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  • BlackWind

    O_o;;; whoa Jenny is Quick’s big sister what a surprise. and Skye comes to “save his bacon” only to be surprised by her wooo woo next page will be Fun!!!

    • Antz Ramirez

      the look on his face is more of a “Oh Shit” look

      • Raconis

        yup, but then he is kinda in a commited relatonship ATM, and I’m guessing that while a wonderful three way may be in the future, you’d have to catch Sky first.

      • BlackWind

        in which case it’s an awkward feeling for him because maybe obviously she has a crush on him as a studly tiger can get yet she probably don’t know he’s taken

        • Akira

          By a girl who most likely wouldn’t be against a threesome and even more likely would be the first to suggest it XD

        • Takoshi Wolfite

          or realize that he’s more than she can probably handle, if only Rei is the only girl that can still move when he’s done with them.

    • TheGreekWarior

      that face you typed looks like it’s hitting itself repeatedly on the side of its head.

  • BlackWind

    hah what luck 1st n 2nd post XD
    anyways Mom n Dad will be up next geez can’t things get any more crazier for teh Quick man.

  • Cameron Harrison

    Woooooooooo!!! Things are starting to get juicy now!! I got 10 to 1 odds Jenny is totally love struck for Sky!

    • BlackWind

      the hard blush and hearts are a dead giveaway buddy X3

      • Cameron Harrison

        True, but we still don’t know just how BIG a one she is ;3

      • Her tail going up in joy didn’t hurt the perception.

  • Cory Tenorio


    • BlackWind

      where to? and why? wouldn’t that be suspicious?

      • alex_longfur

        Nothing is too suspicious in their world! Besides, they can get a certain ninja bunny to track him down.

      • Cory Tenorio

        its the classic fan girl chase.

        • bladra

          i heard that fangirls are scary for example a fangirl could sneak up behind you cut a peice of your hair for a shrine they have hidden in your room *shudder*

        • The_Rippy_One

          Now, is this the classic “Beatles” style chase? Or is it the classic “Pepe LePew” style chase.

    • The_Rippy_One
  • MrAMP

    Well, she was going to have to meet the parents anyway, so why not ruin a good time XD

    Also, why do I get the feeling that Jen’s so out there?

    • BlackWind

      in which sense Amp? mentally emotionally or both?

  • Fluff-Kevlar

    Dayyyum, DaaaayYUUMM DAAAAYUMN! Crispity-crunch.. DAYUUUUM, Look at the bacon.. DAYUUMM

    • BlackWind

      don’t forget the mayo then bud XD

      • GES280

        or the cheese.

  • MrAMP

    Hm…you know, a thought just occurred to me. Where is Quick’s pimp hat? He really needs to get one XD

    • GES280

      has it been Christmas in this series since he said that?

    • BlackWind

      actually Amp I think things are going to get interesting with Skye there too so my guess is later on Rei drops in too and then the “sparks” fly XD

  • Zarylo

    I miss Jazmine. And am still shipping QuickxJaz.
    On the other hand Jen is a new addition to my favorites

    • BlackWind

      if you like her so much wait til the fan art of her comes up X3

      • Shadow5000

        Or draw some yourself … like I’m totally not doing right now, okay, maybe I am. DON’T JUDGE ME!

        • BlackWind

          and when i meant fan art that i meant making one myself to share upon once done. and yes as the Imperial Mage i do judge and pass sentence upon you, Feed him to the sharkticons!!!

          • Shadow5000

            Nope. I’m a shadow, I can’t be physically hurt.

          • BlackWind

            fine then you want to get technical then here!!! *celestial Luminaire* Shadows begone!!! (but seriously did you check my fan art out?)

          • Shadow5000

            Can you give me a link? I’m a little busy at the moment, since right now I have to make 5 drawings. The deadline is next week, and I’m only finished with one. But, that’s mostly because I procrastinate until the very last second. In the limited time I have then, I can do wonders. I once finished a full body of Goku from DBZ in less than 30 min. and it had all it’s shading in.

          • BlackWind

            o.o but the link is up there when you have time check on it
            (also which version of Goku are you drawing? SSJ 3-4-God or normal version?)

          • Shadow5000

            Drawing him In SS2 form, correction, I did draw him.

  • Spike

    ohhhh called it, called, I fucking called it XD

  • Slasheredge

    Well it’s true everyone has an annoying sibling somewhere. Also family cock-block anyone?

  • Toshiro Tushima

    Damn tattletale……

  • Mage

    From one sister to another.

    Jen looks a bit cuter than Rush’s sister though.

  • nynaeve

    Oh my. I know that look on Jenny’s face…>:D THis is gettin’ GOOD! Where’s my camera?

  • Deathbeam9000

    Welp I know that Quicks sister has to be a dick

  • dragonchampion

    Well, this is different. Quick’s sister knows the tiger, me foresee amusing conversation in future.

  • Gravedigger

    the only question I have is———why is his family there???

    • CinnamonSalve

      To kill boners and pick on Quick.

      • Gravedigger

        sounds about right

  • Gravedigger

    holy crap, hot chick with a really fluffy tail, this day just got even better

    • bladra

      it would of been better if she didnt somehow set off my fangirl alert senses which is like a spider sense but alerts me of any fangirls trust me i know abit of them fangirls are 10 times more scary then a army a demons

      • Gravedigger

        does it sound wrong if I want to use her tail as a blanket???

        • bladra

          normally yes but this i would say heck yes its wrong

          • Gravedigger

            but it looks so soft and fluffy

          • BlackWind

            most likely that would cost you maybe $50 usd of you and her or just $25 solo (but adult art must ask him) (I should know I commissioned him about 3 times maybe 4) here is one of my favorites

          • Gravedigger

            id ask for just her, cause im no that pretty

  • swedish_kitsune

    lokks like ther is about to be some HLS backstory now 🙂

  • Cannonfire

    Well that’s one way to meet the parents.

  • Shadow5000

    Figures, I knew this would come. It’s always your annoying sister that ruins the fun, like mine.

  • dragonspinner44

    we are family i don’t have sister with me and jenny you know love you but now I have to kill you

  • bladra

    fangirl alert senses tingleing

  • Ravin

    And people say Quick is a playboy.

    This makes, three or four girls after Skye also?

    I’d just say this much, I’d hit it to.

  • Dominique Chapman

    Cock Block Level: Jenny

  • UmbrotheUmbreon

    Am I the only to see the poll and think “Where is the ‘both’ option?”

    • Gravedigger

      there should always be the both option

  • Cathy

    o.o a girl with Quick’s cute look…………
    excuse me while i change my stalking plans
    no hard feelings Quick ^^

  • Darkrahl

    Oh this is a nice twist looks like Quick, might have to give Skye some help here.

  • Chocothunda

    Aaaaaaaand Quick is just NOT gonna catch a break ^^;

    (Side note, DAAYUMN XD)

  • BlackWind

    ok fellow Rascals here is my Fan art of Jenny hope you like it

    • Gravedigger

      NOT BAD, but her tail isn’t fluffy enough

      • BlackWind

        well Geez excuse me for not getting her tail exact! XP
        let me see your version.

        • Gravedigger

          I didn’t mean to offend you man, the drawing was really good, I’s just saying id draw her tail( if my drawing skill was better than a preschooler) a little fluffier

          • bladra

            why not use a character creator they good for beginners to make a art

          • Gravedigger

            my stick figures suck ass, drawing is just something I cant do, my writing is a whole lot better though

          • BlackWind

            do you have a Furaffinity account or Deviantart account? so I could show you some more pics

          • Gravedigger

            no, but I can probably get one( granted it doesn’t cost anything). id love to see some more of your art

          • BlackWind

            ok then here’sa link to my page

          • Gravedigger

            I saved a shortcut

  • ShadowKitsune

    Oh… fuck.

    • Gravedigger

      not today

  • william

    wow, did not know quick had a sister. also did not know she was a fetishist or that she knew skylar. any chances of a three-way with those two and reiko? to be honest, I don’t think she’d mind.

    • Gravedigger

      not surprising, quick never talked about his family

  • ULR1CH

    Well this is getting really complicated XD

    • Gravedigger

      the whole comic is filled with complications

  • steve

    This would be a VERY close image of having a R63 version of Quick here….

  • Spikes

    Run Sky RUUUUNNN!!

  • ThornGhoul

    Next page is going to be EPIC, can’t wait to se Sky’s reaction, is he going to take it easy and try to sort stuff out or is he gonna make a run for it?
    Also i can’t decide on what to vote, i mean Jenny’s seriously hot stuff just like all of the other girls in this series, but i get the impression that she’s completely nuts to (probably not gonna take the situation with Sky to good)

    • Gravedigger

      someone get me some popcorn

  • Hawz

    DAYUM! DAYUM! DAYUM! Get a grocery bag. DAYUM! Look at the bacon. DAYUM!

  • Hawz

    So Jen is the cockblocker sister?

    • Gravedigger

      in the sixth panel Gravedigger thinks its funny that her nose disappears

  • Gravedigger

    does anyone know why I cant post a comment on Las Lindas??????

  • Gravedigger

    my only question is how did they know he was at the spa

  • MachuPichu

    So it was his mom on the phone, and his sister behind the door. How many here called that?… No one?… Alright.

    • Gravedigger

      I bet Radar it was his mother, now I have to buy him a years subscription to playboy

  • Glenn Sellers

    This is getting good. Quick. (No pun intended.)