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  • Tammy

    total hotness that’s what, CUE THE LESBIAN MAKE-OUT XD

    • BlackWind

      ah ah ahh just wait a while longer little one 1st she needs to know who she is before any “shenanigans” can happen (if at all) X3

      (never suspected jenny would be kinda bold and lil pervy XD)

      • Tammy

        Reiko nearly jumped the melons of a random fan of SKYE’s that asked him to sign her breasts, not to mention pulling a total rape-face on our little drunk mousie friend (who’s name has just eluded me XD) you really think she’s gonna wait to find out who Jenny is? of course the instant quick tells her that Jenny’s his sister, I’d LOVE to see Reiko’s reaction to that XD

        • BlackWind

          that would be priceless indeed X3

        • Tatsurou

          Here’s my guess of her reaction.
          Reiko: In that case, Quick, care to join us? That’d be so hot!

        • Shadow5000

          Unless she already knows.

  • BlackWind

    bwa hahahahahahahaha sooo lil Jenny thought she’s got it eh? well all she did was pique the curiosity of our favorite Ninja Bunny teaser gal Reiko, and heh when she get’s into it well the clothes shall fly XD

  • Cory Tenorio

    that would be the girlfriend skye never mentioned. AKA Reiko.

    • alex_longfur

      I’m pressure sure a different acronym should be used for that situation. Not i.e. or q.e.d… something…. nevermind.

    • The_Rippy_One

      aka: The competition.

  • Tammy

    is anyone else wondering how blitzed Reiko is?

  • Wolf2125

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!! AWESOME!!

  • Wolf2125

    Where the hell did Reiko come from?

    • MrAMP

      From the shadows would be my guess. She’s a ninja after all.

      • Wolf2125

        Yeah. Sure wish I was a ninja.

      • ravor9933

        Like a shadow in the night (one youtube to whomever can come up with the reference)

        • IG

          Darkwing Duck?

      • Shadow5000

        What??? Oh, I guess she was just right next to me. XD

  • Bobby Smith


  • DarkMyste

    oh no…. a wild Reiko has appeared what will quick sister do…

    • Gravedigger

      don’t know about the ass, but shes diffidently got the better boobs

  • ravor9933

    Before the page even loaded, as soon as I saw poof in the url I immediately thought of markiplier and had to get this for a joke

  • Thomas Stahl

    Oh dear… Remember: the parents are on the way!!!

  • Kindle_kat

    Why can’t hotness just *poof* into my room?

    • Gravedigger

      cause it doesn’t happen like that happen in real life

      • Kindle_kat

        God dang! Don’t remind me.

        • Gravedigger


      • lordwereuraeus

        Actually had a highschool friend poof in on me once, turns out he had become an adult film actress and wanted to confess her love to me…. three days after I got married @.@’

        • Gravedigger

          did she appear the way Reiko does???

  • Gravedigger

    Well, she ask for proof

  • Raconis

    just gotta say…Love that tush Jen

  • Matt Oly

    Ugh you will hate me but Jenny look too ellongated int he second frame… :/

  • Onyxinterior

    It’s been a while since Reikos ‘Poofed’ into the scene. Kinda missed it XD
    The last panel reminds me of when she introduced herself to Chrissy.
    Hopefully Jen doesn’t cause too many problems.

  • dragonspinner44

    heart beating fast *bump*bump*bump* can’t controll hands must grab hot ass i feel like *howl*

  • Skydron

    It’s not so much a blue hell as it is a purplish pink hell… at least for Jenny anyways.

    I am a tad curious though as to why Quick isn’t more surprised about his sister and Skylar having hooked up in the past… but then I remember what kind of place the reality is in this webcomic. I’m guessing Jenny has done something similar in the past.

  • Gravedigger

    Id diffidently hit that

  • Alex Hunter

    Jen, meet your superior!

  • Max West

    ROWR! Nice ladies with big racks here!

  • Leif Tenebris Rex

    Now wait a second. For Pete’s sake? Is this somehow related to Housepets! That weird bird thing is called Pete… Coincidence i think not!

  • Slasheredge

    Taking votes on a sexy contest Reiko vs Jen who wins? Also side contest who do you think has the firmer “ass”?

    • Gravedigger

      jen might have the firmer ass but Reiko has a cute bunny tail and is willing to “share”

  • CinnamonSalve

    Quick, step up your game, man. You don’t want your possible-future-girlfriend’s sister dating your sister, would you? Imagine the double date, and all of it’s horror.

    • Gravedigger

      don’t think you got that right

  • Lux

    So I totally thought Skye turned into Reiko…guess she actually just poofed into the room not poofed into her true self.

  • william

    i’m guessing that reiko doesn’t know that jen was skye’s fling, or that she intends to win him back. I can see a fight coming up, and hopefully it involves skimpy swimsuits and a kiddie pool filled with olive oil.

    • Gravedigger

      why do tease me Sir William????

    • Shade

      Hmmm……it has potential, but I still think that the better outcome is if she DOES know, and so is going to have some fun with Jen.

  • Cathy

    a wild reiko apeard, jen became confused,
    the wild reiko used attract, jen is paralyzed in jealousy

    (the wild cathy behind the curtains fainted x3)

    • Shadow5000

      Ummmmmmmmmm… … …?

      • Cathy

        dont judge me <_< their hot

        • Gravedigger


  • Spikes

    That, my dear, is your competition 😀

  • Chocothunda

    *thumbs up*

    I approve XD

  • IAmHawz

    I officially want to see what this, “blue hell,” is. ^_^