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Rascals Pg 10: PVN

Rascals Pg 10: PVN published on 30 Comments on Rascals Pg 10: PVN

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  • mike

    defiantly ninja

  • Keeru

    Ninja of course

  • Dusty

    if it was possible NinjaPirate…, soooo, Pirate >;3

    • Mr. Al

      I agree, so many pick ninja, we need more female pirates >:)

  • Astro

    It’s all about the Pirates.

  • Dragon-Dragoon

    And the struggle continues.

  • jjareds

    How about an irate ninja?

  • Sage

    The ultimate question of all time! He is going to be the best boss ever!


  • FJN

    Quick, say Viking and put him off his stride!

  • Able

    the never ending struggle between pirates and ninja the only real winenrs are the ninja-pirates

  • Marx


  • stickdude32

    ninja will win.

  • Kokani


  • Dragonrazor

    Heh. the way he asks that, and her response, make me wish there were someone in the next panel going “He’s asking which you think would win, cutie.” which should cause miss Bunny Buns to go “what are you still doing here. Don’t you ever go home?”

  • knux

    You could always go with Ninjirates(or is it pirinjas?)

  • Jim

    Pirates cause ninjas don’t have the skillz to pull off a beard, technically they can have one but not an awesome one like Chuck Norris and don’t be given that crap about the scurvy. There are plenty of oranges to go around these days. Rest assured i will admit to ninjas being skilled.

  • Jim

    Wait, wait… doesn’t the combination between pirates and ninjas pretty much make you a mercenary?

    • knux

      Maybe. It’s just like figuring out how many licks to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop: The world may never know XD

  • Ninja’s rule and i’m loving this comic

  • Even the upper-eschelons of their respective orders are comparable. Ninja-wizards vs. “Pirates-throwing-grizzly-bears-that-are-on-fire,-but-cold-fire.”

    Eh. I think I still side with pirates. They are well-equipped.

  • mario.bros

    ninja or pirate ??
    the struggle will never end

  • Simon

    space marines for me.

  • Durndle

    Personally I’d side with the robo-zombie-pirate-monkey-ninjas riding flying-velociraptor-wizard-vikings-with-laser-eyes.

  • Anonymous Bastard

    Yes, the ultimate question. Pirate or Ninja.

  • justin

    i prefer ninjas

  • DrakeFeatherwing

    The Age old Question, Pirates or Ninjas, I prefer both as I read both One Piece AND Naruto

  • Cathy

    zombie pirate ninja
    (hopes someone gets the refrence)

  • S Wolf95.

    id say ninja…never really ben into pirates, with the exception of johnny depp

  • Tammy