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  • Chuck

    We have to know what she did to his arms!

    • That guy

      We needs to know so donate to rascals royoko(may have spelt wrong) so wes can know what happened beforses

      • Chuck


  • MaveriKat

    Liona is SO going to whoop her bunny booty… X3

    • BlackWind

      she could try tho but Rei might enjoy it of sorts XD

      • Raconis

        I see it now…The two start off as a fight, somehow wake up the next morning with 12 other peeps in a massive orgy, that they both don’t remember….Or just kiss again.

  • Cory Tenorio

    She’s gonna blow!!

  • Phoenix

    Boob Squish. Yay!
    I love seeing this comic, I really enjoy how each character develops and starts to show there true personalities. Keep up the awesome work, can’t wait to see more!

  • Josh

    Booby Squish is the best kind of squish!

  • BlackWind

    why Liona are you jealous of. Rei apologizing to your “Man” its not as if she is trying to steal him or anything.

    • VirgilOokami

      Who ever really knows with Rei, she tries to get with every guy/girl at least once, I mean just look at the beginning she didn’t even know Chrissy a day and she tried getting with her, but who knows, Liona is just being Liona.

      • BlackWind

        which is why i’m saying that Liona doesn’t come off as a jealous type to me, she’s been the happy carefree type for a while

    • Gravedigger


  • MrAMP

    I’m guessing that she’s either jealous of Reiko’s attention or wants answers as to what happened back then.

    • Slasheredge

      Why not both?

      • BlackWind

        because Slash sometimes things are best left/kept quiet for personal reasons.
        stirring up old memories is just a way to bring troubles back

        • Slasheredge

          You know this the rascals comic right? The past gets brought up all the time especially when some asks your lover, “How are your arms doing?”, and then says “It’s all my fault…”

    • Gravedigger

      Liona looks like she might cry

  • Dudeler

    Breaking news: Rei was recently seen showing compassion to another person for once instead of her usual pick-up routine. What’s the story between these 2? Details next Thursday/Friday.

  • The Name is Quack

    If I broke someone’s arms, I’d try to make up for it.
    …Even if they’re someone else’s lover.

  • Subject97

    Has anybody else noticed that Nick doesn’t have is eyes open in any of the panels? Well I found it kinda amusing. X3

    • bladra

      just so he wont look at reiko’s chest and be mistaken as a pervert

    • BigBadWolf

      Its so he doesnt rise to the occasion and get both girls interests piqued.

  • Dragoncat

    And we all know how POLITE Reiko can be, don’t we?

  • Gravedigger

    oh boy, CAT FIGHT!!!!!

    • bladra

      dont you mean cabbit fight since its a rabbit and a cat

      • Gravedigger

        damn your right, quit being right all the time.

        • bladra

          hey im just saying

  • Chuck

    I think Liona is upset in the last panel because Rieko just cock-blocked her!

  • william

    I can’t tell if Liona is wimpering now because Reiko interrupted one of their only “alone” moments, or if it’s because she blatantly tried to take her man right in front of her eyes. Either way, i’m pretty sure the explanation will be a good one. if not in rectifying the situation, then in entertaining the curious masses.

    • Tsukiyo

      >.> She didn’t try to take him. Something bad happened between Reiko and him, and she is being sincere.

      • william

        i know, but i’m guessing liona wasn’t aware of their encounter back then, so she made assumptions.

        • Gravedigger

          we’re all making assumptions aren’t we??????

          • william

            it’s a natural defense when you try to explain something to yourself. If at first you don’t get it, speculate. I blame human nature.

          • Gravedigger

            that’s a good philosophy

  • Zarylo

    that last panel :3

  • CinnamonSalve

    Please do be careful, this Docking Collision may result in sudden loss of blood and blood surges.

  • Zero

    It’s hard being polite when others know that you’re a pervert.

  • Ray Taboa

    I think, for once, Rei did not intend polite to mean anything sexual.

  • Shadowkey392

    I sense it is time for some backstory…can’t wait!

  • Alex Smith

    I can’t believe no1 made an “End of the World!” joke on this. Weird…

  • Joya

    Liona is too cute when she’s jealous and curious I think…?