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  • Nekonny

    Welcome to the Katbox!

  • tonyg

    Congratz man. 😀

  • Welcome to the fold, good sir! I always thought you'd be a great fit here. You're gonna go places! ^o^

  • MrAMP

    Welcome to the KATBOX!!!

    Also, is it just me or is Cody just too blatantly obvious as to what he wants? Pity that he has money and will probably not be in jail that long.

  • EvilNinjadude

    I'm going to have to comment here aren't I…

  • Blitza

    Welcome to Katbox Buddy ^^

  • Chocothunda

    To ze katbox, eh? Nice!

  • Welcome to KatBox! This will make keeping up with your series so much easier. Thank you!

  • furryyoyoer

    congratz for being on katbox

  • Shadow Storm

    Freaking sweeeet. Soon all my comics will be conviently located on one site which shall then consist of 100% pure awesome. Welcome MasterGodai

  • Ravin

    Great Godai. A doormat now at Katbox.

    -Gives a thumbs up.-

  • Bbrad

    Hey welcome to katbox im a member i read almost all the webcomics here and very happy to get a chance to read yours hope your sucessful in the future

  • Newker

    welcome to the katbox master godai

  • Hoj_poj

    WOOT! More amazing Artists!

  • WELP….
    I guess I can get rid of that bookmark for this comic…

  • Slasheredge

    Yay another reason to love Katbox.

  • razorburn645

    Wow I didn't know you were joining the site. Sweet more great comics on one site.

  • Mythrill

    Whew, finially all caught up, and welcome to the KatBox

  • KattSpace

    Welcome to the Katbox!!

  • Congratulations my friend. Its an honor to see you on the Katbox… now if I could meet you in person (I look up to artists like you)

  • Another awesome anthro comic has been assimilated into the Katbox collective. Welcome MasterGodai! :3

  • Mr. Al

    wonder why any comments I made on the earlier comic-pages didn't register. maybe because it's new to the katbox?

  • blah

    This looks like a wannabe Las Lindas :I Copied the style down perfectly, at least.

  • Darkguyver2020

    I would say welcome to the Katbox, but I'm honestly surprised they let you on, seeing how your whole drawing style is a direct knock off of Chalosan's. Seriously, it's almost identical, right down to Chalo's poor grasp of anatomy.
    There is taking inspiration and then there is flat out ripping off another person's style. This is most certainly the latter of the two. It's pretty sad.

  • @ Darkguyver2020 hey you evidently don't have anything better to say than to call his artwork style a knock off Chalo's art.
    go and see the evolution of his artwork in the original comic pages at pettite symphony before spewing gibberish, can almost bet you can't draw out of a wet paper bag to save your life!

    @ Blah you appear to also have nothing better to do either buffoon!

    • Mihari

      Please don't feed the trolls.

      • Ravin

        This is Blackwind, All he does is feed the trolls.

        Excuse his manners.

      • I try to but this just really gets me @#!&off and Ravin is no different too at times
        Thinking that he knows me

    • Darkguyver2020

      Let me ask you one thing, fanboy. How would you like it if you had a unique drawing style of your own, only to have some lazy ass come along and just rip you off? I bet you'd be thrilled to bits. (not!) It's plagiarism!
      I may not be a huge follower of Chalo's work, but I have watched his style develop over the years. It's one of those recognizable styles where you look at it and you immediately think "Oh! That's Chalosan's work".
      Here, all I see is laziness. The artist was clearly not getting noticed with his older style, so he decided to copy another more well known artist's style. It's comparable to all of the stock anime artists on DeviantArt who are too lazy and unimaginative to come up with their own style. Yet they have a lot more popularity than they deserve compared to the people who have actual talent.
      So you can kindly take your comments and shove them up where the sun don't shine, you white knighting retard!

  • Takes one to know one by replying in such an idealistic manner of a reprobate who truly believes
    That someone doesn't have any talent to feel the need to copy off someone elses style to get attention.
    Shine up your ego and stick it up sideways up your colon neanderthal wasterel!
    I'm no knight but a good friend ant it Irks me to read such drivel by some uncharismatic nobody
    Who believes he is making a point!

    • Darkguyver2020

      So you fully support laziness and plagiarism? It's totally okay to rip off another person's trademark drawing style and claim you're being original. I see…
      It's perfectly clear that you can't see two inches through your rose tinted glasses. You haven't made any arguments to support your case, so your blind white knighting makes your statement null and void.
      Enjoy your crappy Las Lindas knock off.

      • Urii

        I have to agree with you on the whole fact that this person ripped off Chalosan's style completely. The cheek tufts, shading, mouth placement and expressions.. everything. It's really sad to see. I'm amazed Chalo let this comic slide onto Katbox. Props to him if he just thinks this is flattery and support from a fan, but personally I couldn't stand it. Not trying to be rude or anything, just giving my two cents.

      • IDGAFon

        Hey guess what no one cares if his artwork is a knockoff or not (personally I just don't give a f***), they came here to read the comic not shoot back and forth in a flame war about something that quite frankly I don't care about and others probably don't care about so please, please just take my advice #1 shut mouth and stop typing #2 enjoy the comic #3 ????? #4 profit? and I will not comment back to anything you have to say because if it's just some half-a**ed argument or something else it'll just be a waste of my time now I'm off to actually enjoy this comic.

  • Darkguyver2020

    I'd like to add that drawing styles can be compared to a person's identity. As I said in an earlier comment "It's one of those recognizable styles where you look at it and you immediately think "Oh! That's Chalosan's work". So it gets really fucking annoying when I see an image online thinking it was drawn by Chalosan only to find out it was by some no talent copycat like MasterGodai and Tiger1001. ( )
    I don't mind if people take influence from another artist. But this is just flat out copying without making any effort to distinguish themselves. I know I'd be pretty peeved at this blatant plagiarism if I was in Chalo's shoes.

  • Darkguyver2020

    And I'm sorry for the spam (wait… actually, no I'm not). But I couldn't help but notice this amusing comment on Tiger1001's DeviantArt page (AKA. another Chalosan wannabe).

    Firewhick said: "I did it. I finally found you without looking for you…wait, you are the artist behind las lindas, right?"

    Tiger1001 said: "Hehehe nope :D. Chalosan is the artist behind Las Lindas, who I really admire :D"

    This just further reinforces my point about stealing peoples styles. Firewhick clearly mistook this copycat for the author of Las Lindas. That is just wrong on so many levels.
    Bottom line! Create your own drawing style or GTFO!!!!

  • Should've listened to Mihari you are nothing but an attention getter you thrive on getting into POINTLESS arguments with random strangers just to feed your parasitic needs!
    I'm done with you hater is always gonna Hate to justify their needs and try to get in the last word on anything to say (I win again)

    • Urii

      Darkguyver is actually making a very valid point, though I don't think it was fair of him or very mature to start calling you names, but I also don't think you're being very mature either (the "I win again" argument is something a child would do).
      Either or, I'd love to see the artist of this comic develop a style of their own rather than flat out copy Chalo, changing slowly into something would be great, but I highly doubt that'll happen, which is very unfortunate.

  • jarf6

    I would like to make a happy and positive comment, but the flame war above between a black metal group and a biomechanical armour taken from an animé (very original nicks, by the way -_-) has discouraged me. Welcome to the katbox, anyway.

    • Jarf6 I don't like to start no flame war with anyone, Mastergodai has worked very hard improving his artwork gradually and for anyone to just say he's Ripping off Chalo bugs me as his friend (BTW my SN i've had it since Gaiaonline so y'know):P

  • ThatOneComment

    Having read through the entire thing, I can honestly say I can't wait to see how things turn out! =3

  • this comic has the knack to grow on you once you understand the relationship with characters and we have had few nice chances to interact with the comic characters with Cameo donations which makes it even more fun as to how your character gets to fit into the story briefly or so n_n

  • Yare Yare Daze

  • shadowsol

    welcome to the Katbox MG something wrong with Petite Symphony? but that's neither he nor there. welcome to the KB army.

    • Ravin

      From what I understand, there is no problem. Hes showcasing on both websites. Hes just a longtime fan of Chalo and LL. This is almost like a dream for him 😀

      • shadowsol

        well in that case.. PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I can't believe that mastergodai joined the katbox 4 days ago!? I didn't even know about that until I read about on his DA-journal so its found only on the katbox home page but it can't wether you're reading laslindas; yosh; caribbean blue or on any of the 8 webcomics anywhere except the home page itself. damn, what is going on here?

  • Beatdown

    Ok Chrissy is swimming in dangerous waters with this shady cat he’s up to something and I got a bad feeling that something sinister gonna pop off

  • Beatdown

    Ok Chrissy is swimming in dangerous waters with this shady cat he’s up to something and I got a bad feeling that something sinister gonna pop off

  • Ruby

    More project zero~

  • Shadowkey392

    Uh-oh, Eliza’s involved now. The chance of this ending well just became zilch. Somebody isn’t walking away from this.

    Also, yay for the ’80’s!