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  • Cameron Harrison

    An Anti-big-boobed-bunny-Chasity belt. Well I guess thats good for her, but who the hell would wanna have a chastity belt to stop a big boobed bunny like Rei!!!?

    • Takoshi Wolfite

      better yet would it even stop rei

      • nightarix

        nah she’d need an anti-big-boobed-bunny-NINJA-chasity belt for that 😉

  • Mage

    You shall not escape Rei’s sights, mortal.

  • Dudeler

    Lol, Godai, you’re mesmerized by those breasts aren’t ya? XD

  • mr. anon

    in that last panel, where’s Raven’s right eyebrow?

  • Josh

    If there was a big boobed bunny chasing me, why the hell would I wear a chastity belt!?

    • dcreeperfarm0

      I wouldnt run. Bring on the bunny!

  • Akira

    Did Quick’s colors get lighter?

    • DarkPhoenix

      It seems so, but it could be the lighting of the environment…

  • Slasheredge

    Even if she some how found someone who could make such a belt I doubt anything would keep Rei away from one of her target. Anyone who agrees we with say Bring on the Bunny!

  • Cory Tenorio

    She has the “you’re a dead man” gaze.

  • DragonForLife

    Bruise of death? Punch version of the kiss of death, which basically says “You are screwed”?

  • dcreeperfarm0

    I see you in there godai! YOU CANT ESCAPE THE ALL SEEING EYE!

  • Greybow

    Hehehe, Mihari and her chain of cameos continue 😛 Girl, you do so much work for these boys that they can never repay ya for it… even if they came together and made you a star of your own comic *joking tone*

    Seriously though, was surprised you made a self-cameo taking a picture of the wrestlers. Zoie would get a big kick out of it

  • BlackWind

    Well now what’s this? Quick knows Sahara? From where might I add (only time they seem to have met is in non canon pics seen somewhere) other than that Quick appears to be mighty confident there with his *ugh* “partner” showing up late for the matches (dunno why she has a disgusted mad look about her)
    In my book she should be content to spend some time with Quick regardless of the circumstances

  • Wolf2125

    Oh boy. What’s Raven’s malfunction?

    • alpha-three-six

      It’s Raven, she malfunctions about everything.

      • Random

        And she’s missing an eyebrow

        • alpha-three-six


  • MrAMP

    Dang! That belt would need to be very thick and bulky for Reiko not to penetrate it XD

    I guess Quick’s team is about to have some “tension” here shortly.

    Also, what happened to Mihari’s left eye? I thought during the tennis game with Chrissy, it had a pink fur color around it.

    • Mr. Al

      it would need to be an adamantium-mithril alloy!

    • Mihari

      The eyes actually white fur around them, but sometimes little details just get overlooked. It happens. :3

      • MrAMP

        OH…that makes since. I thought it was a result of a friendly game of tennis (getting hit in the eye with a tennis ball). It happened to me once T_T

  • william

    sahara’s prepping for a reiko encounter later on, for all the good it’ll do her. and now quick’ll get some gruff from a disgruntled mousey admirer.

  • Stresstothemax

    thank god another update day from hell to heaven just seeing your’s and chalo’s updates

    • mm2525000

      for sure, chalo and master godai are so pro.

  • oh wow luka cross and elnora reference on one of the scenes

  • Pillbug

    As Quick said: Poor girls…

    EDIT: Congrats, Mihari. Share the prizes.

    EDIT2: Did anyone noticed that is Mastergodai the one that is taking the photos to the wrestlers?

  • The Name is Quack

    I didn’t know Mihari can game.

    • Mihari

      Hehe, I’m not sure why I can’t stop giggling over this comment. X3

  • Saaruncy

    is it me or does it look like Mihari is blushing in the first panel

  • william

    say, quick question for m. godai. all of his other comics got moved here at katbox, so why didn’t he move his goyoku comic here?

  • Ichicora-Uzumaki

    I see you fixed her missing eyebrow

  • Cameron

    lol once again Mihari

  • shadowblade

    Hey look! Godai holding a phone!