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Rascals 159: Forgiveness..

Rascals 159: Forgiveness.. published on 26 Comments on Rascals 159: Forgiveness..
Mastergodai: some guys just don’t take no for an answer  do they? just in case  some people didnt know where to find the bonus comics i remade  the buttons for easier navigation ^_^ also  as mentioned in the Blog below each month ill be making some exclusive donation wallpapers   more info detailed in the blog ^_^  
  • MrAMP

    I can’t believe Chrissy would give this jerk a second chance. Also, I have a bad feeling that Cody is going to pull something illegal off.

    • S train

      This is an example of manipulators at work.

      Although this doesn’t surprise me.

      It still is amazing how some people still expect change.

      • also the fact she was alone with NO ONE to talk to and give her the proper advice since her school friends left her

    • well Amp you must remember this being in the past means Chrissy had to learn things the hard way unfortunately u_u so now we’ll see what happens next

  • nikolai60

    I’d bring backup, and lots of it….

  • S train

    It never fails.

    Sad and unfortunate.

  • brodude, the geat and awesome, king of bro-dom

    man, i just know that his family is going to be asses to her.

  • Dragaen

    ya, know for the first few panels I thought; oh maybe he does have a soul. but later I sensed a dark intention in his actions. Why hasn’t he been sent to jail and raped by the prisoners already!?! I’m sorry, that was out of character, what I meant to say is,”Why hasn’t he been knocked out silly already!?!” There isn’t a whole lot of things in this world that can anger me but Cody; I need a shovel, a dimensional rift, and about 2 hours of kicking his ass to the dirt for being such a bastard.

  • Dragaen

    btw, the shirt he’s wearing; is he a fan of this or something else?

  • I know this will be some public humiliation thing or something like that but if I was going to a party that is being thrown by a cheating bastard I would at least ask a work colleague to come (I mean there has to have been one person you could tolerate while working there). Actually by this point I would have tried to apologize to my old friends, tell them exactly what happened and beg for them back, then ask them for there advice about the whole thing. I mean hell Crissy ask your cousin Eliza for advice (page 138) or if she lives close by to come with you just dont go alone. Ok ive realized already that she either going to go alone and get humiliated for dumping him or shes going to go with a friend and hes somehow going to separate the two and then humiliate her. I just hope she wears something casual because as we found out in Laslindas a dress can be too easily ripped off in-front of a crowd.

    Its obvious that this isn’t going to end well, I just wish i could have been there to give him a falcon punch, Ahh yeah theres no justice like Falcon Punch Justice.

    • Ravin

      Here is to hoping a running gag in the comic is Ravin abusing the shit out of Cody whenever he comes within 100m of the group?

      • Smartkittkhan

        Ravin my friend, that may be your best idea yet.

  • Skecthart

    Oh shit what is Cody going to do with her?

    I hope nothing bad is going to happen with Chrissy.

    • Sadly guys this is Chrissy’s Tale of how she broke up with Cody so unfortunately We ARE.GOING to see Humilliation and Tears and perhaps verbal abuse/slap to the face maybe?

      • The_Rippy_One

        She is (current day) scared of the man – abuse is a good probability. I hope we don’t have to go through rape for drama’s sake though.

  • Steve

    I’ll bring my tank and some heavy weapons just in case for Chrissy… >:D Cody is NOT going to hurt her again when seeing hot lead on to him and his house!!!

  • spyro97

    HAHAHAHAHA, DAMN, I readied the question at the top left,it says “”what will u guys do if u were in Chrissy’s position dealing with Cody”” and DAMN, it looks like u guys will beat up Cody or even kill him for a HOT girl like Chrissy (( right?? :3 )) HAHAHAHAHA, young love, it sucks sometimes huh :/

  • jerich0the0reap

    All I can say here is that I hope what I think is gonna happen doesn’t happen, because what I think is gonna happen is something that just shouldn’t happen to people that don’t deserve it.

  • Flyboy1945

    It gets worse?????

    • The_Rippy_One


  • Drakara

    God Damn, I hate Cody to the core. That’s all I’m going to say.

  • krak

    man that cody guy needs a good wake up call an a kick in the ass just casue you got money doesnt mean you can treat people like that .

  • soul

    put me in coach let me give that ass kickin i can do it just put me in so i can rip his face off and introduce him to his lower intestine

  • David

    God Damn it I will todaly murder Cody he’s is a big Dick!

  • Smartkittkhan

    Cody, kindly fall into volcano.
    The Kittykhan

    Also: HONEY BADGER DON'T GIVE A SHIT! What? Someone had to say it.

    • Shadowkey392

      Please give said volcano my regards as you do so.