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DYW: Dueling Sisters

DYW: Dueling Sisters published on 20 Comments on DYW: Dueling Sisters
Mastergodai: lets end this session of fan content with  a sweet action scene featuring Reiko and Jazmin Duking it out From awesome artist DYW  expect more things from this amazing artist soon ^_^   Rascals continues Next week ! Crimson: Well, we’re nearing the end of the break, so I’m going to take this chance, where all of you guys can see it easily, to lay down some guidelines for what gets negative attention within the fan-filler project. Now, remember, we’re accepting ANYTHING that comes down the pipeline, but here are two examples of things that will be our last chance to post when we need something to show… because we’d happily bring anything else that we have available beforehand. Stay away from these two low-brow ideas, and you might easily find YOUR work on the page, being praised for all to see! Here we go: One~ Jazmin/Chrissy/Zoey/Raven humping your OC ~ Now, while it may be in Rei’s character to play around physically quite a bit, and she’s a natural tease to boot, none of the other girls are really like that. Therefore, the idea that one of them, especially two that are in an active relationship, trying to sex up your guy…? There’s a shameless OC-plug for ya; something that is only happening in fantasy because YOU want to see it happen, no matter how painfully inaccurate it might be. Not to mention most quasi-sexual material is something to be a little bit tempered; even we play subtle on occasion, dunchanow. And hentai is something that we’re not touching with a ten-foot-pole, either! Do something like this, and it’s heading to the bottom of the barrel, genders irregardless. Two~ Group of 10, including Skye by himself ~ If you have a whole cast of characters and you like to draw, come join Petite Symphony, or at least apply for it. Once more, this is just an obvious way of saying “LOOK AT ME!” without giving much to the actual Rascals cast. This doesn’t mean that a three-way hug with Ravin, him being currently bandaged, is going to go down that same slope; the ratios are quite a bit different then. If the Rascals/OC ratio is a low-percentage fraction, yeah, we’re going to not enjoy posting it. Otherwise, like I said, we’ve got OC’s in Rascals, we’ve got paid cameos for a low price. You want into the comic? Easier ways to get involved, and far more acceptable to boot. No one is going to balk about two guys fighting over a date with Jazmin; it’s when a whole infantry regiment enters the fray that I get peeved.
  • so the question remains what happens to all the remaining submissions? will they be archived by YOU or will they appear under a gallery for fan arts? rather than just waiting for random times to post them? just a thought y’know

    • crimson

      Yes, BlackWind, everything submitted is archived by me until selected use. So far, there is no plan for a “fan-art gallery”, because the fan-filler project IS the gallery. Just, on the main page for ALL to see, not hidden somewhere in the background to be searched for.


  • Excellent martial art fighting pic here.

    • DYW14

      Thank you. :3 It took me 2 weeks to work on it due to school enrollment.

  • Spakmane

    is that a pop tart

    • OtakuMan

      I think it’s supposed to be the back of one of Jazmin’s talisman cards. But from a distance, it does look like a cherry frosted pop tart.

      …oh great, now I’m hungry!

      • Spakmane

        why can’t reiko get her own pop tart

        she works in a restaurant

  • nice pic. Well mine probaly wasnt chosen because it had just Reiko and my OC Thirteen in it. It wasnt meant to be a shameless plug but i guess it seem that way. I would really like others opinions, Tell me what you think.

    • I commented in your pic link TTYL in FA ok. Also DYW you did an awesome action scene of the sisters facing off very nicely done

      • DYW14

        Thank you. :3

    • crimson

      …. :sigh: No, Blaze. As I pointed out before, it’s only when the Rascals character is only one amongst many OC that we don’t approve. Your picture has been logged into the archive, but as I’ve said before, they’re picked at random. Any one picture could have been chosen; it was just this one that was, this one week. Please, don’t let that discourage you… or anyone else… from submitting fan-art into the filler project. They will be needed in the future; you never know when your art will be chosen next!


  • Guest

    So that means no ecchi nor tentacles as well. D: Damn that sucks… >_> But on a curious note that Jaz’s right thigh is a bit big don’t you think?

    • crimson

      Well, that’s half-right… we’ve done ecchi before, if I have my definitions right…. but yeah, no tentacles. How anyone can explain those things rationally beyond cephalopods is beyond me. :shrug: Anywho. About your question, well… ser, it’s fan-art from another artist. Jazmin does have a full rump, indeed… but we don’t critique it, we simply enjoy the fact that it exists. Perhaps the dimensions are slightly off-spec, I wouldn’t know for sure. However, it looks nice, and I am thrilled to receive it. Such is art. Hope that answers your concerns, and welcome to Rascals!


      • Guest

        Thanks for the info and reply, I’m not much of a “true” artist myself, but I do some “basic” body structure of the anatomy and the right thigh is a bit “big” probably it’s either a PoV thing or a dimenional view that it may look different. But none of the less atleast we “could” have some tease things like Rei being a “mummy” or something atleast. ;D

  • Za Shikyo Ookami

    OOOH! CAT FIGHT! er… rabbit fight? Bunny?

  • DJ Frost

    Sweeet Boobiessssssss! 😀

  • Blaze Wolf

    Rei looks cool in this one. her sis…not so much

  • ren9999

    theyre probably gonna feel that in the mornin

  • Tarkad

    Ok this one is probably one of my favorites too. Since action-ness. Reiko looks cool and kinda cocky in appearance, while Jaz looks mad at not doing better perhaps. But it still awesome ^^

  • goodtigerclaw

    them thunder thighs o.o