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  • Killercurrent115

    and let me guess that the girl will try to stop him from leaving.

    • alex_longfur

      It seems to be pointing that way.

  • Clifford Warner

    it must suck badly for quick having to choose between two girls. *pushes him away* step aside quick, Jasmine is mine, your not even man enough for her so go back to your old girlfriend! >=T

  • Josh

    Why not go the Harem route?

    Quick is pimpin enough that he could do it!

    • Gaddez

      Harem only works when the girls all agree to it. Given the natures of the girls who are interested in him (unstable Chrissy, obsessive Raven, and chaste Jazmin) that would last about as long as a paper cat chasing an asbestos mouse through hell.

  • WaveRave

    just went back to the beginning to do a quick refresher on the story. Man the art changed dramatically, and for the better. You’ve come a long way, Godai.

    • BlackWind

      yes thru trial and error Godai has improoved his art style dramatically that now he is 1 of the top artists in the katbox (in my opinion while others may “frown” upon that statement) when he used to be little known in pettite symphony,
      i never met the guy in person but when I saw Rascals i slowly took a liking to it and it grew in popularity to what it is today. b ^_^ d

  • Cory Tenorio

    Please don’t do anything stupid!

    • BlackWind

      Cory Quick just apologized to Jazmin so she won’t think he’s playing with her feelings, and she honestly can’t stay mad at him for it, that’s why she’s speechless looking back at him, she realizes what an honorable guy he is

      • alex_longfur

        … And that she really likes him. More so now than before.

        • BlackWind

          hmm maybe so but we won’t know how she will get over him for being such a nice guy it hurts her somewhat wouldn’t you say?

          • alex_longfur

            Maybe, maybe.

      • Cory Tenorio

        I meant jazmin. I get the feeling this is one of those cliche situation where the wannabe girlfriend kisses the guy just as the actual girlfriend walks in.

        • BlackWind

          ._.;;; maybe but Chrissy might not be the one to walk in on them but perhaps an eager pair of zealous parents to further read incorrectly at their relationship e_e;

  • alex_longfur

    Hnng! The feels!

  • Raconis

    I love the look on Jaz’ face in that last panel, so cute and yet so confused…Love your expressions Master

  • Valkeiper2012

    Jazmine may still be a teenager, but she’s not a fool. She is now aware Quick is even more messed up BECAUSE of his honorable nature than most of the sex-crazed boys around.

    She now knows she has no chance with him because of that nature and it is actually hurting him emotionally more than it is hurting her.

    Like Raven, Jazmine has just become a steadfast supporter for Crissy. Now, if only Crissy could get her head straightened out.

    • BlackWind

      she has it is just that she only asks Quick to be straightforward with her and not hide things from her,
      she has basically now become a bit more trustworthy rather than jealous neurotic gal that her friends used to push her buttons to see her jump,

      • Gotch

        yeah…no. I don’t think her heads is straightened out enough(especially after the incident with Gloria.).A bit more trustworthy maybe.
        Just a bit.

  • MrAMP

    I must say that I’m really enjoying Jazmin’s clothing style here, especially with the green clashing against the pink fur. Looks like she still holding out for him.

    • BlackWind

      well Amp all I can say is that for Jazmin to get over Quick and find a guy just her type it may be a while so in the mean time she will keep an eye out to see if Chrissy “goofs up” again

      • Valkeiper2012

        Crissy and ‘goofing up’ (particularly when Quick is involved) is just a no-brainer… it is GONNA happen.

        • MachuPichu

          Someone get the popcorn and fluffy pillows! Ill get the snuggys. This is gonna be the biggest fight since Raven showed up with Quicks jacket.

  • Kindle_kat

    To be honest, i like jasmine more. I guess it’s because of her more aggressive nature.

  • Zoie Falcona

    Jazmin needs to take a page out of Akashia Moka’s book – Give Quick a hard kick and tell him to know his place!

  • Zachary Neal

    just stare into the pink fur. it’ll all be over soon…

  • MachuPichu

    Someone get Jaz three things: The box set of WWE wrestling tournaments of Hulk Hogan, a twelve package of lean yogurt, strawberry of course, and an excuse slip sent to Chrissy to allow Quick a day of WWE smackdown cheering. Simple. Effective. And bound to solve some relationship problems.

    • MachuPichu

      Dont ask how it works, it just does.

  • Shadowkey392

    Love is so complex.

  • Saberphoenix

    Mastergodai, just a heads up, on your patreon page. you’ve got intoducing not introducing, note the R

  • Blackshadow

    you know… I’m surprised no one has made the reference yet……..

  • David Allen Ortega

    I never knew that Jasmine’s eyes are beautiful green. kinda have the Mt. DEW Baja Blast