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Blaze published on 6 Comments on Blaze
Crimson: All right, guys. Now, the last time something awesome from our fans, or our fellow artists, was posted… there were comments and questions galore. Much like our last Rascals page, come to think of it. Never let it be said that we don’t listen to our fans… so for this final hurrah, here is a piece from another of our fans, Blaze. And let it be known that not only do we appreciate our fans… but there are times that we will listen to those that have valid concerns. On Friday, come on back to Rascals… because we’re jumping out of the gate, fresh and ready to rock!
  • Ahh all right Blaze you got to be the final. Poster in the fan arts entries and your work looks superb of Reiko and your character 13 looking over the city from high above, very nicely done man

  • Za Shikyo Ookami

    I don’t know why, but my favorite part is the moon.

  • Niloc Auron

    good job Blaze ^^

  • Ravin


  • awesome

  • I’m glad everyone likes this piece i did. I’m actually fairly shocked that mine made it with all the awesome and talented artists out there.

    MasterGodia Crimson im humbled, thank you very much for this chance to show my art as a comic filler.