fixing, especially since we didn’t want to be late posting, either. Rest assured, however, that this is a one-time flummox, and we’ll have something NICE for you guys next week! G-night all!

  • WebcomicSurfer

    Oh boy, what do you think is gonna happen to our civet girl?

  • Sabourok

    Oh boy, she’s drunk. Time to ponder the possibilities……. *nosebleed*

  • 13yaroza

    OMG NO FAN SERVICE!? I mean…>.>…oh nooozzz! She is drunkz! xD

  • AflacMan13

    oooo drunk hotty. Go for it quick.

  • Regvarde

    Her eyes make it look more like she’s high, rather than drunk. That, and the back ground is funny.

  • Guest

    I’ve tasted the Tomato Vodka sauce before and trust me no Vodka at all in it!! Unless Jolty put more Vodka in it, then thus having Chrissy being in that state in the last panel tells me that Jolty used a 1/2 bottle of Vodka… >.> Now let the fanservice begin for Chrissy and some good ones to boot as well!!! Oh and also make sure she has a puke bucket on standby for some puking scenes that might be a bad situation of fanservice. O_o”

  • SilverSheilds

    Come on Reiko, now’s your chance!

  • DreadWingKnight

    Bloody Mary sauce. Good fun.

  • bladra

    there was Tomato Vodka sauce in it?!?

    man who know what will happen now???

    • BlackWind

      Well Bladra what could happen is Jazmin and Chrissy are plastered while Skye is sober but feeling the heat of the curry and Reiko is the most sober of them all, I could imagine Reiko copping a feel on Chrissy since she likes her some to have a lil fun buut since she knows Quick wants her she might not do her but tease her some, now on the other hand she might “play” with her sister and Skye to liven herself up so there’s lots of possibilities there now including the dreaded “puking your guts” due to the curry spice scene so its all in the air now XD

  • Tobieth

    I enjoy this situation as much as the next person…


    Vodka in vodka sauce has this silly habit of totally evaporating. This goes especially for something cooked as long as curry. It’s why wine sauces don’t get you hammered, and why vodka sauces for pasta aren’t served 19/21+. Entertaining situation..but…it doesn’t really…


    • Chao

      Actually that’s a common misconception, it depends on the way it’s cooked and the alcohol used, but about a quarter of the alcohol remains after an hour of simmering.

  • bakaneko

    its all in the chakra tits….i mean tits… toots…damn i’m stupid….

  • Fearow

    I want some of that curry.

  • BlackWind

    Wohoho hmm a drunken Chrissy might be interesting should Quick come back in time to “nail” her and not remember the next day due to the alcohol XD, Merry X-Mas eve everyone especially to our good Author Master Godai ^_^

  • Dragonrazor

    AHAHAHAH, sexy kitty is drunk. This could get awkward when Quick finally gets home. I’m willing to bet she gets horny when she’s drunk.

  • SOUP

    quick is gonna get molested by a hot drunk……………..sonofa@#$%& some guy get all the damn luck fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu………………..

  • Drunk from Xmas spells 1 HOLY Night. XD

  • Dusty

    awww shit xD poor quick is missing out!

  • shadebeast

    note: whenever you see anime blush, it mainly means something crazy is finta go down. in this case it would probably be chrissys unmentionables. juuuust sayin.

  • Dude

    Why do I get the feeling this isn’t going to end well for everybody involved.

  • gehenna

    Daaaaamn… i want a taste of whatever that was! On another note: MERRY X-MAS! TO ALL OF YOU PEOPLE, DANIEL AND EMI.

  • Jake

    Gentlemen! Ladies!

    Lets get this event going! Bidding starts at someone getting naked…. do i have a raise?

    • i’ll give $100 if Rei, Jaz, and crissy remove each others clothes.

  • can someone say fun time

  • Dusty


  • Ninja Hunter 2

    She So Going to be Drunk Right Away…

  • She’s a electric type pokemon remember. The alcohol would burn up in her high voltage system rather quickly.

  • Kitz

    NO Rachel don’t do it!

  • chaosstarter

    if she finds out that quick is about to get raped the mouse girl is fucked

    • chaosstarter

      re: if christy finds out that quick is about to get raped you might need a new character

  • gundamrx79

    joltys buttons look as if they my shoot off at any time

  • AflacMan13

    Uh Oh…
    Seems the Comic Crossover has begun once more.

  • NO Rachel don’t do it!

  • WebcomicSurfer

    Jasmine: Mommy? Is that you?

  • quick needs 2 get back 2 the house

  • Drakara


  • Ocelot9

    thank you russia, your invention caused a drunk cat-girl with glowing eyes.

  • Shadowkey392

    Oh this is gonna be interesting …