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  • Josh

    I believe that…..was a bitch slap!!

    • Gravedigger

      without even touching chrissy too!! DAMN Jazmin got skillz!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Edge Knight

        shes a ninja what do you expect??!!?!

        • Gravedigger

          but that still takes some serious skill

    • CinnamonSalve

      Jazmin better slow down
      Those words go ’round
      Steady goin’ to town
      So hard they slap a hoe down
      Better let her know how

      Girl’s got her eyes slit
      Lockin’ on to Quick
      Keepin’ tabs on it
      Make a note of this
      ‘Cause you mess up and you ain’t gettin’ sh*t

      [Please don’t get mad, it’s the best I could come up with]

      • Raconis

        I applause you CinnamonSalve, You are a true artist and have a magnificent choice of phases. Thanks for sharing it with us. :>

      • Gravedigger

        ive heard better, but then again ive made worse myself, but ill give you points for trying^_^

        • Edge Knight

          I agree with raconis I think that was very good

          • Gravedigger

            yeah, I agree with him too, good show dude, LETS DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

  • MrAMP

    A wee big upset? Dude, she’s really PO’ed. I’m actually surprised that she didn’t snap her neck or at least punch her XD

    But on a more serious note, at least Jazmin didn’t hold back verbally. She pretty much voiced the entire one side of the argument that has been going on down here in the comment section.

    • BlackWind

      well Amp the thing is Jazmin may be disappointed for what Chrissy did to Quick so she definitely told her off clearly, but at the same time she is being kind of understandable because they are friends she is letting her “slide” on that but she also says there better not be another time because if there is she won’t give him up so easily.

      • Josh


        Thank you for putting out my thoughts more clearly than I did.

      • CinnamonSalve

        A much easier way to summarize:

        Jazmin–“You are so lucky we are friends.”
        Chrissy–“I know, and I’m sorry, ah-my-gawd T.T”
        Jazmin–“Keep your sh*t together this time, or I’m gonna go Godfather on you.”

        • Tammy

          that about sums it up

          • Edge Knight


  • hamilton09

    damn ok so Jazmin looks like shes backing off for now. but I got a feeling Chrissy is going to do something. I don’t see Jazmin pulling off a Raven. does anyone else feel the same way?

    • BlackWind

      Jazmin holds “honor” above other things so she won’t retaliate buuuut she did warn Chrissy that there won’t be a next time if she goofs up again.

    • Rei

      Don’t think Jaz has any quarrel with Raven since Raven pretty much given up on Quick xD ya know since Quick… kinda… avoids her… seductiveness?

  • Cory Tenorio

    Whew. Thank you logic!

  • I didn’t expect Jazmin to flip out, but I’m glad she handled it as calmly as she did. I’m sure she’s using that stern/angry face to cover up hurt feelings; but she seems like she’ll be able to deal with it just fine. I hope at least..don’t want anouther Raven-like situation.

    • BlackWind

      naw Jaz holds Chrissy like another sister and respects her, but she will now have to seek elsewhere for someone else that will share her ideals and feelings, ……for now

    • Rei

      Yus! And if she does then Jaz lost the battle for Quicks heart D: and no one wants to see that >.< especially not mem, COME ON JAZ don't let Chrissy win!

  • Cameron Harrison

    I think she’s WAY more than a we bit upset.

  • Nicole Onyxheart

    eee o.O that last bit sounded like a threat

    • BlackWind

      nope but a sound warning tho

  • Dragoncat

    Perhaps someday Chrissy will be more open about her past relationship with Cody. At least then they’ll know why she made the mistake in the first place.

  • cgaurd52

    *snaps fingers*

  • Clifford Warner

    I was going too make a comment about me being here first, but you goddang numptys beat me to it! >=T

  • Night-X

    More like waiting the right time when something go wrong.

  • awesomeness

    w/e horrid direction jazmin and quick is a better couple im done reading this blah

  • MrAMP

    Wait, I have the perfect idea as to how Quick and Jazmin could work. All Reiko has to do is sleep with Chrissy. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

    On a more serious note, I’m somewhat shocked that Jazmin would back down like that. Seriously, is she not going to fight for Quick? But I am impressed that she did go ahead and speak her mind. From said perspective, Chrissy has been stringing Quick along for awhile now. I also wonder how this is going to effect the friendships.

    • Rei

      No no no not Reiko, get Skye to do it xD Once you get a piece of skye theirs not goin back dewd xD she’ll be ruined for everyone. (explanation not needed for ppl who have been following the comic xDD)

  • Irate_Shaman

    I must say I was curious to see how a relationship between Quick and Jazmin would play out. However something tells me that the door might not have been closed on that possibility.

  • so Quick and Chrissy are gonna start dating again, I sure hope Chrissy doesn’t break his heart again, cause Jasmin made a damn good point, I hope you know what your doing with Quick & Chrissy’s relationship, MasterGodai?

  • AnonAnon

    Verbal beatings are the best kind, this also seems like a hint at things to come, remember Quick’s mother thinking about Jaz when Quick confirmed the girl with the “eye-mark”? Thats bound to burst into flames sooner or later.

    On a side note: Ha! Popcorn, she waited 😛

  • Anthony Ramirez

    anyone else think he should go with Jazmin?

    • Rei

      YUS!!! ANOTHER BELIEVER!! I really wanna see it happen, it’s be a nice refresher to see a new relationship spark what what could happen! keep everything interesting! but… i have hopes for the artist Hell for all we know Quick could end up with some woman we haven’t even seen yet that was from his past. a lovely twist but i think to many people would wanna see Jaz with him xD and all the pervy that will happen. along with Reiko asking how “Good” he is, Giggity xD OR MAYBE JAZ IS A VIRGIN!! So quick being her first is all like… “OMG AWWWW SHOO CUTEE” For reiko to tease her! xDD Im getting ahea dof myself i’ll stop 😡

    • AnonAnon

      I do, I like Chrissy and all, but she seems a tad bit off, then again so does Jazmin. In comparison Chrissy is paranoid with a moderately distraught past, while Jazmin is some-what in a shell that makes her hard to get along with at times, she also tends to not realize she’s being scary. But between the two I’d take the girl that could kick my ass but likes me enough not to over the girl that likes to play hot n’ cold.

    • Raconis

      I’m right there with you, Jaz understands Quick better and seems to have a deeper connection to him than Chrissy could ever have. If I was there, I’d snag Jaz up so fast, they’d call ME quick, lol. But seriously, she’s a better choice then the girl that’ll break his heart all over again. Makes me wonder how she’ll react now that he’s cut off?

  • Skye

    Umm….. Wow… tbh im actually kinda sad Chrissy is back with Quick i mean… how many people here actually wanted to see Jaz and Quick together? I honestly really wanna see it and i also believe Jaz is right 😡 after what She did to quick I don’t believe she should be givin this second chance with quick. I mean…. How many relationships actually Fix after what stuff she’s pulled. not many i can tell you that, Plus WANNA SEE QUICK GET A DIFFERENT RELATIONSHIP GOIN it’s just gonna be the same stuff they were already doin before XD Wanna see Jaz get all cute with Quick then all Dom and bossy around friends xD Best thing to see. Hopefully it’ll go that way! i hope more ppl would agree with me :3

  • wolfythe3rd

    just love the life that you bring to your drawings and characters the last panel has so much detail to it just like its popping out

  • Anonymous

    Well quick wanted to get back with Chrissy soooo….

  • Xavier

    Oh Boy…

  • Shadow

    Good point Jazmin.

  • Fat Tiger

    Maybe his name should be Slow not Quick?

  • Anonymous

    hey hey whys everybody making Chrrissy the bad guy? quick wanted to get back together with her and the reason she broke up with him the first time was that she was afraid! not everyone has nerves of steel

    • Raconis

      there’s a HUGE difference between freaking out a bit and totally friendzoning a guy after performing a BACKGROUND check on him just ’cause she doesn’t trust guys that have cash. I also think that part of why Quick is kinda hooked on Chrissy is that in the second? or third page, he’s photographed her naked. Most guys will allow themselves to be pulled along at the thought of getting that piece of tail or more action than we’d like to admit too.

      • Anonymous

        She made a mistake we all make mistakes even big ones

  • LostGryphon

    Man…I always like the girls who don’t get with the MC. I don’t know what that says about me. D:

    And you tell her, Jaz. *sniff* You tell her.

  • I think you guys are ragging on chrissy at least partially just because you wanted to ship. Chrissy made mistakes but owned up to them, Most of it was circumstances being shite and bad decisions that could have been made by anyone.

    But my main point is that you shouldn’t get all huffy because your potential shipping pair got busted up

  • william

    compared to the lecture she just got, I’m guessing chrissy would’ve been better off emotionally if jaz did break her butt. It would’ve been fun to watch.

  • Tammy

    wow, they’re not even together and they only barely know each other on a personal level and yet she is THAT possessive and protective of him, heh

    • BlackWind

      that is because she saw that Quick had a crush on her that she kinda liked the way he tried to get her attention and saw that he was such a sweet guy that she decided to give him a chance and after so many ordeals she realized that he truly loves her but felt a bit insecure about his “secret” being Rich which then reminded her of what she tried to get away from

      • Tammy

        I was referring to Jazmin being protective and possessive of Quick

        • BlackWind

          oops thought you meant Chrissy there ;P

  • Cathy

    -eats some of raven’s popcorn waving a “go team Jaz flag- o3o

  • Pillbug

    Thirty bucks that Chrissy, in a near future, goes paranoid again.

  • Pillbug

    Ok, time to share my thoughts. Apparently Chrissy thinks that what she did to Quick was “ok”. What she doesn’t realizes is that the world is not a game where she is the main character and the rest are NPC’s that cannot act without her, that the whole universe is not there to deal with her dramas, to put it on a way.

  • miafillene

    Okay…I LIKE Jazmin here. She is acknowledging that Chrissy and Quick have something..but she’s also stating “Hey, if you let that boy go…you’ll never get ’em back from me.” She’s definitely interested. Upset? Perhaps…but she’s also showing how honorable, and pretty damn decent she is. All the while delivering one HELL of a verbal bitchslappin’. A+ Jaz, A+. 😉

  • Oskar Conor

    Booooooooooo, JazminXQuick!

  • kitromney


  • BigBadWolf

    Blue bunny eye scream ~procedes to lick~ omg soo velvety soft, oh look a flaming rabbit

  • Dustin J. Smith

    This sentence is throwing me off, “You didn’t just “[made] a mistake””

  • Zarylo

    I like this side of Jazmine.

  • Joya

    She handled that extremely well, and she handed it to her without holding back. And I agree with every word. And though part of me did want to see Quick and Jazz’s relationship become something more, I’m glad Chrissy came to her senses but…….I hope their relationship can progress because Cody left some scars that are still having trouble healing and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him. And also does everyone else seem to know who likes who EXCEPT Quick?! His mom even stated that he has traits like his dad that attracts A LOT of women to him. But no. No, no “I don’t know about having a harem mom” Sheesh that boy can be slow…

  • SuperNintendo64

    I really like this side of Jazmin. She’s acknowledging the fact that Quick and Chrissy are together again, but at the same is also letting Chrissy knows that if she screws up again, she’s most likely going to take Quick for herself.

    Personally, I kinda want Jazmin and Quick to be together. But that’s just me. I don’t have a problem with Chrissy though. After all, we’ve all made mistakes somewhere along the lines.