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  • Wolf0291

    Hahahaha. Awesome.

  • Clifftothemax

    She’s totally jealous. Also lol at the dig towards Mai Shiranui’s outfit.

  • BlackWind

    does the phrase “me bouncy” ring any bells with that outfit XD superb work on this

  • MrAMP

    NO!!! Not TGIF!!! Not again!

    Way to go Chrissy of not obviously showing your jealousy. Totally not clear at all.
    And yes…you should totally change the uniform…totally.

  • Can you imagine if Reiko wears that what would you guys do?

    • DarkPhoenix


  • Cory Tenorio

    Lmao!! Skye is always good for a laugh.

  • David Foxfire

    I wonder what would count as True Kunoichi wear on Jazmin’s eyes?

    • Dragoncat

      Anything that completely hides the four B’s…
      Boobs, Back, Belly and Butt.

  • Mage

    My Girl.

    This outfit is what ALL true Kunoichi strive for!

  • Dar

    LMAO… that is all

    • Mr. E

      Also, (points at Jazmin) HAW-HAW!

  • SFF

    Oh Reiko, you lovable scamp. XD

  • RedDwarfIV

    And then a pig anthro appears to say “I resent that.”

  • ravor9933

    rock horns?

  • Skaven

    Jaz has pink & black hair now, too ?

    • Pillbug

      I think she always had that color

  • alpha-three-six

    Used to coming here on my smartphone, then i get the idea to try using my xboxs internet exploer instead, and i discover that i will never get used to reading teh comic on a 50 inch flatscreen. SO MANY PRETTY COLORS.

  • SabreW

    Pointin’ out the obvious here:


    Hilarious. That is all.

  • Ratz

    Yeah that milk T-shirt, the first thing comes to mind, Yes!!, you can get a lot of milk form those.

  • Carbuncles21

    Is she dressed like ranma i vaguely remember him wearing a shirt similar to that she’ s wearing

    • mastergodai

      yes! you Win XD

      • Mage

        I was about to say, her outfit reminds me of a certain kickass redhead.

      • Mr. Al

        yey :3

        • Mr. Al

          aww i thoguht you replied to me, then i saw the date…
          Now I R sad panda *goes crying in corner* T_T

    • Mr. Al

      looks like mai shiranui? I’m not into tekken, streetfighter or any other such fighting games. i know nothing of the character except name and appearance, and she is what that character brings to mind.

  • WolfenFox65

    that fighter behind Jazmin, isn’t froom The King of Fighters?

  • batboy138

    Am I the only one here who thinks that if reiko got a haircut and kept the black parts of her hair she’d still look great?

  • Zarylo

    OINK! xD